Keller Williams Southern Arizona


Pete Peterson

Pete Peterson, the visionary founder of the Stratton Real Estate Group, has propelled Arizona's property market to new heights. Boasting a stellar position among the Top 100 Keller Williams teams globally, this powerhouse team stands proudly in the Top 1% for domestic sales production. With a commitment to detail without compromise, they deliver swift and impactful results. Pete's leadership is marked by an impressive array of accolades, making the Stratton Real Estate Group an eminent force. Recognized for their exceptional prowess, this team has garnered a reputation for efficiency and effectiveness. Pete's strategic oversight ensures clients receive a comprehensive spectrum of support, facilitated by an extensive network of contacts, including top-tier service providers adept at addressing any challenges.

Lauren and Dorothy Moore

These top-rated agents, Lauren and Dorothy, lead The Moore Advantage Team to dominate the Tucson market with a family-focused approach that extends beyond local boundaries to seamlessly handle long-distance transactions. This duo don't just ride on their extensive experience; they consistently elevate their game by staying abreast of industry changes, ensuring their knowledge and skill sets are always current. The Moore Advantage Team is not just a brand; it's a commitment to prioritizing "YOU." Their actions and decisions are finely tuned to what works best for their clients. From accolades to client satisfaction, Lauren and Dorothy have carved a niche in the real estate realm, making the complex seem effortless.

Traci Jones

Traci Jones, a Tucson native and the visionary force behind the Traci Jones Real Estate Team, boasts an impressive 18-year track record marked by the successful closure of over 5,000 deals. As the team leader, her commitment to excellence is unwavering, propelling her colleagues to consistently surpass their own records. This dynamic group of realtors® has honed their skills under Traci's guidance, ensuring every client receives service that not only meets but exceeds expectations. What sets her apart is not just her team's remarkable transaction numbers but also their philanthropic commitment. Persuading her fellow realtors® to donate an admirable 25% of their gross commissions to Homes for Heroes, Traci extends her passion for real estate to benefit healthcare providers, military personnel, firefighters, law enforcement, and educators.

Josh Berkley

At the helm of Tucson's top-performing team, Josh Berkley has cultivated a remarkable skill set that goes beyond industry standards. His vibrant and enjoyable approach to real estate underscores not only his prowess but also a distinctive ability to make the process enjoyable for clients. Known for fostering lasting connections, Josh boasts a wealth of gratitude from families he's guided through the intricacies of the local market. It's not just praise from clients that sets Josh apart; his collection of prestigious awards in the real estate realm serves as a testament to his unmatched capabilities. In Tucson, the choice is clear – when it comes to real estate, he is the quantifiable and award-winning option.

Jason Foster

Since 1979, Jason Foster has been a Tucson fixture, amassing over three decades of unparalleled expertise in the local real estate market. A distinguished professional, his track record is adorned with accolades, solidifying his status as the preeminent realtor® in Tucson. With an unwavering commitment to clients, Jason seamlessly navigates the dynamic real estate landscape, earning him a reputation as the go-to expert. His meticulous attention to detail and robust work ethic underscore his reliability, setting him apart in the industry. As Tucson's go-to real estate expert, Jason is the quantifiable choice for those seeking a seasoned professional to navigate the intricate world of real estate with unparalleled finesse and expertise.

Donna Reed

Meet Donna Reed, the dependable realtor guiding clients to their dream homes in Tucson. With a discerning eye for beauty and a knack for design, Donna excels in showcasing the allure of properties and neighborhoods. Fluent in English, French, and conversational Spanish, she effortlessly connects with a diverse clientele. Yet, Donna's dedication transcends mere transactions; she prioritizes tailored service and astute counsel throughout each home-buying journey. With Donna's expertise at your disposal, anticipate a seamless and enjoyable experience, ensuring your search for the perfect home is both fulfilling and stress-free.