Our Mission

At Triple, our mission is simple: We are dedicated to making your search for the best local professionals and services effortless. Whether you're a first-time buyer, a seasoned investor, or an industry professional, Triple Magazine is your trusted source of real estate information and more. Our comprehensive coverage spans industry trends, pricing insights, and regulatory updates.

What We Do

Triple operates as an information service and internet marketplace platform, committed to delivering essential resources for discovering top-quality providers and services. Each category on our platform features the best of the best in the industry, ensuring that you find exactly what you're looking for.

Our overarching vision is to become your Michelin™ guide and go-to source of knowledge, serving as the ultimate local business directory for all things worth knowing. We aim to empower our readers, assisting them in making well-informed decisions, even in unfamiliar areas.

Our Selection Process

At Triple, we maintain complete editorial independence to guarantee our readers an unbiased assessment of individuals, companies, and services we feature. This commitment to independence is the bedrock of the trust our readers place in us, keeping them coming back to our site.

Triple's selection process involves a rigorous methodology based on eight distinct criteria. Our dedicated editorial team curates and maintains an extensive database of work histories and capabilities, drawing from licensing information, review sites, and brokers' own web pages. This meticulous research, combined with original investigative work, results in comprehensive and informative lists of top professionals.

Who we are

We are a seasoned team comprised of real estate experts, data scientists, and software engineers. We are widely recognized for our nationwide expertise and in-depth knowledge of hundreds of markets. Our experience is extensive, having facilitated billions of dollars in transactions in various marketplaces.

What we do

Our service offers a meticulously curated list of top-tier realtors across America. Our lists stand out by carefully choosing only the very best realtors, selecting just one from every thousand we assess. These professionals are not only trustworthy but are also loaded with experience. Additionally, we provide tailored solutions to meet every client's unique real estate goals.

Why we do it

Our number one mission is to connect you with the best local realtors. We also strive to provide market transparency and expert insights for informed real estate decisions. We recognize the high stakes and complexities involved in real estate transactions. That is why we are dedicated to full time analysis of market trends, pricing, realtor performance data and more.

How we do it

We rigorously investigate and evaluate real estate professionals. We conduct in-depth analyses to identify and rank top-performing realtors nationwide through a dynamic collaboration among our researchers, analysts, and data scientists. We base our analysis on millions of data points and real conversations with thousands of individuals. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we ensure accurate, real-time market analysis.

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