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(Updated on May 1, 2024)
Meet Patricia Ruben, the #1 AGENT in Los Feliz, whose illustrious career includes a stint as Vice President of Paramount Pictures. With over 350 homes sold, Patricia is a seasoned expert in locations, pricing, investments, and private estates, particularly in Los Feliz, Silverlake, Hollywood Hills, Hancock Park, and surrounding areas. Her clients, including celebrities like Kathryn Hahn, Jimmy O. Yang, and Jenji Kohan, sing her praises for her unparalleled expertise, tireless dedication, and remarkable results. Described as "one in a million" and likened to a guru and magician, Patricia's persuasive charm, business savvy, and genuine kindness make her a standout in the real estate industry. Whether you're buying or selling, Patricia Ruben is the name to trust for an exceptional experience.

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