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Maureen Kile

Maureen Kile Team

Before launching the Maureen Kile Team, Maureen Kile was already among the Top 2% of agents in Minnesota and one of the Top 500 Realtors nationwide. Though she has extensive experience, Maureen has continued to receive formal training throughout her life because she’s aware that there is always more to learn. In addition to closing deals, the team is a fully operational property management company with over 900 rentals. They are currently one of Minnesota's top-producing Coldwell Banker groups. Under Maureen's direction, they have remained one of Tulsa's most dependable sources of real estate services.
Drew Ary and Eric

Drew Ary and Eric Zellers

Ary Land Co

Drew Ary and Eric Zellers are the co-founders and team leaders of Ary Land Co. Drew is the incoming president of the Oklahoma Realtors® Land Institute Chapter and has 10 years of experience managing real estate auctions. He is also a Certified Land Consultant. Eric is an expert in surveying and engineering, often picking up details that other agents would overlook. They collaborate with a large number of local professionals who are well-versed in the Tulsa market. Drew and Ary pride themselves on offering excellent customer service and superior advice.

Brandi True

Chinowth & Cohen Realtors

Brandi True first became interested in real estate while working as a construction consultant. She excelled at managing, organizing, and paperwork, which came in handy when she was granted her license. Brandi takes pride in her integrity, always being upfront and honest during the transaction process. Believing that anything is possible if you come across the right people in life, she makes a concerted effort to be an important contact for her clients. As the leader of her own team, Brandi upholds the same standard of customer service and maintains her position among Tulsa's top agents.

Brian Frere

Brian Frere Real Estate Team

The Brian Frere Real Estate Team has been called one of the most reliable organizations in Tulsa. Led by Brian Frere, their mission is to offer top-notch service while putting customers first. The team upholds a high standard of morals, ensuring that each agent acts with honesty and integrity. Brian believes in the power of growth and is constantly educating himself to help improve the transaction process. Always prioritizing doing what is right, he has been recognized as one of Oklahoma's Cultural Icons by Keller Williams International. The team's objective is simple: to improve upon what they did yesterday.

Chris Zinn

Chris Zinn Group

There is a well-known slogan in Tulsa that reads, "Chris Zinn Group: where luxury is an experience, not a price point." The team makes an effort to maintain this, ensuring that all brokers are moving in the same direction while assessing how they can best serve their clients. Each agent is a licensed professional with a reputation for closing transactions with integrity. Among the Top 5% of all Realtors in Tulsa, the team has flourished under Chris' direction. They promise to make the buying or selling process as simple as possible.
Mark and Suzanne

Mark and Suzanne Rentz

Rentz Team

With more than three decades of experience, Mark and Suzanne Rentz are true industry veterans. They are the co-founders and leaders of the Rentz Team, one of the most honored groups in Tulsa. Its agents rank among the Top 1.5% of Realtors in the United States and have won the Double Platinum Award for sales. An elite multimillion-dollar producing team, its brokers have also earned the prestigious "Best of Zillow" recognition. Mark and Suzanne are authorities on the local market and handle a variety of property types at various price levels.
Brent and Vickie

Brent and Vickie Clark

Rise Home

Rise Home is a group of seasoned agents led by Brent and Vickie Clark, who have both been recognized as top-producing Realtors in Tulsa. They provide sellers with home staging assistance and have the most exquisite pieces, so you can be sure that the "before and after" pictures will be stunning. In order to give each property more attention, Brent and Vickie rarely take open listings, preferring to focus on client referrals. Rise Home continues to provide world-class customer service, resulting in an experience that is not only beneficial but enjoyable.

Jennie Wolek

The Wolek Group

Jennie Wolek is among Tulsa’s top real estate producers. She is the proprietor of The Wolek Group, one of the city’s premier organizations. Jennie sets early expectations and guarantees that the team will meet them. They always do, as proven by their numerous positive reviews. Jennie always aims for the best because her customers deserve nothing less. Her team works continuously to learn and improve in order to provide clients with the most recent tools and marketing techniques. There is no denying Jennie's status as one of Keller Williams' Top 100 agents.

Max Heckenkemper

Heckenkemper Team

Known to consistently break his own records, Max Heckenkemper is in the Top 1% of Realtors in the country. He has been honored with numerous accolades, including the Keller Williams Platinum Sales Award. Max is the owner of the Heckenkemper Team, one of the top groups at his firm. They aim to exceed expectations by offering exceptional service that goes above and beyond. The team has a specialist to handle each unique real estate situation and offer the best solution. A proponent of creating a life you'll love, Max wants to have an impact on the people in his community.
Josh Rainwater and Kimberly

Josh Rainwater and Kimberly Vining

The Rainwater Vining Team

In 2017, Josh Rainwater and Kimberly Vining combined their teams, quickly becoming one of the top groups in Tulsa. They surpassed $21 million in sales and joined the Top 2% of all agents in the Greater Tulsa area. Since then, the Rainwater Vining Team has consistently broken its own records and has doubled its sales productivity. But even before these accomplishments, Josh and Kimberly were thriving as the region's top producers. Josh has been recognized as one of Tulsa's Top 100 Agents, and in 2021, Kimberly was named the city's #1 Realtor.

Tracy Ellis

Ellis Real Estate Team

Tracy Ellis is one of the most prominent agents in the area and the founder of the Ellis Real Estate Team. The group's objective is to remove the hassle and conflict in every transaction so clients can experience the least amount of tension. They strive to offer high-end service, regardless of the type of assistance a customer requires. Tracy's team has helped more than 600 individuals and families close deals worth a combined $100 million. Each agent is a seasoned professional who promises a smooth process while you're making such an important life decision.

Greg Ganzkow

G7 Ranches

G7 Ranches handles the most prestigious real estate in all of Oklahoma. Their portfolio features sought-after ranches, farms, mansions, recreational spaces, fishing lands, and investment properties. Established in 1998 by Greg Ganzkow, the team's agents have closed more than $1.5 billion in total sales, making them one of the largest land groups in the country. They strive to make every transaction an exploratory adventure, helping clients build the life of their dreams. G7 wants nothing more than for customers to flourish, while guiding them through the buying or selling process.

Amy Prosser

Chinowth & Cohen Realtors

Amy Prosser is among the highest-ranking agents in Tulsa and consistently gets the best deals for her clients. She has been highlighted in Top Agent Magazine, which acknowledged her dedication and expertise of the local market. Amy worked in the industry prior to becoming a broker, so she has extensive knowledge of design. She has a keen aesthetic sense for construction and can also determine whether a building is structurally sound. Working with Amy is a delight, as evidenced by her countless referrals and loyal customers who later became friends.

Gayle Roberts-Pisklo

Chinowth & Cohen Realtors

Gayle Roberts-Pisklo has more than 20 years of experience as a broker. She has contributed significantly to the Tulsa market's economic growth. The Tulsa Business Journal ranked Gayle as the #1 Realtor in the area and one of the Top 10 single production agents. With a lifetime sales total of over $560 million, she has assisted nearly 700 individuals and families in achieving their real estate objectives. Gayle has learned skills that only experience can impart, making her one of the best options in the city to guide you through the process.

Shawn Peters

Chinowth & Cohen Realtors

Shawn Peters is a top-producing and award-winning Realtor in Tulsa. After closing a number of high-end deals throughout her career, she earned the title of Multimillion-Dollar Producer. Shawn is among the Top 5% of agents in production and offers some of the best customer service in the city. Covering many of the opulent estates on the market, she has an extensive network of contacts to help with any issue that may arise. Shawn is only interested in one thing: empowering her clients to make informed decisions during the transaction process.

Heidi McMurray

Keller Williams Realty

Heidi McMurray has a degree in business marketing and management. Her attention to detail with numbers, paperwork, and contracts ensures that nothing is overlooked during transactions. She has hands-on experience in remodeling, renovation, and interior design and possesses a sharp eye for identifying potential future problems. Heidi values building strong relationships with her clients and creates a welcoming environment that respects their privacy. With 32 years of experience as a Realtor® in Tulsa, she is a trusted expert in the community. Heidi consistently ranks as the #1 Top Producer Individual Agent for Keller Williams and has received a Platinum Award for production as a Top Individual Luxury Agent. Her reputation for diligence, integrity, and expertise places her in the Top 1% of local Oklahoma agents.

Tammy Rice

eXp Realty

Tammy Rice, who was born and raised in Tulsa, is an ardent supporter of her hometown. She takes great pride in what she does, especially when she is able to assist others, and enjoys watching them move into the house of their dreams. She has a wide range of clients, but she holds a special place in her heart for first-time buyers. Tammy is trustworthy and upholds high moral standards and personal integrity. She is one of the Top 35 agents in the city and is driven, tenacious, and goal-oriented. Tammy is your best bet for a successful transaction whether it involves moving, downsizing, selling, or anything else real estate-related.

Matt Inouye

Renaissance Realty, Inc.

Matt Inouye is a multi-award-winning realtor who has assisted numerous clients in Tulsa and the surrounding communities. He is a knowledgeable real estate agent with a thorough understanding of all the components of a deal. Because of his experience, Matt can handle even the most challenging transactions and unforeseen obstacles. His clients come first, and he only makes progress toward the intended outcomes. In 2021, Matt received awards for being a top producer, a top negotiator, and a fast home seller. He actively supports a number of organizations that assist children with their health, welfare, and education.

Jackie Proffitt

Keller Williams Realty Advantage

Tulsa native Jackie Proffitt is well-versed in both the city's geography and its metro system. Because of this, she is better able to meet her client's preferences and needs by offering the best options. When a client walks into Jackie's home, she wants them to feel immediately at ease and find the perfect setting for enduring memories. She has more than 12 years of experience in the field and has won numerous awards for her efforts. Jackie has been listed consistently in the Top 100 Realtors in Tulsa People Magazine for six years in a row, and she is frequently featured in real estate publications.

Summer Ratzlaff

Keller Williams Realty Preferred

Summer Ratzlaff has established a strong reputation as a dedicated Realtor® since 2015. She is well-known for her commitment, integrity, and enthusiasm, which are evident in her work. Summer is committed to assisting each customer with their real estate needs, including purchasing, selling, and investing, and strives to satisfy their real estate desires by utilizing the latest technology, her extensive knowledge, and marketing expertise. Throughout the transaction process, she ensures that her clients are well-informed and communicates with them promptly. Summer tirelessly works to find solutions and guarantee success, which has earned her various accolades and designations, including being recognized as the best Realtor® in the Greater Tulsa Metroplex.

Kristin Winton

Coldwell Banker Select

With over 11 years in the industry, Kristin Winton's expertise in guiding clients through the exciting process of buying or selling a home is a testament to her commitment to providing top-notch service and enjoyable interactions. She has built a reputation for earning the trust, loyalty, and recommendations of her clients. With her considerable knowledge of Tulsa and its neighboring areas, she is able to provide valuable insight to her clients. Her background as a teacher has instilled in her a love for educating her clients and ensuring they are well-informed. As a full-time agent, Kristin is always accessible to answer any inquiries and has become one of Tulsa's top producers.
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Known for its Art Deco architecture and performing arts scene, Tulsa is home to over 407,739 locals and opportunity seekers. Due to its affordability and neighborhood safety, it’s a great place for businesses and families to relocate. Redfin (December 2023) reported a 5.5% increase in its median home sales price since the previous year, which is currently around $220.5K. Tulsa real estate is in high demand, with an average stay on the market of just 14 days, and homes often selling in half that time. According to Movoto, the best family neighborhoods are Brookside, Cherry Street, and Pearl District. The most trusted Realtors® in town are listed below.

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