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Jamie Rodgers

The Brokeredge

Jamie Rodgers is an accomplished Orange County Real Estate Agent committed to guiding families on their quest for the perfect home. With a wealth of experience, he adeptly navigates the Southern California housing market, conducting meticulous research on local home prices and crafting compelling MLS listings. Jamie is renowned for providing expert, honest, diligent, and proficient service. His journey into real estate seamlessly marries his unwavering passion for serving others with professional excellence. Driven by a servant's heart, Jamie excels in relationship-building and client-focused service, consistently proving the inherent value of his assistance. His primary goal is to identify properties that align with clients' needs, considering factors like price, location, and amenities, ensuring the right fit for families seeking their ideal living spaces.
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Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa is a city marked by its robust real estate market and sound economic health. The city’s real estate landscape boasts a diverse array of residential options, catering to a range of preferences and budgets. With a steady demand for housing, the property market remains stable, making it an attractive prospect for both buyers and investors. The economic vitality of Costa Mesa extends beyond real estate. This dynamic city is home to a thriving job market, with opportunities spanning various industries, from technology and healthcare to retail and hospitality. Its strategic location, between Los Angeles and San Diego, positions it as a prime hub for business and investment. Costa Mesa’s commitment to balanced growth and economic sustainability ensures long-term stability and a promising future for residents and investors alike.

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How do you rank real estate agents?

At triple we use proprietary algorithms we developed over years. We consider many data points including, but not limited to: the most up-to-date transaction data, customer reviews, work history.

What makes your site different from other real estate websites?

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No. We do our own independent ranking. Our reason for existing is to provide buyers and sellers with the resources to find their best Realtor™ match. In this way everyone wins. Transactions are faster and smoother, customers get better deals, brokers get more business, we gain more referrals.

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We do an annual overhaul of our top list; however, we are constantly gathering data and evaluating new information. Thus agents are added and removed all year round.