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Lance & Karina

Lance & Karina Loken

When it comes to real estate, Lance and Karina Loken, who run The Loken Group together, are the best of the best. They have had a great career and won the prestigious title of #1 Large Team in Houston in 2021. The Houston Business Journal recognized this as a sign of their unrivaled sales volume and transaction abilities. With sales of almost $1 billion throughout their careers, the Lokens dominate the market and win top awards every year. The Loken Group has mastered the art of custom solutions and elevated their status as industry leaders thanks to a steadfast commitment to humility, integrity, and grit.

Michael Silva

Happen Houston's visionary founder, Michael Silva, uses instinct, emotional intelligence, and a data-driven approach to create a real estate experience that is like no other. Michael is one of the best real estate agents in the world, as recognized by the Houston Business Journal as one of the Top 5 agents. He keeps winning awards, which shows that he is dedicated to accuracy and perfection in every deal. The Happen Houston team views themselves as artisans in the realm of real estate. With careful craftsmanship, they offer the best advice and help with buying a home. The team's unwavering commitment to excellence in everything they do has solidified their reputation for providing the best service possible.

Jamie McMartin

Earning degrees in both psychology and strategic management from the University of Illinois in Chicago, Jamie McMartin built an impressive 16-year legacy that helped her reach unmatched heights. She is the leader of the Jamie McMartin Group, which is the best relocation company and brokerage team in Houston's booming real estate market. To prove how successful they are, the group is proud to be a member of the Million Dollars a Month Club, which shows how good they are at what they do. Jamie's intuitive leadership is what keeps them growing and winning, making them a major player in the real estate market.

Paige Martin

Meet Paige Martin, the founder of Houston Properties and a real estate force that cannot be matched. Keller Williams named her team the #1 Real Estate Team in 2021, celebrating their impressive success in the field after selling more than $1 billion worth of homes. Martin has been a professional real estate agent for 17 years and has won many awards, including being named one of America's Best Real Estate Agents by RealTrends. She is a Five-Star Realtor® and has consistently shown that she is the best at what she does. Her dedication to helping others is clear in the civic and community boards she serves on, which go hand in hand with her support for many non-profits.

Mike Mahlstedt

Mike Mahlstedt is a giant in the Houston real estate market. He has made over $950 million in sales, and 900 deals have gone through. His great reputation and long list of loyal clients in the inner Loop and nearby areas come from his careful attention to detail. According to reputable organizations like the Houston Business Journal and the Houston Association of Realtors®, Mike is a top-three salesperson. His awards and honors show how dedicated he is to doing a great job, making him a leading figure in the field. More than just a realtor®, Mike Mahlstedt is a symbol of expertise, integrity, and unparalleled success in the dynamic Houston real estate landscape.

Laura Sweeney

With 25 years of experience, Laura Sweeney is an expert in the world of high-end residential real estate in Houston. She consistently gets on the Houston Business Journal's prestigious list of top producers because of her reputation for breaking new ground. The Wall Street Journal has recognized her work, making her even more famous in the real estate world. Laura's positive attitude and strong work ethic make every deal more enjoyable, which makes her stand out in the competitive market. The huge amount of return and referral business she consistently brings in shows how successful she is.

Kelly Kelley

Since 2010, Kelly Kelley has dominated the Galveston market, making her the best real estate agent because of her unmatched market knowledge. She stands out as a recognized expert in showing off unique properties to people all over the world as a member of the prestigious Certified Luxury Home Marketing Million Dollar Guild. Kelly has won many awards, including being named the top RE/MAX agent in her state, the third-best in the country, and the sixth-best in the world. Her long and prosperous life has been characterized by a strong work ethic, unwavering morals, and a natural ability to come up with new ideas. Kelly's impressive real estate knowledge guarantees a smooth and successful transaction for her clients.

Walter Bering

In his 43-year career, Walter Bering has done a lot of great things in the Houston residential real estate market. He has earned seven #1 producer awards and was placed into his company's Hall of Fame. Walter is a top choice for buyers and sellers in some of Houston's most vibrant neighborhoods, such as River Oaks, Tanglewood, and West University. Unlike his competitors, he specializes in selling historic homes, especially those that meet certain criteria. Clients appreciate his discretion and sophistication, as well as his unparalleled access to Houston's premier real estate market. Walter's exceptional knowledge and skill make him a major force in Houston's real estate industry.
Dee Dee Guggenheim

Dee Dee Guggenheim Howes

Holding the titles of Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist and Certified Negotiation Expert, Dee Dee Guggenheim Howes' commitment to excellence is evident. The Houston Business Journal recognized her great work by ranking her seventh among local agents in terms of sales volume in 2022. She won the prestigious title of #1 Luxury Agent in the city the previous year, showing how good she is in the tough Houston market. Her academic background, which includes a bachelor's degree in political science and government from Southwest Texas State University, also emphasizes Dee Dee's competence. Her track record speaks volumes, making her a go-to expert for those navigating the real estate area in Houston.

Jimmy Janes

Introducing Jimmy Janes, the leader of "The Jimmy Janes Team" at Compass' Houston office and a skilled Realtor® who is known for his dedication and knowledge. He has a degree in marketing from the University of North Texas and has been a great real estate and residential leasing agent for 26 years. Jimmy is dedicated to doing a great job and was named one of the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents in Texas in 2017. His endless energy and dedication ensure exceptional service for every client. With Jimmy, clients are not just getting a Realtor®; they're gaining a trusted partner in achieving their real estate goals.
Diane Kingshill and Ashton

Diane Kingshill and Ashton Martini

The formidable Kingshill & Martini Group is a real estate powerhouse created when two outstanding brokers, Diane Kingshill and Ashton Martini, joined forces. Boasting over 30 years of combined experience, this duo has solidified their status as Houston's premier realtors®. They consistently secure positions among the city's top 20 most expensive home sales, according to the esteemed Houston Business Journal. As an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist, Ashton Martini has a lot of experience with high-end real estate deals. Diane Kingshill, on the other hand, is a great salesperson and manager who helps the team do well. Their skill extends beyond property transactions, with both realtors® actively engaged in various philanthropic projects throughout Houston.

Marnie Greenwood

A native Houstonian, Marnie Greenwood's deep knowledge of the city's housing market, particularly in Memorial Villages and River Oaks, is reflected in her $200 million in sales over the last three years. She has earned a well-deserved spot among Houston's top 25 residential real estate agents thanks to her repeat and referral business, according to the esteemed Houston Business Journal. Marnie's strategic acumen and genuine passion for client interactions have solidified her status as a creative and gifted realtor®. Embracing her roots, she navigates the real estate landscape with finesse, earning accolades that echo her exceptional capabilities.

Kim Perdomo

Kim Perdomo is the best leader in the Houston Compass office and the top producer. She has led the Perdomo Group to become one of the biggest real estate companies in the city. Her unparalleled achievements are a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence, setting her apart in the real estate landscape. Kim's extensive knowledge of the Houston area allows her to navigate transactions with great marketing skills, resulting in consistently outstanding results. Her dedication to civic and community affairs makes her stand out and leaves a legacy that goes beyond real estate. The Perdomo Group, featured in America's Best List for Real Estate, is a demonstration of Kim's unmatched guidance and success.

Courtney Robertson

The Houston Business Journal has given Courtney Robertson impressive titles, including naming her one of the Top 25 Residential Real Estate Agents in Sales Volume and Luxury Sales. Her inclusion in the publication's "40 Under 40" class is proof that her excellence extends to a high level and speaks to her impressive professional accomplishments. Courtney's skill goes beyond just numbers; it is a sign of how dedicated and determined she is to get the best results. Elevating the real estate experience, Courtney Robertson's award-winning expertise invites clients to navigate the complexities of the market under her guidance, where unmatched finesse defines the journey.

Colleen Sherlock

For nearly five decades, Colleen Sherlock has been a source of excellence for those seeking to buy or sell residential real estate. She is one of the most sought-after real estate agents in Houston because she knows a lot about the city's schools, property taxes, and market trends, as well as many of the neighborhoods. Colleen is committed to using technology to promote her properties and keep her clients informed about the market and new listings. Her exceptional professionalism has consistently ranked her among Houston's top 10 agents, and she has earned the loyalty of numerous repeat clients and the respect of her peers and colleagues.
Cole and Kelly

Cole and Kelly Watkins

Hailing from West Houston, Cole and Kelly Watkins utilize their strong talent for real estate investing to deliver an unparalleled service. Cole, an expert in leadership and a seasoned worker with experience in both non-profits and oil and gas, has made a name for himself as an industry thought leader. His unwavering passion for building relationships and aiding others in achieving success sets him apart. With a bachelor's degree in business and marketing from Houston Baptist University, Kelly brings a lot of skills to The Bridge Group, which has made it one of the most successful teams in Houston. Cole and Kelly have set a standard for service that is second to none.

Heidi Dugan

With unmatched knowledge of the Greater Houston area, Heidi Dugan is a top-notch Realtor® in the Greenwood King Properties family. Boasting an impressive $3.8 million deal recently closed, her financial skills are second to none. She has received annual recognition as one of the Top 25 Realtors® in the city by the Houston Business Journal for more than 15 years as a result of her unwavering dedication and exceptional results. Heidi is also known for being the best real estate agent in West University Place, where she has lived for almost 40 years and has won many awards. Her roots in the community run deep, as matched by her degree in art history from the University of South Florida.

Caroline Bean


Caroline Bean, winner of the Greenwood King Properties' 2013 Rookie of the Year award, has smoothly shifted her real estate skills to Compass, earning praise as a top producer every year. Carolyn's experience with real estate comes from watching her mom design things and seeing her stepdad build houses. Both of these things helped her understand what makes each property unique. Her wide range of experiences has made her a great Realtor®, ready to help clients find their way in the complicated world of real estate. With numerous awards to her name, Caroline Bean isn't just a Realtor®; she's a respected expert whose accomplishments speak volumes about her skills and dedication.

Sharon Ballas

In the world of high-end real estate in Houston, Sharon Ballas stands out as a true Top Producer with over 30 years of unmatched success. Her remarkable portfolio boasts a lifetime sales record surpassing $1 billion. Sharon has consistently risen to the top of her field since joining the prestigious Greenwood King Properties team in 2007. Her skill lies not only in closing deals but also in the art of precision. She is a master at seamlessly matching clients with their ideal homes, and her name has become synonymous with real estate expertise. Sharon's accolades, including a position among the nation's elite brokers, underscore her unwavering commitment to excellence.

Caroline Schlemmer

Garnering recognition as one of Houston's Top 25 agents five times, Caroline Schlemmer's prowess in the field is unmistakable. Since 2006, she has held her position among the top-producing Houston agents, a testament to her commitment to excellence. Caroline's strong image is built upon a foundation of integrity and professionalism, qualities that have not only set her apart but have also earned her accolades in the industry. The Houston Business Journal's acknowledgment underscores her exceptional standing, emphasizing her remarkable achievements. Beyond her business acumen, Caroline champions causes close to her heart, notably energy efficiency and sustainability, leading to her prestigious Green designation from the National Association of Realtors®.

Cathy Blum

Cathy Blum has been a successful real estate agent for over 45 years and is widely recognized as a major player in the field. She has several certifications, including Accredited Buyers Relocation and Luxury Home Marketing. The Houston Business Journal has recognized her as one of the best real estate agents in the city, and she always makes their coveted Top 25 Realtors® list by dollar volume. In the competitive field of Houston real estate, Cathy's prowess knows no bounds, earning her the remarkable distinction of being named the #9 Realtor® in the entire city in 2016.

Clint Nabors

Clint Nabors is a vital figure in Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate's Gary Greene's offices in Cypress. His skill has been recognized with the prestigious Emerald Elite Award for four consecutive years. Clint’s outstanding achievements extend beyond that, as evidenced by multiple accolades like the Houston Business Journal's Top 25 Award. He is a recurrent recipient of the 20 Under 40 Rising Stars in Real Estate, demonstrating his dynamic and innovative approach. With his successful wife Amy and respected father-in-law Mark, Clint co-founded the Ellis-Nabors Team, which shows how dedicated they are to giving their clients the best service possible.

Carol Rowley

Carol Rowley has been a Top Producer for over ten years, and her skill has become a permanent part of Houston's real estate scene. The Houston Business Journal has named her one of the city's Top 25 Individual Realtors®, a testament to her unparalleled achievements. Residing in West University, Southgate, and Braes Heights, Carol's familiarity with each local neighborhood sets her apart. She is a great example of commitment because she has worked hard for over 20 years for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. In her pursuit of finding a cure, Rowley demonstrates a passion extending beyond real estate. Rowley's impact stands out in the real estate arena and the community she serves.
David B.

David B. Atkins

A broker for over 10 years, David B. Atkins quickly became one of Bayou City’s most successful residential Realtors®. He now ranks in the Top 2 in sales at Martha Turner Sotheby’s International. In 2021, David was among the top 25 agents in all of Houston. Within the past 24 months, he has completed an amazing 84 deals. David is a business major at the University of Houston. He uses his knowledge of marketing to give each of his clients a unique and well-thought-out campaign. He currently serves as director for the Texas Association of Realtors®, as well as on the Houston Association of Realtors® Board.

Amy Bernstein

Bernstein Realty

Amy Bernstein is one of the best Realtors® in the city, and her unwavering commitment to excellence makes her even more impressive. Armed with a diverse skill set developed through intensive training, she boasts a variety of designations, rendering her a flexible authority able to navigate any real estate terrain. Amy's performance and hard work in the industry were recognized when Houston Agent Magazine put her on the cover. She is known for being skilled in many areas. Her skills go beyond the ordinary, making her the go-to expert for people who want the best real estate advice. Amy’s name shines brightly, symbolizing a legacy built on expertise, recognition, and the coveted status of a true industry leader.

David Houston

David Houston stands out by not following the usual commission rules. Instead, he uses a new kind of equity model that puts the success of his clients, especially sellers, first. He has an impressive track record, having handled more than 625 transactions successfully throughout his career. This has earned him coveted spots among the top agents by sales volume in the prestigious Houston Business Journal. His dedication to embracing societal changes and utilizing cutting-edge platforms to improve the customer experience underscores his know-how. David’s prowess extends beyond the conventional, with each transaction reflecting his dedication to maximizing profits for his selling clients.

David Flory

David Flory has built a strong reputation as a skilled agent over the years. His unparalleled knowledge and competence in the field have positioned him as a symbol of reliability in the Houston real estate landscape. David Flory's skill is not just a matter of opinion; it can be seen by the many prestigious awards he has won. He has an excellent record of closing big deals that make a big difference in the local market, which is why the Houston Business Journal named him one of the best real estate agents in the area. Notably, his enduring relationships with lifelong clients and constant growth in the referral business underscore the lasting impact of his expertise.

Jacob Sudhoff

Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Jacob Sudhoff is a big name with a strong record of billions in sales, solidifying his status as a top-producing realtor®. Renowned for his expertise in construction design, planning, and commercial sales, his expertise surpasses limits. Jacob's illustrious career showcases a mastery of diverse client needs, navigating the real estate landscape with unmatched knowledge and experience. With several notable awards adorning his achievements, Jacob Sudhoff is more than a realtor®; he's a visionary. His success story extends beyond conventional boundaries, full of rich encounters and successful closings. Notably, his separate luxury interior design firm stands as a testament to his commitment to excellence.

Karen Karapasha

Karen Karapasha has made a name for herself as a seasoned real estate agent and a top-notch relocation specialist thanks to her many years of experience. Having invested a long time in comprehensive training, her commitment to excellence shines through in her ability to seamlessly manage every part of a transaction. Karen's team's unwavering dedication makes the slogan "Realtor® for life" more than just a slogan. It is a testament to the lasting relationships that Karen has helped build. Her connections with premier utility and service companies in the area further solidify her reputation as the go-to professional for seamless transactions.

Lisa Kornhauser

Lisa Kornhauser is a market leader with an unmatched total dollar volume. The Houston Business Journal named her one of the top ten Realtors® in the city. She is a seasoned real estate agent who has won the Most Listings Sold award more than once, which shows how well she can close deals. Lisa's extensive track record showcases her commitment to excellence, consistently delivering results that exceed expectations. Her dedication to helping families achieve their best resonates in every transaction. Beyond her numerous accolades, Lisa's success is a reflection of her unwavering commitment to her clients and her community.

Jay Monroe

Martha Turner Sotheby's International Realty

Jay Monroe has sold almost $295 million in properties since 1992. He values building long-term relationships with clients, resulting in multiple transactions over time. Jay's background in architecture gives him a unique view of real estate deals, especially when it comes to new construction and preserving historic buildings. His accomplishments have earned him recognition from reputable publications such as RealTrends, The Wall Street Journal, and the Houston Business Journal. As a member of Martha Turner Properties' Circle of Excellence and Hall of Fame, Jay provides his clients with exceptional care and guidance throughout the buying and selling process.

Clayton Katz


Clayton Katz has become known as a dedicated and hardworking professional by learning all the helpful skills and thorough information about Houston's neighborhoods. His prowess in the market is underscored by accolades such as the prestigious Houston Business Journal's 2019 Top Luxury Realtor and consistent five-star broker ratings from Texas Monthly. Clayton's success is a testament to his commitment to client satisfaction, evident in his rising repeat and referral business. Beyond his realtor acumen, Clayton's unique background in customer service and management, which comes from owning a boutique for clothing and home furnishings, enriches his expertise in home staging and marketing. An ideal Texas broker, Clayton has further strengthened his expertise through continuous education and hands-on experience.

Martha Adger

Martha Turner Sotheby's International Realty

Martha Adger is a multi-awarded veteran realtor® with over four decades of experience. She started her career in Houston and quickly caught the attention of a well-known international real estate firm based in New York because she successfully sold high-end homes and investments. Later, she served as the director of sales and marketing for Stablewood, a luxury gated development in Houston, where she honed her expertise in sophisticated marketing and high-end construction. Today, Martha specializes in listing and selling high-end properties in Houston's traditional neighborhoods, utilizing her extensive knowledge and business relationships to provide invaluable guidance to her many clients.

Lisa Baer

Martha Turner Sotheby's International Realty

Lisa Baer is an expert in Inner Loop neighborhoods like Southside, West University, and River Oaks. She has held countless open houses over the past 20 years to show off her knowledge in these areas. Her prowess is recognized by the multitude of families she has connected with. She also got on the Houston Business Journal's List of Top 25 Agents Citywide, which is a huge honor and shows how successful she is in the real estate business. Lisa has facilitated countless home purchases and sales and has also cemented her place in the industry's history. Beyond the numbers, Lisa's passion for both business and people shines, making her an agent of excellence.

Hedley Karpas

Hedley Karpas was a top producer for a well-known national real estate company in Houston. He showed off his skills, which led to the company buying partners in a smaller real estate firm. Under his strategic guidance, the team expanded to 60 full-time associates. Karpas made a big move in 2008 by seamlessly merging with Martha Turner Sotheby's International Realty. Back in the field, he passionately serves clients, guiding seamless transactions in home purchases or sales. Hedley's unwavering dedication has earned him a coveted place in the Circle of Excellence and the Hall of Fame. With hundreds of successfully concluded transactions, he is a testament to his expertise and achievement in the real estate industry.

Toktam Ettehadieh


Garnering numerous stellar ratings, Toktam Ettehadieh's exceptional skills shine through as a buyer's agent, listing agent, and commercial real estate specialist. She brings a comprehensive approach to guiding clients through complex real estate transactions, with a particular emphasis on divorce real estate and property management. Toktam's commitment to excellence is reflected in her honesty, helpfulness, and steadfast dedication to providing the highest level of service. What sets her apart is not only her wealth of experience but also her notable awards, establishing her as a leading force in the real estate realm. Toktam is more than just a real estate agent; she is a trusted expert who makes sure her clients are informed at all times.

Cathy Cagle

Cathy Cagle has a rare combination of knowledge, skill, and advocacy in the real estate business. She has eight years of experience and a license obtained in 1995. Cathy has been featured on the NBC Today Show and recognized as one of America’s Best Real Estate Professionals by Real Trends in 2021–2022. She has developed top-notch research, communication, and strategizing skills while working with political leaders, the media, and contributors in her previous work experiences. Her dedication to her profession has landed her in the Martha Turner Properties Circle of Excellence and Hall of Fame. Cathy delivers outstanding service, personal attention, and results to her clients, making her organized, efficient, innovative, and determined.

Tim Surratt

Tim Surratt is known as one of the best producers, and his long career and dedication to excellence are shown in his impressive track record. In 2021, his outstanding performance was acknowledged with the prestigious Top Producer award. Tim's expertise extends far beyond Houston, encompassing diverse neighborhoods, lakeside properties, the scenic hill country, and the coastal allure of Galveston. His proficiency in navigating these diverse landscapes positions him as a go-to expert for both buyers and sellers. Clients value his extensive knowledge and applaud his tireless dedication, making him a sought-after real estate professional. Tim's commitment to excellence solidifies his position as a standout figure in real estate, where expertise meets accolades.

Margaret Vinson

Martha Turner Sotheby's International Realty

Margaret Vinson is a highly successful and experienced realtor® in Houston with almost a decade of experience in the industry. She ranked in the top 1% of Houston agents and has received numerous accolades, including the Circle of Excellence Award from Martha Turner Sotheby's International Realty. Margaret worked as an executive in marketing and sales strategy for 25 years in the investment industry before her career in real estate. She brings to her work a unique mix of business sense, marketing expertise, and corporate professionalism. Margaret is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their goals and navigate the complex real estate market, delivering a rewarding experience and the best possible outcome for her clients.

Kasteena Parikh

Kasteena Parikh is an expert Houston residential broker who has been a top producer since 2007. She specializes in helping clients buy and sell real estate in West University Place and surrounding areas. Kasteena is a lifelong Houston resident and was recognized as the #15 luxury agent in Houston by the Houston Business Journal in 2022. Her extensive knowledge of the local market and exceptional marketing program, including pre-listing services, strategic pricing, and elevated photography and video content, have contributed to her consistently successful sales. Kasteena's background in human resources and marketing gives her advanced negotiation expertise, unmatched attention to detail, and a steadfast commitment to her clients.

Kim Luague

eXp Realty

Kim Luague has won many prestigious awards for her outstanding work, solidifying her reputation as a top-notch realtor®. She helps other real estate agents improve by sharing her tried-and-true work ethic and strategies as a Real Estate Coach. Kim's expertise extends across Houston's diverse neighborhoods, from The Galleria to Katy, positioning her as the go-to choice for those seeking their dream home or selling their property. She is known for being professional yet approachable. Kim assures that clients feel supported and informed throughout the real estate process. With a passion for delivering unparalleled service, she is not just a realtor® but a trusted advisor, equipped with the tools to elevate the real estate experience.

David Fisher

Nan and Companies Properties

Introducing David "DJ" Fisher, a dynamic realtor® based in Houston, Texas. DJ's passion for perfection is evident, causing him to leave no stone unturned in realizing his clients' dreams. Whether a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned investor, or somewhere in between, DJ approaches each interaction with a powerful passion and profound respect. Notably, DJ's accolades stand as a testament to his prowess. With a string of prestigious awards, this realtor® has carved a spot for himself in the industry. His dedication has earned him a reputation as a trusted guide in the real estate landscape. DJ Fisher is a force turning dreams into addresses with unmatched expertise and a track record that speaks volumes.

Sinnette Richards


Sinnette Richards is a strong and skilled real estate agent who cares deeply about her clients and knows about the business. With three degrees, including Chemical Engineering, Instrumentation Technology, and Process Operation Technician, Sinnette embodies hard work and ambition. Growing up in a large family, she understands the importance of finding a safe and nurturing home, and she channels this empathy into her real estate career. Sinnette takes pride in offering personalized solutions tailored to her client's lifestyles. With access to a pool of preferred lenders, she ensures seamless transactions for first-time homebuyers, investors, and those seeking apartment leases. Trust Sinnette Richards to secure the best deals and create a peaceful, happy home.

Shara Shepherd


Shara Sheperd is a highly-regarded Million Dollar Producing Agent specializing in Greater Houston's real estate landscape. She has earned a reputation for expertly guiding home sellers toward timely and effective sales and helping buyers uncover their dream properties. Known as "Houston's Home Girl," Shara brings an impressive set of skills to the table. With accreditation as a Buyer's Agent and a Military Relocation Specialist, she's equipped to cater to diverse client needs. Her mission extends beyond transactions; it's about delivering exceptional service and tangible results. Clients can confidently trust Shara to navigate their life-changing decisions, ensuring a seamless experience as they buy, sell, or invest in real estate.

Christopher Phan

Truss Real Estate

Christopher Phan is a well-known real estate expert in Houston. He also has over 14 years of experience in mortgage banking and can handle complicated lending processes with ease. Renowned for his data-driven approach, he has left an enduring mark on Houston's real estate landscape. Boasting exclusive Realtor® status with esteemed Houston builders and developers, Chris's expertise is underscored by numerous industry accolades, highlighting his meticulousness, tenacity, and transparent communication. Chris has revolutionized client wins through innovative finance strategies and cutting-edge video marketing methods. His unwavering integrity sets him apart, garnering renowned awards and distinctions within the real estate community. A true Houston native, Chris's quantitative successes are felt throughout the city, reshaping its real estate narrative.

Meghan Stewart


Growing up in Houston, Texas, Meghan Stewart has deep roots that give her a unique understanding of the local market. Her determination is not just a trait; it is a proven asset that makes sure clients not only have a smooth journey but also come out of it feeling completely satisfied. Meghan’s proactive communication style has set a standard in the real estate realm, earning her recommendations and genuine admiration from clients. Meghan is the personification of responsiveness and attention. Her dedication goes above and beyond, turning transactions into enjoyable partnerships. Clients do not just work with Meghan to buy or sell a house; they join her on a journey led by a trusted guide.

Ryan Mclennan

Keller Williams Realty

Since launching his career in 2017, Houston Realtor® Ryan McLennan has consistently elevated the real estate experience. Ryan brings a fresh, young spirit to the industry with his solid mix of sales and marketing skills. He puts the goals of his clients first and is known for being honest, always responding, and having a lot of market knowledge. Ryan effectively represents sellers by utilizing his negotiation skills and credentials, especially the Certified Negotiation Expert and Certified New Home Specialist titles, to secure the best prices and speedy transactions. As a veteran in the field, he keeps improving his skills and earning awards that make him stand out.

Jaime Baker

Baker & Co. / Forbes Global Properties

For her imaginative and creative thinking, Jaime Baker is a rising star in the Houston real estate business. She got her real estate license and sold her first home while she was still a student at Texas State University, showing how dedicated she was to the field from the start. Recognized as one of the Top 20 Young Real Estate Agents on Social Media in 2017, Jaime's entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish her boutique luxury firm, Baker & Co. She brings a comprehensive skill set to her profession. Her firm is known for its commitment to personal service, tradition, and innovative technology. Notably, it serves as the exclusive representative of Forbes Global Properties in the Houston area.

Faith Nicole


Faith goes beyond the conventional role of a realtor®, offering an array of specialized services that set her apart. Through her extensive network, she connects clients with top-notch real estate lenders and professionals, ensuring a seamless journey to homeownership. What truly distinguishes Faith is her commitment to turning obstacles into opportunities. Worried about a low credit score? Faith's credit specialist works tirelessly, enhancing credits at no cost, and propelling clients toward their dream home. Income verification concerns? Faith has a solution. With Faith Nicole as a guide, clients not just getting a realtor®; they're unlocking a one-stop shop for unparalleled expertise and unwavering dedication.

Julia Gibson

Camelot Realty Group

Julia Gibson is a skilled Realtor® who won the prestigious titles of Top Negotiator, Top Listing Agent, and Top Houston Agent in 2022. She is a powerful force in the real estate business and is known for her unwavering dedication and exceptional skills. Clients consistently hail her as their most steadfast advocate, underscoring her professional prowess. Julia's ability to seamlessly navigate critical decisions and processes showcases her expertise, making her an invaluable asset to those seeking a seamless real estate experience. Her multifaceted talents extend far beyond the confines of the housing market, solidifying her status as a well-rounded professional.

Patricia Martin

The Vibe Brokerage

Patricia Martin is a seasoned Realtor® providing her expert services in Texas. Her approach to real estate is defined by her firm commitment to her clients. She's renowned for her exceptional attention to detail, consistently going the extra mile in every deal. What sets Patricia apart is her genuine care for the people she assists. Her ability to analyze market statistics and discern trends in sales and property listings is unparalleled. Her patience and persistence shine through, making her a trusted partner in every real estate journey. With a keen eye for detail, a professional demeanor, and a personal touch, Patricia is a reliable guide in the world of real estate.

Tiffany Bean


Introducing Tiffany Bean®, a well-known real estate agent with an amazing track record of over 300 deals in just 5 years. Her great sense of style and exceptional customer service are perfectly combined with her experience as a fashion merchandiser and store owner. Tiffany's staging talents, honed by years in the fashion industry, set her apart, ensuring each property is showcased to its fullest potential. Her dedication to clients has earned her multiple awards and accolades, solidifying her status as a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist®. Tiffany's commitment goes beyond numbers; she treats every buyer and seller like family, working tirelessly to achieve their unique real estate goals.

Shara Natour


Shara Natour is a well-known professional who knows a lot about Houston and the rest of Texas. She has a great track record that includes leadership roles in a wide range of fields. Along the way, she has made great contributions to charity events, personal relationships, marketing, business development, logistics, construction subcontracting, insurance, utility brokerage, and her real estate investments. Shara’s wide range of skills, sharpened by extensive experience, ensures an unparalleled client experience. Whether managing seamless apartment locating, facilitating rentals, navigating home purchases and sales, overseeing commercial services, or arranging property acquisitions, Shara approaches each transaction with a sense of privilege and duty.
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Houston home prices have been on an upward trend in 2023, with the median value increasing almost 2.9% to $321,000 in just a year. In the coming months, prices are expected to increase. The 80,000 homes sold within the last 3 years have remained on the market for approximately 29 to 34 days. Units typically sell for close to 98% of their asking price. With an average price per square foot of $164, there are many deals to be found. The city has excellent school districts and peaceful neighborhoods, and we’ve got some of the highest-rated Realtors® in Texas to guide you through it all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you rank real estate agents?

At triple we use proprietary algorithms we developed over years. We consider many data points including, but not limited to: the most up-to-date transaction data, customer reviews, work history.

What makes your site different from other real estate websites?

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No. We do our own independent ranking. Our reason for existing is to provide buyers and sellers with the resources to find their best Realtor™ match. In this way everyone wins. Transactions are faster and smoother, customers get better deals, brokers get more business, we gain more referrals.

How often do you update your rankings?

We do an annual overhaul of our top list; however, we are constantly gathering data and evaluating new information. Thus agents are added and removed all year round.