Long Realty Company


Layne Lundeen, Laurie Hassey, and Claire Durand

Layne Lundeen, Laurie Hassey, and Claire Durand are all leaders of the Tanque Verde Trio Team. With more than 100 years of combined experience, they continue to serve Tucson with exceptional knowledge of the ever-evolving property market. Over the past 7 years, the team members have consistently held the #1 ranking in home sales in Tanque Verde Valley. In 2021, they were honored with their firm's Circle of Excellence award. Layne, Laurie, and Claire use each other's strengths in a collaborative effort to offer Tanque Verde's best real estate services.

Don and Kathryn Vallee

One of Tucson's most successful real estate groups is the Vallee Gold Team, founded by Don and Kathryn Vallee. It is one of the Top 20 residential teams in the region. In his 22 years as a full-time Realtor, Don has sold more than 1,500 homes. He believes that an entrepreneur's success is derived from that of his customers. Kathy takes great pride in her work and is deeply passionate about assisting families in finding their ideal residence. The couple's extensive list of closed deals and positive customer reviews demonstrates their talent and reliability.

Janell Jellison and Paula Williams

Janell Jellison and Paula Williams have emerged as an unstoppable force, collectively dominating the market. Over the past five years, Janell has clinched the coveted #1 spot among the Top 5 Realtors® in the city, a testament to her unparalleled expertise. Paula, a master communicator, weaves her strength into every transaction, embodying her mantra, "Be kind, be fair, and be funny." Together, this dynamic duo forms an unbeatable alliance, synergizing their complementary talents to propel clients towards real estate success. Their numerous accolades underscore their commitment, ensuring personalized guidance throughout every step of the transaction. Janell and Paula's partnership isn't just about results; it's a commitment to excellence, where every client's objective becomes a triumph.

Tyler Lopez and Tana Lopez

Tyler and Tana Lopez, the dynamic duo behind the acclaimed real estate team, Lopez & Lopez. Hailing from Tucson, Arizona, Tyler is a standout figure as one of the state's Top 10 selling brokers, boasting an impressive track record in financial and investment analysis. A Certified Commercial Investment Member, his expertise is the cornerstone of the team's success. Meanwhile, Tana, a luminary in her own right, has sold over 1,000 homes and garnered a multitude of prestigious awards, marking her as a distinguished force in the real estate realm. Tyler and Tana lead a multimillion-dollar team comprised of knowledgeable agents and consultants, all equipped with specialized training.

Peter DeLuca

With an impressive 34-year tenure in the real estate industry, Peter DeLuca stands as a Tucson market maestro. Garnering accolades that place him in the distinguished top 0.5% of realtors® both locally and nationally, Peter is a true luminary in his field. His expertise extends to assisting both seasoned locals and newcomers keen on investing, buying, or selling in the vibrant city. What sets him apart is not only his extensive experience but also his remarkable track record – an outstanding 90% of his business stems from referrals, a testament to his unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Peter's professional prowess shines through, consistently putting his clients' best interests at the forefront.

Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts is the co-founder of The Roberts and Norris Team, a real estate powerhouse with over 27 years of unparalleled service in the dynamic Tucson market. Recognized as a luminary in the field, Gary proudly stands among the Top 1% of brokers nationwide, a testament to his unwavering commitment and expertise. As a distinguished member of the National Association of Realtors®, his prowess extends across diverse realms, specializing in luxury residences, lucrative investment properties, and navigating the intricacies of short sales. His proficiency in orchestrating deals adjacent to golf courses adds a unique dimension to his portfolio, showcasing a keen understanding of lifestyle integration.

Tom and Janie Ebenhack

For over 14 successful years, Tom and Janie Ebenhack have proven themselves as unparalleled leaders in the Tucson real estate market. With an impressive track record, they consistently finalize an average of 100 home deals annually, amounting to a remarkable $20 million in total value. Their innovative approach to online representation earned them the prestigious e-PRO accreditation, solidifying their position as pioneers in the field. Their collective expertise has garnered them membership in the esteemed Long Realty Top Levels and President's Club. Remarkably, Tom and Janie stand proudly among the Top 1% of Realtors® in Tucson, a testament to their unwavering commitment and outstanding results. The duo's achievements not only reflect in their numerous accolades but also in the enduring trust of their diverse clientele.

Dorothy May and Margaret Nicholson

Dorothy May and Margaret Nicholson, co-founders of the Margie and Dottie Team, reign as real estate powerhouses with a stellar track record. Having clinched the coveted Pros of the Year title, their prowess in the industry is indisputable. Renowned for their exceptional sales volume, Dorothy and Margaret proudly boast the prestigious Long Realty's Circle of Excellence award. The Margie and Dottie Team stands as a paragon of multifaceted real estate expertise, consistently delivering top-tier results. Clients flock to this competitive team not only for their sterling reputation but also for the glowing reviews that accompany their stellar performance. In the dynamic world of real estate, Dorothy and Margaret shine as beacons of excellence, elevating the home-buying and selling experience with every transaction.

Jennifer Anderson

As a multimillion-dollar producer and a proud member of the Circle of Excellence, Jennifer Anderson is not just a realtor®, she's an industry luminary. Under her expert guidance, The Jen Anderson Team consistently secures stellar reviews, earning a coveted spot among Zillow's Top Sales Agents. Their prowess extends beyond local acclaim, as they rank in the Top 1% of brokers in Tucson and an impressive Top 6% nationwide. With a proven track record and a guarantee of success in every deal, Jennifer and The Jen Anderson Team redefine the real estate experience. Elevate your real estate ventures with the unmatched expertise of a team that doesn't just meet expectations – they exceed them.

Pete Torrez and Steve Nissen

With an impressive 66 years of combined real estate expertise, Steve Nissen and Pete Torrez stand as Tucson's unrivaled realtors®. Achieving the pinnacle of success, they proudly wear the Gold level of recognition at Long Realty, a prestigious accolade denoting the highest echelon of excellence within the company. Notably, their distinguished membership in the Circle of Excellence speaks volumes about their commitment to unparalleled service. As a dynamic duo, Steve and Pete thrive on exceeding client expectations, consistently charting new heights in customer satisfaction. Their commitment to going the extra mile is not just a motto but a tangible reality for every client fortunate enough to enlist their services. Meticulously attending to clients' preferences down to the minutest detail, they safeguard the integrity of each transaction.

Christine and Russell Long

Christine and Russell Long carry on the Long family's nearly 100-year tradition of being the best real estate service providers in the business. They want to keep the company's reputation intact and uphold its illustrious history while continuously innovating. This allows them to utilize both conventional and contemporary tools to help remain Tucson's top agents. Russell takes care of the logistics and properties, including maintenance and closings. Christine handles the publicity and advertising. With Russell's 44 years in the business and Christine's love of beauty and the arts, they have all their bases covered.

Damion Alexander

Boasting an impressive 26 years of real estate prowess, Damion Alexander stands as one of Tucson's premier brokers, having solidified his status as a top producer in the region. Collaborating seamlessly with trusted partner Chris Garcia, the dynamic duo has successfully closed transactions on over 400 homes, totaling an astounding $120 million in value. Before their professional partnership, Damion and Chris were friends, a connection that now translates into a powerhouse of effective communication and unparalleled synergy in their real estate operations. Damion's sterling reputation as a realtor® in the city is built on a foundation of trust, consistently showcasing his unparalleled expertise in the field.

Anthony Schaefer

Anthony Schaefer stands as a quintessential power broker, wielding an impressive record that speaks volumes. Boasting an astounding 99% referral-based clientele, his prowess is not just a testament to his achievements but a resounding echo of his clients' satisfaction. His upbeat demeanor and unmatched zeal have made navigating the real estate landscape a pleasure for those fortunate enough to collaborate with him. Anthony's trophy shelf showcases numerous eminent awards garnered throughout his illustrious career. Renowned for achieving excellence, he has not only set high standards but consistently exceeded them. The Schaefer Team, under Anthony's adept leadership, is more than a group—it's a commitment to elevating customer service standards. Beyond advertisements, his clientele sings his praises, painting a vivid picture of his expertise in action.

Rob Lamb

With over three decades of experience in real estate, Rob Lamb and his team are industry experts dedicated to helping clients find optimal properties and investment opportunities. Leveraging a vast network and contemporary marketing strategies, they utilize online platforms and a user-friendly mobile app for seamless property discovery. Rob's journey from an industrious paperboy in Iowa to a real estate authority underscores his resolute commitment to client success. Proficient in residential, commercial, and development real estate, Rob ensures informed decision-making and goal achievement for every client. Despite business expansion, he remains hands-on, providing his personal cell phone number for direct communication and working tirelessly, clocking approximately 80 hours a week. Backed by a proficient team and cutting-edge technology, Rob guarantees bespoke service excellence for all real estate requirements.

Lynn Slaten and Jennifer Johnson

Lynn Slaten and Jennifer Johnson, two Arizona natives who genuinely know and love their home, make up the Lynn and Jennifer Team. Their respective resumes are impressive, and they both hold industry designations such as Seniors Real Estate Specialist and Graduate, Realtor Institute. Among the Top 3% of earners in the country, Lynn and Jennifer have a combined experience of more than 45 years. They are the recipients of Long Realty's Circle of Excellence, the highest sales honor given by their firm. The team members continue to work hard to assist clients in making one of life's most important decisions.

Adrian Alejandro

As a native of the region, Adrian Alejandro's roots run deep, and his commitment to the area is unparalleled. Bringing a wealth of expertise from his roles as General Manager at Brinker International and Analyst in the Finance Division at Goldman Sachs, he seamlessly blends financial acumen with a passion for real estate. Adrian's strategic prowess has not gone unnoticed, earning him accolades as a field trainer, where he meticulously selects and trains the most promising agents for the R|A Home Team. Adrian's visionary leadership is further exemplified by the notable achievements of his sister, Leah, a vital force within the team. Together, they elevate the real estate experience, ensuring every transaction is not just seamless but also profitable.

Matthew James

As one of the city's premier agents, Matthew James boasts a remarkable portfolio, having successfully guided over 400 clients through transactions totaling a staggering $100 million in sales. His commitment goes beyond mere transactions; he strives to make Tucson a lifelong home for his clients, navigating them through every aspect of the real estate journey. A top-producing agent, Matthew has not only solidified his reputation for closing deals seamlessly but has also earned recognition for his unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. Despite his demanding schedule, he remains deeply rooted in the community, actively supporting local charitable organizations and enriching the city he holds dear. Matthew James, where expertise meets heart, and Tucson becomes more than a destination—it becomes home.

Mikey Girard

Mikey Girard is a Tucson-based realtor® extraordinaire, renowned for her exceptional capabilities and numerous accolades. Holding the esteemed titles of Accredited Buyer Representative, Certified Residential Specialist, and Graduate, Realtor® Institute, she stands as a testament to commitment and expertise. Clients laud Mikey as an outstanding listener, with a unique ability to decipher the intricacies of their goals, subsequently executing plans with unparalleled effectiveness. What sets her apart is her relentless pursuit of growth and knowledge, constantly expanding her expertise to better serve her clients and broaden her horizons. The realtor®'s credibility is underscored by a distinguished portfolio of awards, making her a trusted professional in the industry.

Alicia Girard

As one of the most dependable realtors® in the region, Alicia Girard's prowess is evident through her extensive portfolio of satisfied clients, thriving on referrals and unwavering loyalty. Embodying the spirit of reliability, she operates with a client-centric philosophy, placing their interests at the forefront. Alicia's advisory role is not just a profession but a commitment to empowering clients to make informed decisions. With a focus on client empowerment, she navigates the real estate landscape with finesse, always ensuring that her clients have the final say. Alicia's dedication, coupled with her numerous accolades, makes her the go-to professional for those seeking a real estate experience marked by expertise, trust, and unparalleled service.

Faye Gandolfi

Fueled by an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, Faye Gandolfi has cultivated a reputation for turning real estate transactions into unequivocal successes. Holding certifications in both residential relocation and military relocation, she goes beyond conventional expertise, ensuring a seamless experience for clients seeking their dream homes or strategic property investments. With a background as a paralegal, Faye not only understands the intricacies of the legal landscape in real estate but also navigates it with finesse. Collaborating with her means aligning with a recognized expert who not only delivers on promises but also exceeds expectations. Embrace a partnership with Faye Gandolfi, where every real estate goal transforms into a triumph, backed by a legacy of excellence and accolades.

Pam Treece

Pam Treece, an esteemed Air Force veteran, leverages her 22 years of invaluable experience to redefine excellence in real estate. With a career marked by exceptional service, her commitment to exceeding expectations is unmatched. Pam's extensive industry network, fortified by dependable friends and connections, stands testament to her reliability. Her understanding of the profound impact of relocation fuels her dedication to finding not just a residence, but a lasting home for her clients. Beyond the call of duty, Pam goes the extra mile to ensure her clients not only achieve their real estate goals but flourish in their new homes. Trust in her proven expertise and let her guide you seamlessly through the journey of finding your perfect property.

Leslie Heros

Leslie Heros boasts an impressive sales record of an average of 45 homes per year, ranking her in the top 1% of Tucson REALTORS® and the top 3% nationwide. She has been recognized by Long Realty Company with Circle of Excellence Platinum status and membership in the Luxury Forum. With over 19 years of experience in Tucson's real estate market, Leslie is dedicated to building strong and trustworthy client relationships, helping her clients make informed decisions, and guiding them every step of the way. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or an experienced investor, she has the expertise to help you navigate the complex real estate market in the area.

Joshua Waggoner

Josh Waggoner stands as a pinnacle of success, having closed an astounding $265 million in sales. A luminary in the field, he consistently achieves an annual sales average surpassing $1 million, a testament to his exceptional prowess. Ranked among the top 1% of REALTORS® nationwide, Joshua's achievements are not merely anecdotal but are quantifiably exemplified through prestigious designations such as Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, Certified Negotiating Expert, and Accredited Buyer's Representative. His extensive network and established referral base position him as the go-to agent in Tucson, ensuring seamless representation for clients with varying preferences. It's not just about the deals for Waggoner; it's about the relationships fostered through his unparalleled service.

Patty and Rick Howard

Patty and Rick Howard have developed a superb reputation for providing concierge service, consistently garnering high praise from their grateful clientele. With 25 years of experience in the financial services sector, Rick contributes a wealth of knowledge in the areas of business banking, investment brokerage, and private client services. Patty has lived in Tucson her entire life, and throughout her career, honors for outstanding customer service and sales have acknowledged both her remarkable communication abilities and her acute sense of negotiation. They have completed close to $200 million in real estate deals and are in the top 1% of Realtors® in Arizona and the top 3% in the nation.

Joel Pielemeier

Joel Pielemeier, a second-generation Realtor® and partner at Lopez & Lopez, REALTORS® in Tucson, Arizona, is renowned for his exceptional service and remarkable results. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on building lasting client relationships, Joel's reputation in the local market is unmatched. His extensive market knowledge enables him to provide invaluable insights and tailored guidance, ensuring clients make informed decisions. Whether buying, selling, or investing, Joel's expertise maximizes financial gains in any market. Supported by a dedicated team, he offers a concierge-like service, making transactions seamless and stress-free. Joel's personalized attention and unwavering dedication guarantee a rewarding real estate journey for every client.

Sue Brooks

With a commitment to prioritizing clients over price points, Sue Brooks stands out as a leading real estate professional in Tucson. Boasting extensive expertise in the local market, Sue navigates the dynamic landscape with a focus on understanding national and regional developments. Ranked in the Top 1% of Realtors in Tucson and consistently placed in the Top 50, Sue's strategic approach ensures success whether clients seek luxury homes, first properties, or condominiums. With accolades including the Barrington Long Lifetime Achievement Award and the Outstanding Service Award, Sue's total sales of $204,810,000 reflect her dedication to excellence. Each transaction benefits from Sue's refined approach, addressing intricacies from negotiations to vendor selection while keeping clients well-informed at every stage.

Brandon Walker

Brandon Walker, an experienced realtor with Long Realty, has found fulfillment in assisting the residents of Tucson for over two decades. Proficient in marketing and negotiation, Brandon prioritizes tailor-made services to align with clients' aspirations. Coming from a military background, he empathizes with families navigating significant transitions, infusing every transaction with integrity and commitment. Brandon's diverse interests in sports and travel afford him a unique perspective, enriching his approach to real estate. Whether buying or selling, Brandon stands ready to deliver exceptional outcomes. Contact him today to explore your real estate goals and discover how his expertise can benefit you.

Joan Tennison

Joan Tennison stands out in the real estate arena, boasting a multifaceted portfolio as a realtor, real estate investor, AirBnB SuperHost, and Evolve management client. Leveraging her background in technical sales, Joan meticulously attends to every detail, ensuring seamless transactions for her clients. Her bedrock principles of honesty and loyalty underpin her client relationships, fostering trust and rapport. Whether assisting with real estate objectives or offering insights into vibrant neighborhoods, Joan's unwavering enthusiasm and commitment shine through. Based in SaddleBrooke, Tucson, she takes pride in sharing her affection for the locale with others. For an exceptional and reliable real estate experience, Joan Tennison is the name to remember.

Jennifer Serrato

Jennifer Serrato, a Tucson native, boasts profound familiarity with the city. Her passion for Tucson's climate, scenery, culture, and heritage is palpable. Guiding clients to discover the city's allure brings her immense joy. With a robust background in entrepreneurship and real estate investment, Jennifer underscores the significance of professionalism and meticulousness in every transaction. Her knack for spotting exceptional properties at favorable prices is commendable. Collaborating with Jennifer ensures a real estate journey characterized by integrity, diligence, and a steadfast commitment to securing the ideal home.