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Monica Breckenridge

Pink Team

Monica Breckenridge's journey in real estate began in 2007, evolving into a remarkable narrative of success. She and her husband are true trailblazers, having transformed over 100 homes in Colorado Springs and amassed a portfolio of 100 rental properties. The genesis of Pink Realty stems from Monica's passion for aiding those in challenging situations and forging lasting connections with clients who become repeat customers. Leading a team of over a hundred agents, Pink Realty achieved the distinction of being the first in Pikes Peak to surpass $1 billion in sales. Monica's myriad accolades, including being named #1 Real Estate Agent in Colorado, showcase her commitment to excellence and client-centric service.

Jennifer Browne

The Browne Team

For over a decade, the Pikes Peak community has relied on Jennifer Browne for exceptional real estate services. As the founder and leader of The Browne Team, she has been instrumental in helping numerous individuals fulfill their buying or selling needs, earning her team widespread respect in Colorado. Jennifer takes pride in exceeding customer expectations while maintaining the highest ethical standards. She is a licensed Realtor® in Colorado and brings a wealth of experience to the Pikes Peak region, specializing in El Paso and Teller County. A native of Colorado Springs, Jennifer's in-depth knowledge of the city and its surroundings ensures a seamless real estate experience for clients seeking her dedicated guidance.

Cole Underwood

The Underwood Group, Inc.

Cole Underwood is the president of The Underwood Group Inc. He's an expert in helping buyers find their ideal homes and assisting sellers in getting the highest possible profit. Cole has won numerous accolades, including recognition as among the top 5% of Realtors® in Colorado Springs. However, the real prize is his steady stream of positive client reviews, repeat business, and referrals. His team has access to the most sought-after listings in the region and uses cutting-edge marketing techniques. Under Cole's leadership, the Underwood Group has established itself as one of the city's most dependable real estate service providers.

Amy Kunce-Martinez

The Cutting Edge, Realtors

For more than 20 years, Amy Kunce-Martinez has been a top-producing real estate agent, ranking in the top 1% of all brokers. Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Amy places a high priority on being more than just a buyer’s and seller's agent. She also likes to represent the neighborhood. Amy puts a lot of effort into making sure the transaction process is simple and straightforward, from the beginning to the final signing. She is constantly accessible, believing that keeping in touch with clients reduces their stress and enhances their enjoyment.
Tiffany and Brian

Tiffany and Brian Canady

The Homebound Team

In order to leave a lasting legacy, Tiffany and Brian Canady have made it their mission to have a significant impact on the people of Colorado Springs. They hope to inspire the next generation to create a sustainable community and leave the world much better than when they found it. The two are the leaders of The Homebound Team, a dynamic group of brokers who are among Colorado's top 1% of producers. Tiffany and Brian take pride in providing clients with care that’s focused on fostering well-nurtured relationships, as well as getting the job done.

Brian Boals

Team Brian Boals

As a leading figure in the region's real estate landscape, Brian Boals, at the helm of Team Brian Boals, consistently prioritizes results. A distinguished member of the RE/MAX Titan's Club, he has achieved remarkable success, having sold nearly 500 homes in the last decade. Brian's native roots in Colorado Springs provide him with a deep understanding of the city's dynamics as well as the ability to connect with its residents. He has worked hard to build his team throughout his 23-year career, guiding many clients to achieve their goals. Brian Boals is a trusted and accomplished broker who is committed to delivering unparalleled results in the real estate industry.

Jeff Ryder

The Ryder Team

In a stellar collaboration, Jeff Ryder, alongside his wife Steph, is the driving force behind The Ryder Team, a dynamic group of highly successful brokers in the region. He has over 21 years of real estate experience and has helped over 1500 Colorado Springs homeowners achieve their homeownership goals. Jeff spent five years as a newscaster for television stations in Colorado and Florida, including a notable stint at KKTV 11-News in Colorado Springs, before embarking on his successful real estate career. This unique blend of real estate acumen and multimedia expertise sets him apart, ensuring that The Ryder Team provides not only top-tier brokerage services but also a wealth of valuable insights to their clients.
Jeff and Kaye

Jeff and Kaye Piggot

Jeff and Kaye Piggot Team

The aim of Jeff and Kaye Piggot is for their customers to remain enthusiastic throughout the buying and selling process. They want to make it simple and enjoyable, while deftly navigating any potential obstacles. Since 2013, Jeff and Kaye have been named on the list of the Pikes Peak Top Real Estate Agents. The two now lead the JKP Group and put in lots of effort to make sure the transaction process is as stress-free as possible. Jeff and Kaye always make the clients' needs their top priority and commit to giving them their undivided attention.
Kevin and Tenea

Kevin and Tenea Basinger

Basinger Team

Kevin and Tenea Basinger are inspired when they see their clients find a place to call home as well as a place where they can envision and see their futures taking shape. Making such important decisions is not easy, so they make sure to support their clients throughout the entire process by helping them connect with the right people and providing them with pertinent insights. Your team, the Basinger Team, guarantees that you will accomplish all of your real estate goals with their assistance and care as real estate agents and as neighbors.

Tiffany Lachnidt

The Distinctive Group

Tiffany Lachnidt, a seasoned broker, brings her Colorado Springs roots and extensive local knowledge to the forefront of real estate. With a proactive selling approach and a commitment to ensuring a seamless process for sellers, she navigates negotiations and closings with a personal touch. Leading The Distinctive Group, Tiffany and her team of dedicated brokers specialize in understanding clients' unique real estate needs and goals. Their mission is to empower clients with sound advice, allowing them to make informed decisions. Her exceptional record includes selling 27 times more homes than the average Colorado Springs agent in 2013, solidifying The Distinctive Group as a trustworthy ally in fulfilling real estate dreams.

Ed Leyba

Ed Leyba's Summit Group

With 20 years of experience, Ed Leyba is familiar with all aspects of the real estate business. He has accumulated the knowledge to become one of Colorado's most sought-after agents. Ed is a marketing and sales pro, and thanks to his deep ties to the community, he has developed a strong network that puts him in touch with the right people. He currently leads the Summit Group and is the CEO of three Keller Williams franchises. Despite having so much on his plate, Ed still finds time to volunteer and support a variety of local charitable causes.

Michael Turner

Michael Turner Team

Michael Turner has over two decades of experience in real estate and has established himself as an industry leader. As the #1 Realtor® in Black Forest from 2015 to 2022, he has demonstrated his unparalleled success. As the esteemed owner of The Michael Turner Team, he guides a seasoned team of agents, catering to a wide range of real estate needs across Colorado. His influence spans from Colorado Springs to Denver, with an impressive sales volume exceeding $265 million, solidifying his position as a top-1% real estate agent. Michael's unwavering commitment to excellence and providing clients with a competitive edge in the ever-changing real estate market is evident through his numerous accolades and achievements.

Jean Wheaton

The Jean Wheaton Team

Over the course of her 21-year career, Jean Wheaton has won more than 20 awards from RE/MAX alone. She ranks in the Top 1% of all Pikes Peak MLS members in Colorado Springs and was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents in the state. As leader of The Jean Wheaton Team, she serves Colorado Springs and has a reputation for providing excellent customer support. Jean and her group members do their best to make the buying and selling process simple and enjoyable for both new and repeat clients.

Kerri Denney

Dream Big Home Team

Boasting a remarkable career trajectory, Kerri Denney swiftly ascended to the top echelons of real estate, now leading the highly successful Dream Big Home Team. She has established herself as a force in the modern real estate sector, having sold over $100 million in volume and successfully closed more than 200 properties. As a military spouse, Kerri intimately understands the challenges of relocation and leverages this insight to guide clients through seamless transitions. Her commitment to excellence is evident in the over 50 glowing reviews she has earned, reflecting the trust and satisfaction of her clients. Specializing in military relocation, Kerri brings a personalized touch to assisting those undergoing significant life changes.

Kevin Patterson

The Patterson Group

Kevin Patterson, the esteemed founder of The Patterson Group, stands as a luminary in the real estate realm with a remarkable 37-year career adorned with accolades. His expertise in sales and marketing has earned him a coveted spot in the Prudential Chairman's Circle - Diamond level, placing him among the Top 1% of 75,000 brokers in North America. A former US Marine Corps Infantry Captain and White House Aide, Kevin's leadership extends beyond his military service. The Patterson Group, having listed over $32,000,000 in Colorado Springs real estate, continues to thrive under Kevin's guidance, promising continued growth and excellence in the industry.

Brian Maecker

The Brian Maecker Team

Native to Colorado, Brian Maecker stands at the helm of The Brian Maecker Team, a real estate powerhouse with a legacy of selling over 2,800 homes in the past two decades. He has received numerous prestigious awards throughout his illustrious 36-year career, including the RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement and Circle of Legends awards. Yet, Brian's success is truly measured by his expansive network and client recommendations, reflecting the enduring impact of his dedicated service. Beyond transactions, his commitment to the community is evident, leaving an indelible mark on clients by not only facilitating their dream home transactions but by fostering lasting connections and making a meaningful impact in the lives of those he serves.

Derek Wagner

The Artisan Group

Derek Wagner is the proprietor of The Artisan Group, the #1 real estate team in Colorado Springs. With more than 21 years of industry experience, Derek is personally among the top 1% of all agents in the region. He has helped a large number of clients buy, sell, and invest in various types of properties. Derek and his team members uphold moral principles like integrity, honesty, and openness. When it comes to helping clients achieve their objectives, The Artisan Group continues to serve the community with a fiercely competitive drive.

Allen Taylor

Colorado Home Connection

Over the past decade, Allen Taylor, an acclaimed agent, has been a stalwart presence in the Colorado real estate scene, leading the esteemed Colorado Home Connection team. He recognizes the universal desire to own a home and is committed to making dreams come true. Allen brings an intimate understanding of the area, as well as the knowledge and experience required to guide clients to informed decisions. With a background in retirement investment, his financial acumen adds a unique dimension to his real estate expertise. At Colorado Home Connection, Allen leverages top listings, a global network, innovative marketing, and cutting-edge technology to craft a memorable and enjoyable real estate experience for his clients.

Greg Luczak

Luczak Real Estate

Greg Luczak of the Luczak Group is a top Colorado real estate agent with a client-centric approach. He has consistently delivered unparalleled results, helping buyers find their dream homes at the best prices and sellers secure top offers. The Luczak Group is the #2 team in the state, and Greg has sold over $30 million in volume annually since 2009. In 2020, Luczak Real Estate closed 184 units and surpassed $62 million in volume, solidifying its position as the state's #2 most productive team. In 2022, Greg acquired Keller Williams Client's Choice and assumed the role of Operating Principal to over 200 agents.

Camellia Coray

CC Signature Group

Embarking on her real estate journey in 2001 as a land specialist, Camellia Coray's road to success is marked by collaboration with industry luminaries and a commitment to excellence. She now leads the CC Signature Group, Colorado's premier real estate team, bringing her extensive knowledge and passion for the state to the forefront. Camellia has lived in Colorado for over three decades and has fallen in love with its natural beauty, which she now promotes as the ideal setting for realizing life's dreams and labor of love. Her leadership propels the CC Signature Group to the pinnacle of Colorado's real estate landscape, embodying a vision where clients can truly see their aspirations flourish.

Lana Rodriguez

The Lana Rodriguez Group

In just 8 years, Lana Rodriguez has become a formidable force in the Colorado Springs real estate market, reaching the pinnacle of the industry with The Lana Rodriguez Group. Lana's success is undeniable, as she is the #1 Transaction Closed Individual Associate in her firm and one of the top 1% of Colorado agents. Leveraging over a decade of clienteling experience from renowned brands, she believes in a people-centric approach, exemplified by her motto, "People Don’t Care How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care!" In 2022, she celebrated a milestone with the inauguration of LRG's first standalone office in Colorado Springs, solidifying her ongoing success.

Ed Behr

Behr and Behr

Ed Behr, a seasoned industry veteran, spearheads The Behr & Behr Team in Colorado Springs, a collaborative effort with four family members. With an impressive 38-year career alongside his wife, Renee, he is a co-founder and broker of the state's largest independent, locally-owned real estate firm. Ed is well-known for his extensive knowledge of property transactions and is consistently ranked in the top 1% of local Realtors. His dedication has garnered numerous accolades and sales awards since 1985, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the Colorado Springs real estate market. The Behr & Behr Team delivers a fiercely competitive service, reflecting Ed's passion and expertise.

Nathan Johnson

Nathan Johnson Team

Nathan Johnson is the leader of The Nathan Johnson Team, a group of brokers who are in the Top 1% of all Colorado agents and among the best in the country. He has assisted countless clients in discovering homes in Colorado Springs and appreciating the beauty of the city. A longtime resident of the area, Nathan actively supports his neighborhood and genuinely cares about the local community. His numerous accolades are merely awards; however, his countless recommendations and glowing reviews are the true testaments to his exceptional and one-of-a-kind service.

Joe Clement

The Clement Group

Joe Clement stands as a prominent figure in Colorado's real estate landscape, boasting over 40 years of experience and a staggering 30 awards. As the manager of The Clement Team, a hand-selected group of experts, he is a multi-hyphenate with extensive knowledge in various facets of the local market. his team guarantees services of the highest caliber, ensuring a seamless experience whether buying or selling properties in Colorado Springs. With certifications as a CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) and Five Star Certification, Joe extends a helping hand to those facing foreclosure or financial hardships. Trust in Joe and The Clement Team for unparalleled expertise and dedicated assistance in the real estate journey.

Stacy Kibler

Kibler Group

Stacy Kibler, founder of The Kibler Group, is a standout force in Colorado's real estate arena. With an unwavering dedication to her craft, her passion is evident in every transaction she undertakes. She is well-known for her meticulous attention to detail, which ensures that each client's specific needs are met precisely and with care. Stacy's partnership with Dan Kibler has propelled The Kibler Group to the top 2% of the highly competitive Colorado Springs market. Her leadership has earned The Kibler Group recognition as the #3 team in Colorado Springs, solidifying her status as a real estate luminary.

Jeffrey Johnson

The Johnson Team

Jeffrey Johnson is the owner of The Johnson Team, one of the top real estate groups in all of Colorado. His team works hard to ensure that the result of every transaction is success. Jeffrey’s motto, "We Never Drop the Ball," has proven true and has greatly influenced the group. With the aim of helping clients have a seamless and enjoyable experience, he constantly reminds his team members of their work values and fundamental principles. Under Jeffrey’s direction, the group builds beds for the homeless and helps neighborhood kids in foster care.

Treasure Davis

The Treasure Davis Team

Treasure Davis is the owner of the Treasure Davis Team, a distinguished real estate group recognized for its exceptional performance in the region. Bringing a wealth of experience, she leads a team with a combined 70 years of expertise dedicated to serving Colorado Springs and nearby communities. They are known for their client-focused approach, which ensures transparent communication and guides clients through every transaction process while highlighting available resources. With an impressive track record, including 400 homes sold in 2022 alone, the team consistently ranks among the Top 1% of Colorado teams, garnering numerous prestigious awards. Beyond real estate, Treasure is acclaimed for her unwavering support of both active-duty and retired service members in the military community.
Tonya Marie

Tonya Marie Towles

The PCS Pro Team

Founder of The PCS Pro Team, LLC, Tonya Marie Towles is a dedicated advocate for military families in the real estate realm. Drawing from her personal experience as the spouse of a veteran, Tonya's goal extends beyond traditional real estate services. She is on a mission to simplify the home buying and selling process to alleviate the anxiety and stress that military families frequently experience when dealing with property transactions. Tonya's survivorship, coupled with her impact-driven and empathy-centered approach, ensures that The PCS Pro Team offers more than just expertise—it provides a compassionate and understanding community for military families on their journey to find their dream homes.

Brandon Armstrong

Front Range Team

Passionate and highly professional, Brandon Armstrong is a top Realtor® dedicated to exceeding expectations in Colorado Springs. Leading the Front Range Team, he and his seasoned agents prioritize exceptional customer service. Brandon's commitment is evident in his meticulous approach, ensuring no detail is overlooked while maintaining respect for clients' boundaries. With a Bachelor's Degree in Business and Personal/Financial Services Marketing Operations from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, he blends academic knowledge with hands-on expertise. Brandon's urgency in task completion, paired with his unwavering dedication, sets the Front Range Team apart as a high-performing group, offering residents unparalleled service in the competitive real estate market.

Becky Gloriod

The Becky Gloriod Partners

Becky Gloriod has been a highly sought-after agent during her 32 years in the real estate industry. She has long served the Colorado Springs area and has won numerous awards throughout her career. Becky has received recognition as one of the Top 25 Dynamic Women and Top 25 Real Estate Professionals in Colorado Springs. She is the founder of The Becky Gloriod Partners, a team known for its consistent excellence. The group's agents combine their knowledge of the local market to make clients as informed as possible during each transaction.

Alan Daniels

The Daniels Team LLC

Alan Daniels collaborates closely with his family to form one of Colorado Springs' best real estate teams. He has been a top-producing and top-performing agent for a long time and is dependable in his work, as evidenced by his perfect stellar rating reviews. Alan's 18 years in the field have sharpened his technical skills and taught him many things that training cannot. He has numerous designations and honors, making him capable of navigating the market and standing out in transactions. Alan is the agent to hire for a strategic negotiator who understands how to market effectively.
Lauren D

Lauren D Collier

Live Dream Colorado

Lauren Collier is a multi-award-winning realtor® who is a top producer and top performer in Colorado Springs. The American Institute of Real Estate Professionals recognized her and placed her among the Top 10 Best Real Estate Professionals for Client Satisfaction. Lauren is well-qualified and well-equipped to navigate the constantly shifting market thanks to her many titles. She has consistently produced at the peak level and, more importantly, she is well-liked in the community. Lauren has worked as a realtor® for twelve years and has aided numerous people in finding their ideal homes. To learn more about Lauren Collier visit her website here www.livedreamcolorado.com

Mark Davis

eXp Realty

Being a family man himself, Mark Davis deeply values the importance of finding the perfect home. His approach is centered on helping clients uncover their true desires, and he enthusiastically embraces technology to extend his marketing reach. With solid ties to top service providers, Mark ensures a seamless experience, even post-transaction. Boasting over $100 million in real estate sales, Mark has swiftly emerged as one of the country's most dynamic agents. Fueled by a passion for excellence, he was honored with the ICON Agent award in both 2021 and 2022, recognizing outstanding sales volume, business acumen, and contributions to both his fellow agents and the community.

Michael Winslow

Blue Picket Realty

In Colorado Springs, Michael Winslow is a top-producing real estate agent. He has been in the business for 22 years, selling hundreds of houses during that time. Michael constantly strives to allay his clients' concerns because he is aware of how far a simple text update can go. He handles all types of transactions but focuses on buyer representation, listing, relocation, and short sales. He works extremely diligently and efficiently, always going above and beyond. Michael has a large number of repeat customers who have never looked for another agent after working with him.

Cindy Linder

RE/MAX Advantage

Cindy Linder is a skilled representative who is familiar with all the specifics of real estate. She has extensive knowledge of finance and market analysis, and she is very skilled in the administrative duties that take place behind the scenes, such as paperwork and legal considerations. Cindy unquestionably has everything needed to run a successful business transaction and get her clients the best deals in the market. Since she has been in the business for more than 21 years, she has established a solid reputation as a trustworthy realtor® among many families and individuals in Colorado Springs.

Andrew Vose

Prosperity Group

Andrew Vose, a seasoned real estate professional with four years of dedicated experience, is the founder of Prosperity Group. As a Mega ICON Team Leader and Associate Broker, he specializes in first-time homebuyers and military relocations. Andrew's commitment to excellence is enhanced by his background as an Acquisitions Editor, bringing unique insights to real estate investing. He is an accomplished author and international speaker who has sold 600 homes in two markets in the last four years. Recognized as the #8 Colorado Mega Team by RealTrends, Andrew and his team prioritize enduring client relationships and stress-free home buying/selling. His track record solidifies him as a reliable and knowledgeable agent on the path to success.

Trish Ingels

The Platinum Group, Realtors

Trish Ingels is an esteemed luxury home specialist in Colorado Springs, with an impressive 46 years in the industry. As a second-generation Realtor® and a long-time resident of the area, she is widely recognized for her unparalleled knowledge of the local market, particularly in estate properties and new construction within the exclusive Broadmoor community. Trish's commitment to excellent customer service, meticulous attention to detail, and expertise in the industry have earned her numerous accolades and a coveted spot among Colorado's top Realtors®. She attributes her success to two key principles: honesty and understanding. She takes pride in representing some of the finest homes in the region.

Bryce Rasmussen

Dream Property Team

Bryce Rasmussen is a reputable and award-winning real estate agent, possessing 19 years of experience and exceptional expertise in the Colorado Springs area. He has built a solid reputation as a trusted resource and is renowned for his innovative marketing strategies, enabling him to help his clients identify their dream homes quickly. With extensive negotiation skills and knowledge of fair market value, Bryce guarantees a seamless and exciting home buying or selling experience for his clients in Colorado Springs, Fountain, Falcon, and surrounding neighborhoods. He founded the Dream Property team, committed to assisting clients in locating affordable, remodeled homes and providing personalized home searches with ongoing guidance beyond the closing process.

Barbara Schlinker

The Barb Schlinker Team

As a seasoned expert in the real estate industry with 27 years of experience, Barb Schlinker and her team, The Barb Schlinker Team, prioritize providing exceptional service to their clients. Their goal extends beyond a single transaction, as they aim to become a reliable resource for any future real estate needs by recommending trusted vendors and service providers. Barb has been recognized as one of the top 1% of agents nationwide by both the Wall Street Journal and Expert Network, which is a testament to her unparalleled expertise and dedication to her clients. Her vast database of thousands of buyers allows her to streamline the home-selling process for her clients looking to sell.
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