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Tyson Hartzler

Vision Sales Team

Choosing the best real estate agent entails working with someone who is committed to helping you buy or sell your home and has the most experience in your neighborhood. For the past 13 years, Tyson Hartzler and the organization he founded, Vision Sales Team, have been committed to raising client satisfaction. Their main objective is to assist clients in succeeding by working diligently and providing first-rate service. Their commitment has allowed them to build a remarkable track record of success and receive numerous recommendations from clients to their friends and families. Online reviews of Tyson have also revealed that he is adaptable, unorthodox, and a skilled negotiator.

Robin Rohrich

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Stouffer Realty

Robin Rohrich is a perceptive, forthright, and goal-oriented individual. She has worked as a realtor for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Stouffer Realty for the last ten years; it's one of the most well-known and reputable firms in the area. They've given her access to the information and tools she needs to excel as a realtor. Because of this, Robin has a track record of giving customers access to the best homes and real estate listings on the market. She has more than 100 Zillow reviews with perfect 5-star ratings, and she has surpassed all of the fundamental requirements for a realtor, such as local knowledge, process expertise, responsiveness, and negotiation skills.
Mary Jo

Mary Jo Kormushoff

The Welcome Home Team

Mary Jo Kormushoff was born and raised in Ohio and has witnessed its growth in a variety of ways. She has gained local knowledge and a passion for helping her neighbors and community navigate one of life's most challenging decisions: deciding where to live. As a result, she founded The Welcome Home Team 13 years ago, a team of people with a shared desire to assist members of their community. In addition to being a skilled negotiator and marketer, Mary Josees prides herself on being a hometown girl who adores and comprehends their community and its residents.

John Scaglione

Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realty

In his more than 30 years in the business, John Scaglione has always taken great pleasure in assisting families in realizing the American dream of home ownership. His clientele recognizes that he is simple to work with, has a thorough understanding of the market, and goes above and beyond the call of duty. John always strives to be at the top of his game and will never settle for anything less. The Ohio Association of Realtors presented him with the "Pinnacle of Performance" Award, the highest honor given to the best realtors in the state. He has a 5-star rating for his knowledge of and commitment to his field.

Lisa Swaino

Lisa Swaino Team

After starting out as a mortgage loan officer, Lisa Swaino has over 20 years of experience in the real estate sector. She wants her customers to be informed about every step of the transaction. She established The Lisa Swaino Team with eXp Realty, one of the world's most rapidly expanding real estate firms. For them, providing services that go above and beyond the expectations of their clients is a standard practice because they think that's how all services should be. Lisa joined the top 1.5% of all agents in America thanks to the help of her group and company.

Nikki Fanizzi

Nikki Fanizzi Team

Nikki Fanizzi is the most devoted agent available when it comes to helping clients explore their real estate options. She will be there from contract signing to transfer. She has been a full-time realtor for 20 years, and she is always accessible at times that are convenient for her clients. She is the leader of the Nikki Fanizzi Team, which also provides a comprehensive marketing strategy and a free competitive market analysis. They have received numerous honors, including the Pinnacle of Performance Award and the 2019 and 2022 RE/MAX Platinum Club Awards. Meeting and exceeding their clients' expectations is their most significant professional success.

Melissa Sanford

The Melissa Sanford Team

Melissa Sanford relocated from Upstate New York to Wayne County and fell in love with everything the area has to offer. She has always attested to the friendliness of the neighborhood and wonders how she can contribute to its rich culture. She got into the real estate business ten years ago to give families lovely homes, leading to more tranquil and laid-back neighborhoods. With the help of her team, The Melissa Sanford Team, she has fulfilled her desire for taking the trouble out in every real estate transaction. The team's commitment to fostering genuine real estate relationships and experiences through compassion and integrity has led to their success in winning the 2017–2018 OAR Team Pinnacle Awar

Will Penney

Penney Group

Will Penney has been a real estate agent for over 30 years, and he's committed to making the process as simple as possible. He founded the Penney Group at eXp Realty with his wife, Mary, which consists of award-winning real estate agents who have been listed among the top 10 in Summit and Portage Counties. They are the most highly rated real estate group in Northeast Ohio across many websites, with over 550 five-star customer reviews on Zillow. Will has vast sales experience, is familiar with the buying and selling processes in his area, and is knowledgeable about the value of homes. He places a high value on keeping his clients well-informed throughout the entire process.

Scott Tinlin

The Tinlin Team

To carry on his family's business, which offered excellent customer service and satisfaction, Scott Tinlin entered the real estate sector. He has ten years of experience as a realtor and is also a firefighter, which helps him assess the safety of a home. The Tinlin Team, which was founded by his parents and is made up of various professionals who take great pride in offering their clients the best service possible, is currently under Scott's leadership. They treat every client as family and their needs and desires are valued. They're the highest-producing team and are well-known in Aurora and the surrounding areas.

Kyle Oberlin

The Kyle Oberlin Team

What sets Kyle Oberlin apart from other realtors is his attitude of never giving up and consistently producing the best results. He's been representing both buyers and sellers for over 7 years and he offers free home analyses to determine the true market value of the homes. Kyle uses high-end photography and focused digital marketing to further his marketing goals. With the aid of the team he founded, The Kyle Oberlin Team, they promise to sell the properties as soon as possible for the highest price. This commitment has led Kyle and his team to close over 130 properties a year, ranking them among the top 12 of 1% of agents nationwide.

Mark Young

The Mark Young Team

Mark Young isn't your typical realtor, as anyone can tell by reading his 5-star reviews on more than 100 Zillow feedbacks. He has been a real estate agent for over 18 years, has a thorough understanding of the regional markets, and always makes sure that clients are aware of every step in the transaction. The Mark Young Team's expert professionals ensure clients that their objectives will be achieved. Mark feels fortunate to have former customers who refer him to their friends and family due to his commitment and high caliber of service. As a result, he rose to the position of top real estate producer and won numerous other accolades.

Sherri Costanzo

RE/MAX Crossroads Properties

With her client-first philosophy, Sherri Costanzo has always been driven to improve her skills and business practices. She has been a real estate agent for 39 years, and modern technology has allowed her to assist her clients more quickly and efficiently. She is deserving of praise for always being approachable, for listening and communicating effectively, and for acting quickly when unanticipated difficulties arise. Helping her clients is Sherri's top priority. She won the Ohio Board of Realtors' Pinnacle Award and was recognized as the top agent for RE/MAX Northern and Central Regions from 2014 to 2019.

Debbie Ferrante

Debbie Ferrante Team

Debbie Ferrante is proud to be the owner and broker of Re/MAX Edge Realty, which has offices in the communities of Akron, Alliance, Canton/North Canton, Cleveland, and Massillon. She enjoys assisting families with the sale and purchase of homes in all price ranges and at any time thanks to her 23 years of experience. Debbie is overjoyed to be working with her own team, the Debbie Ferrante Team. They offer a free 15-foot box truck to current and former customers for moving or special events. As evidenced by their 500+ Zillow ratings with an overall rating of 4.9 stars and numerous RE/MAX International awards, her team is truly exceptional.

Nancy Bartlebaugh

Nancy Bartlebaugh Team

As a lifelong resident of Akron, Nancy Bartlebaugh is intimately familiar with every square inch of the city. For the past 17 years, she has worked as a real estate agent, and she's committed to helping her clients with one of the biggest decisions of their lives. The Nancy Bartlebaugh Team, which she leads, pays close attention to what their clients ask for and takes care of those needs. They have a wealth of sales experience and the expertise to guide sellers and buyers through the real estate market. Her team was recognized as the Best of Zillow and has one of the nation's quickest response times.

Jessica Nader

The Jess Nader Team

Jessica Nader has extensive experience in sales and customer service, and she has won awards for her outstanding customer care. When she first entered the real estate industry 12 years ago, she brought the same qualities to her clients. Under her leadership, the Jess Nader Team follows business ethics and works toward a common objective. Customer satisfaction is their top priority, and they achieve it by helping clients find the home of their dreams or selling listings while making the process as simple as possible for them. The group received numerous accolades, including being named a multi-million dollar producer in 2012 and a Platinum Club member from 2016 to 2020.

Amy Wengerd

The Amy Wengerd Group

Amy Wengerd makes sure that her clients' needs and expectations are not only met but also exceeded. In her 26 years in the business, she has developed a team called the Amy Wengerd Group, and they use cutting-edge technology to collaborate closely with each of their clients. They can also arrange for them to receive pre-approval from one of their preferred lenders and provide them with a buyer consultation. The group's goal is to develop personalized marketing strategies for their clients. They have steadily advanced to become the top sales marketers in the US and have won numerous prizes for their dedication to achieving their objectives.

Justin Aikens

The Aikens Team

Justin Aikens has been a licensed realtor for the past 14 years and has helped numerous clients with all facets of real estate. His familiarity with the local markets, educational institutions, and neighborhoods, along with his network of real estate experts, guarantees that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Over the years, he has assisted many clients with the purchase, sale, and investment of real estate with the help of his team, The Aikens Team. The team is dedicated to making the buying or selling process as enjoyable as possible for their clients. Justin has received flawless 5-star ratings in all of his 100+ Zillow reviews and has outperformed expectations.

Darlene Hall

The Darlene Hall Team

As a licensed real estate agent, Darlene Hall has served the needs of buyers and sellers for 36 years. She and her team, The Darlene Hall Team, are experts in a variety of fields, including relocation, new construction, and property management. She never overlooks the little things, and she gives each client her undivided attention. Darlene has a keen understanding of the online market, as evidenced by her aggressive marketing approach and use of technology. She has consequently been acknowledged as one of the top 1% of local realtors, one of the top 5% nationwide, and a consistent multi-million dollar producer.

Sandy Chrisant

The Chrisant Team

The best realtor is one who is dedicated to helping clients through the intricacies of the transaction, is knowledgeable about every step of the process, and keeps them updated. Due to her dedication, Sandy Chrisant has established a solid reputation and gained the respect of many customers. She, as well as the company she founded, The Chrisant Team, have a reputation for consistently acting in their clients' best interests. They understand how important it is to find the ideal home or submit the best offer. As a result, they make it their mission to use their integrity, dependability, and expertise to assist clients in achieving their objectives.

Tammy Grogan

Tammy Grogan & Associates

Tammy Grogan is a seasoned professional in the real estate industry with over 30 years of experience and a vast client base. Her extensive knowledge of the North East Ohio region and her network of contacts benefit her clients greatly. Tammy assists her clients in maximizing the value of their homes when selling and helps buyers find their ideal homes in desirable neighborhoods. Tammy Grogan and Associates, her founding team, are experts in the industry, utilizing effective trade tools and exhibiting unwavering dedication to their clients. Thanks to her impressive sales volume, Tammy ranks among the top 99.7% of Ohio's registered agents and has been awarded the Pinnacle Award.
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Akron, Ohio is a friendly and vibrant city with a population of around 186,917. The low cost of living and a thriving housing market make it a perfect choice for anyone looking to buy their dream home. The city's unique neighborhoods have their own unique personality and charm, ensuring there's something for everyone. Akron offers a wide variety of attractions, including cultural museums, outdoor leisure activities, and a vibrant food scene. With top-notch schools and a welcoming community, Akron is a great place to call home. Don't worry about finding the perfect Realtors® and agents, we've got you covered with a list of the finest in the city!

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