Real Estate One


Desert Klein-Kassab

Desert Klein-Kassab, a driving force behind Max Broock Realtors® in Detroit, is a visionary leader at the helm of Real Estate One. As a distinguished team leader, Desert orchestrates Real Estate One's unparalleled digital infrastructure, setting the stage for a cutting-edge real estate experience. With an innovative touch, he has strategically positioned Real Estate One as an industry pacesetter, seamlessly integrating fundamental system technologies to elevate the real estate transaction process. A maestro of both the physical and digital realms, Desert crafts an unmistakable brand presence for Real Estate One, ensuring clients in Southeast Michigan benefit from a comprehensive suite of real estate services. His expertise extends beyond the conventional, and his commitment to excellence establishes Real Estate One as an eminent force in the industry.

Nancy Warson

Nancy Warson's personable and endearing demeanor has translated into a significant number of satisfied customers, a testament to her outstanding customer service skills. Nancy's enduring commitment to the Golden Rule and moral integrity has not only shaped her enduring career but has also garnered a substantial and loyal clientele. Despite her impressive achievements, Nancy remains refreshingly modest, maintaining her commitment to the principles that have fueled her ascent in the real estate industry. With a history marked by excellence, integrity, and a customer-centric approach, Nancy Warson continues to make waves in the real estate realm, setting a standard of professionalism that is both admirable and quantifiably remarkable.

Erica Collica

Erica Collica is a seasoned female entrepreneur with more than 17 years of experience in the real estate industry. Her specialty is cultivating genuine relationships, which is a critical aspect of the competitive Metro Detroit real estate market. Erica has gained a reputation for her exceptional negotiation skills and her ability to close deals while remaining friendly and approachable. Through her vast network of clients and agents, Erica is in the top 1% of agents nationwide. She is also a passionate advocate for the City of Detroit and actively promotes its many advantages to clients interested in living and working in the area.