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Milan Pollifrone

Milan Pollifrone's lifelong passion for real estate blossomed from her childhood experiences of touring properties with her successful father. Today, as a seasoned Bay Area native and sales professional, she treasures the trust her clients bestow upon her. Teaming up with her father, boasting over 35 years of expertise, Milan prioritizes client satisfaction above all else. She listens intently to their desires, ensuring each transaction exceeds expectations. Milan's mission is to make the buying or selling process enjoyable and stress-free, infusing every interaction with dedication and care. With a deep understanding of the Bay Area marketplace, she navigates each community with insight and empathy, believing that every person and property holds a unique story waiting to be discovered.

Joe Pollifrone

Joe Pollifrone, a seasoned California real estate agent since 1985, specializes in diverse property types. With over 38 years of full-time experience, he's adept at selling everything from bungalows to estates, duplexes, and large apartment buildings. Joe's portfolio extends to land, condominiums, townhomes, fixer-uppers, and REO properties. Renowned for his expertise across various real estate segments, Joe has garnered a reputation for delivering exceptional service and results to his clients. His extensive knowledge of the California market, coupled with his commitment to excellence, has earned him the trust and loyalty of numerous buyers and sellers over the years. A true professional in his field, Joe continues to excel and thrive in the dynamic world of real estate.

Patrick and Monica Farnsworth

Patrick and Monica Farnsworth are award-winning Realtors® who epitomize dedication to the industry. Working in San Jose’s Willow Glen area since 1986, they’ve acquired a wealth of expertise in the local market. Since joining Sereno in 2012, the Farnsworth Team continues to be among the top real estate groups in San Jose. Patrick and Monica have been together since 1969 and have been a team ever since. Patrick’s meticulous nature fits well with negotiations and the intricacies of the real estate process. Monica lends her warm personality to make sure that their clients always get the highest level of service that can be delivered.

Arlene Finney

Arlene Finney boasts an impressive 28 deals closed in the last two years, outpacing the average Realtor® by a remarkable 53%. Her prowess is not just in numbers but in efficiency too; homes under Arlene's guidance sell 53% faster than the industry norm. What sets Arlene apart is not just her sales prowess but her unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Leading her firm, she maintains an exceptional 83% referral rate, a testament to the quality service she consistently delivers. Awards adorn her career, with accolades for selling at an unprecedented pace and maintaining a referral rate among the highest in the state.