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Chasity Rosales

Keller Williams Realty

Chasity Rosales brings a wealth of experience and a unique eye for real estate perfection, cultivated through her upbringing in a family of builders and contractors. Her commitment to client satisfaction is unparalleled, as she consistently chooses patience over pressure, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for every client. Chasity's capabilities shine through as she flawlessly identifies real estate nuances and advocates for perfection in every transaction. Recognized as one of El Paso's most dependable agents, Chasity's enthusiasm for life and genuine connection with people set her apart from the rest in the market.

Dennis Estep

Estep Group

Acknowledged as one of ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate's Top Producing Agents in units, Dennis Estep's quantifiable success sets him apart. With years of industry expertise, he consistently raises the bar in customer service, simplifying transactions for clients in El Paso. At the helm of his team, Estep isn't just a realtor—he's your mentor. His leadership is reflected in the tangible results he delivers. Whether it's finding your dream home, securing optimal loans, or maximizing returns on property sales, Dennis Estep is the epitome of excellence. Notably, his accolades, including the prestigious Top Producing Agent title, underscore his prowess. Estep's commitment to streamlining processes isn't just a promise—it's a proven reality.

Debbi Hester

ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate

With an extraordinary track record, Debbi has clinched the title of ERA's top producer in the city for a remarkable eight consecutive years, a testament to her unrivaled expertise in the industry. Recognized by RealTrends as One of the Best Agents in the U.S., Debbi's commitment to excellence shines through in every transaction. Her professional prowess extends beyond the confines of real estate, as Debbi consistently exceeds expectations, going above and beyond for her clients. This dedication has not only solidified her status as a real estate luminary but has also earned her acclaim in the form of prestigious awards.
Rosemary De La

Rosemary De La Rosa

ClearView Realty

Rosemary De La Rosa, an esteemed El Paso native and accomplished realtor®, stands as a pillar of expertise, empathy, and professionalism in the real estate landscape. Armed with a business and marketing degree from New Mexico State University, Rosemary leverages her extensive knowledge to craft precision in every transaction. With a track record steeped in honesty and hard work, she seamlessly navigates the complexities of real estate transactions, leaving a trail of satisfied clients in her wake. Her strategic approach and close collaboration with clients underscore her ability to create meticulous plans for each stage of the transaction process. Whether buying or selling, clients can trust Rosemary to deliver unparalleled service, marked by a legacy of success and a trademark of the highest standards.

Russell Harper

ClearView Realty

Proudly affiliated with ClearView Realty, the #1 brokerage in El Paso, Russell Harper consistently prioritizes his clients' needs. His meticulous approach and profound market knowledge ensure a seamless transaction every time. Russell's friendly demeanor transforms the real estate experience, making collaboration a genuine pleasure. With a steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction, he creates an environment where clients feel not just accommodated but truly welcomed. His numerous accolades, including the prestigious Five-Star rating on Zillow, underscore his prowess in the industry. Recognized for his outstanding achievements and backed by the renowned ClearView Realty, Russell Harper is the go-to real estate expert in El Paso.

Kristen Stroud

The Real Estate Power Houses

As a real estate virtuoso, Kristen De Santiago continues to set the standard, ensuring her clients receive nothing short of outstanding service. Born and raised in the region, she seamlessly blends her deep-rooted understanding of the local culture with a stellar professional demeanor. In 2018, The City Magazine El Paso spotlighted Kristen, acknowledging her as a formidable force in the industry, a recognition well-deserved. Kristen's accolades include being a recipient of prominent awards that underscore her unwavering commitment to excellence. Her illustrious career has earned her a place among the real estate elite, solidifying her as a true powerhouse in the Greater El Paso area. Trustworthy, goal-oriented, and results-driven, Kristen's achievements are not only remarkable but also a testament to her strong work ethic.

Jese Gonzalez

RE/MAX Associates

Jese Gonzalez is a seasoned realtor® with an impressive track record spanning 17 years. With a stellar reputation backed by over one hundred 5-star reviews, Jese has carved her niche as a go-to expert for all your real estate needs. Her extensive network includes top-tier managers, designers, contractors, lenders, and professionals, ensuring a seamless experience for clients from start to finish. Whether guiding clients through the sale of their current property or helping them secure the home of their dreams, Jese's personalized approach sets her apart. Trust in Jese's proven expertise, where every transaction is not just a deal but a journey toward your real estate aspirations. Elevate your experience with Jese Gonzalez – where excellence meets results.

Karen Thoreson

ClearView Realty

Boasting an impressive 20-year tenure in the design sector before seamlessly transitioning to residential construction and property management, Karen Thoreson brings a unique blend of artistic insight and practical know-how to every client interaction. As a seasoned realtor®, Karen's acumen in architectural aesthetics ensures clients find residences that transcend mere living spaces, embodying their ideal abode. Her track record speaks volumes, consistently securing top-tier prices for sellers under her adept guidance. Karen's prowess extends beyond the ordinary – she is not just a realtor®, but a distinguished seller's agent with a trail of successes illuminating her career.

Laura Baca

The Real Estate Power Houses

Renowned for her unparalleled expertise in residential real estate, new construction, and opulent homes, Laura Baca has seamlessly extended her prowess to high-end equestrian properties. Laura takes pride in her robust work ethic, delivering exemplary customer service while leveraging her market acumen to elevate the quality of life for each client. Her exemplary customer service, coupled with a keen market insight, guarantees results that surpass expectations. Recognized for excellence, Laura has become synonymous with success in the real estate industry. Clients can rely on her not just for transactions, but for transformative experiences that elevate their quality of life.

Paulina Longenbaugh

Cornerstone Realty

Paulina Longenbaugh, an esteemed realtor®, takes immense pride in calling El Paso home—a city recognized as one of the safest in the nation, boasting a superior healthcare system and unparalleled educational opportunities. Armed with a degree in transnational and persuasive communication from New York University, Paulina emerges as a real estate force, excelling as both a buyer's and seller's agent. Paulina is not only a seasoned realtor® but a distinguished Exclusive El Paso Homes for Heroes Specialist. Her negotiation prowess, honed during her academic years, sets her apart in the competitive real estate landscape. Having secured eminent awards for her outstanding contributions, Paulina stands out as a beacon of excellence.

Ramona Hull

EXIT East Realty

Hailing from Germany, Ramona Hull is a dynamic force in the U.S. real estate scene. Unveiling her prowess, she entered the real estate arena merely seven days after stepping onto American soil and has maintained an unstoppable momentum ever since. With an illustrious career spanning two decades, Ramona has garnered a constellation of accolades, including the distinguished recognition as one of the 10 Best Realtors® in 2020 by the American Institute of Real Estate Professionals. Beyond numbers, Ramona is not only about transactions but transformation—striving to empower her clients with the knowledge to make informed real estate decisions. In every deal, she brings a level of service that transcends the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of real estate.

Karina Ochoa

ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate

Boasting an impressive four-year streak as a Gold Circle of Excellence honoree, Karina Ochoa's accolades underscore her unwavering commitment to excellence. As an esteemed member of the Greater El Paso Association of Realtors®, the National Association of Realtors®, and the Texas Association of Realtors®, Karina has cultivated a reputation for providing unparalleled service. Karina's prowess as a broker is exemplified by her ability to navigate and successfully close multiple multimillion-dollar transactions, a testament to her exceptional skills and industry acumen. Her dedication to going above and beyond for clients sets her apart, offering in-depth guidance and unique insights that redefine the real estate experience.

Claudia Abraham

The Real Estate Agency

As a decorated realtor®, Claudia Abraham has not only maintained but elevated the drive she had from day one, propelling her to the forefront of the industry. Armed with an innovative mindset often missed by traditionalists, Claudia navigates the competitive landscape with a youthful perspective, ensuring her clients experience seamless real estate transactions. Her quantifiable success is underscored by a string of prestigious awards, emblematic of her exceptional performance and commitment to excellence. Her strategic approach and heart-invested endeavors have set her apart, making her the go-to professional for anyone seeking unparalleled expertise in the real estate arena. In a market where innovation is key, Claudia stands out, making her not only a successful broker but a trailblazer in her field.
Isaac J.

Isaac J. Olmos

ClearView Realty

Isaac J. Olmos, a seasoned Realtor® with a comprehensive understanding of El Paso's real estate dynamics, brings an impressive five-year track record to the table. Renowned for his unparalleled knowledge of the city's market fluctuations, Isaac's commitment to excellence is evident in every transaction. In his relatively short yet impactful career, Isaac has successfully guided numerous clients through El Paso's buying and selling landscapes, a testament to the robust network of referrals he has meticulously cultivated. As one of the city's resale listing specialists, he has not only established a solid rapport with industry peers but has also earned prestigious awards that underscore his expertise.

Gustavo Aguilar

EXIT East Realty

Gustavo Aguilar's prowess is underscored by his recent achievement as the Top Producer of January 2022, a recognition synonymous with his unwavering commitment to delivering results. Affiliated with EXIT Realty Corp. International, Gustavo's association with this esteemed organization further solidifies his standing as a trusted industry professional. Gustavo Aguilar's dedication extends beyond accolades; he is a relentless advocate for client empowerment. Encouraging questions and fostering open communication, Gustavo ensures no detail is overlooked, guaranteeing a seamless experience for both buyers and sellers. His commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and market innovations showcases a commitment to ongoing learning, ensuring clients benefit from the latest insights.

Yvonne Russell

Realty One Group Mendez Burk

Yvonne Russell Realty Team, spearheaded by the accomplished Yvonne Russell, stands as a real estate powerhouse in El Paso, boasting an impressive track record in the industry. With a legal background enriching her expertise, Yvonne has adeptly guided numerous clients through the intricate legal dimensions of their transactions. This dynamic team's commitment to excellence is evident in its strategic utilization of cutting-edge marketing techniques, fostering expansive connections with a diverse network of buyers and sellers. Yvonne Russell's prowess extends beyond language barriers, seamlessly assisting clients in both English and Spanish. A testament to her client-centric approach, Yvonne prioritizes attentive listening, tailoring solutions to meet each client's unique needs.

Marcos Bustamante

Century 21 Clark Brothers

Garnering praise from a multitude of satisfied customers, Marcos Bustamente is renowned for his exceptional service, making him a beacon of reliability and expertise throughout the home buying or selling process. With over 5 years of experience in the field, Marcos has cultivated a specialized focus on both new construction and resale homes. His commitment to family values is evident in the joy he finds in helping households of various sizes discover their ideal residences. Marcos' expertise in the real estate realm has not gone unnoticed, with a collection of eminent awards adorning his illustrious career. Clients consistently consider working with Marcos a pleasure, attributing his bright and positive presence to their successful transactions.

Paty Zavala

ClearView Realty

Within just two years, Paty Zavala achieved the pinnacle of professionalism, obtaining her real estate license. Armed with an MBA from The University of Texas at El Paso, Paty is not only well-educated but also passionately committed to providing top-notch client care. Her invaluable insights and advice on the El Paso market are grounded in a comprehensive understanding, ensuring clients receive optimal guidance. A true standout, Paty engages with clients throughout the entire transaction process, offering unwavering support until the deal is sealed. With a focus on delivering the best client care, Paty's straightforward advice and attentive listening make her an indispensable partner in the real estate journey.

Yasir Einaudi

The Real Estate Power Houses

Yasir Einaudi, aka Yas, is the eminent negotiator reshaping the El Paso real estate landscape. With a keen eye for market dynamics, Yas identified a void in client-friendly agents and decided to fill it, bringing a unique touch to every transaction. His business thrives on the resounding endorsements of satisfied clients and the unwavering trust of friends who value his judgment. Not just a realtor®, Yas is a community pillar, dedicating his time as a volunteer youth counselor, emphasizing a commitment to nurturing the future. In a city where real estate demands expertise, Yas stands out with a stellar reputation and a trail of successful partnerships.

Jessica Mendoza

The Real Estate Power Houses

With nearly two decades of astute navigation through the dynamic currents of real estate, Jessica Mendoza stands as an eminent force, leveraging her profound understanding of economic shifts to propel clients toward unparalleled success. Over her illustrious 18-year career, Jessica has facilitated countless transactions, guiding clients through the intricate realms of home purchases, sales, new constructions, remodeling endeavors, and strategic financing. As a seasoned professional, Jessica prides herself on not merely keeping pace but leading the way in the industry's ever-evolving landscape. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies, she consistently updates her practice to provide clients with the most innovative solutions.

James Benoit

BorderView Realty

James Benoit is a million-dollar real estate producer with 8 years of industry experience. He takes great pride in matching his clients' needs and objectives to their next residence or investment property. Skilled in general construction, electrical work, and plumbing, James has amassed a large network of reputable, qualified contractors. He has been improving houses for more than 7 years and still finds great joy in the process. James has lived his entire life in and around El Paso. He has three wonderful children and has been happily married for more than 15 years.

Lina Miramontes

JP & Associates REALTORS® El Paso

Specializing not only in residential properties but also in commercial real estate, vacant land, and new construction, Lina Miramontes' versatility is a testament to her comprehensive grasp of the market. Before entering the real estate realm, she honed her skills as an account executive at a bank, seamlessly transferring her finance and customer service prowess to her current role. Fluent in both English and Spanish, her proficiency adds a unique dimension to client interactions. Boasting an illustrious career, Lina's accolades include being a top-tier agent renowned for her unwavering trustworthiness. Her outstanding achievements have garnered prestigious awards, establishing her as a luminary in the industry. For 15 years she has been the supreme choice in El Paso's real estate landscape.

Silas Baca

eXp Realty

Silas Baca, an esteemed El Paso native and seasoned business owner, boasts an impressive track record rooted in his intimate knowledge of the city. With a remarkable 100 successful transactions within a remarkable 4-year span at the outset of his career, Silas has emerged as a prominent force in the local real estate landscape. His unparalleled understanding of each neighborhood enables him to present clients with a diverse array of options, all backed by pertinent information. From his early triumphs to his steady expansion, Silas continues to uplift local families through his sociable and client-focused approach. His genuine interest in getting to know clients on a personal level ensures a tailored service, making the real estate experience not just transactional but a truly enriching journey.

Yajaira Lopez

HomePros Real Estate Group

Armed with a proven track record, Yajaira has honed her expertise, ensuring each transaction delivers optimal results. Recognizing the pivotal role of understanding client aspirations, she adeptly navigates the nuances of their desires, seamlessly translating them into reality. Devoting her entire professional life to continuous growth, Yajaira has meticulously cultivated her knowledge and character, fortified her network, and conducted strategic research. Her prowess extends beyond mere transactions, embodying a genuine dedication to helping clients sell their homes for top dollar and secure an ideal residence aligned with their unique family lifestyle. Yajaira Lopez is not merely a realtor®; she is a visionary facilitator of dreams.

Matthew Rice

ClearView Realty

With a keen understanding of the real estate market, Matt Rice employs bespoke strategic planning to craft tailored solutions for each unique circumstance. What sets him apart is not only his expertise but his unwavering dedication to going above and beyond for his clients. Matt's distinctive approach has garnered him prestigious awards, cementing his status as a top-tier realtor® in El Paso. Armed with an impressive academic background, extensive experience, and rigorous training, Rice stands out as a beacon of excellence in the real estate industry. When you choose Matt Rice, you're not just getting a realtor®; you're partnering with a proven leader committed to turning your real estate dreams into reality."

Rick Moreno

Moreno Real Estate Group

Over the past 13 years, Rick Moreno has been a beacon of reliability, offering trustworthy real estate advice to the local community. His insights and direction have been pivotal for families navigating the complexities of buying, selling, or investing in the property market. Rick's commitment to setting and achieving goals is unmatched, ensuring no detail is overlooked on the path to success. Notably, Rick Moreno's stellar career is adorned with eminent awards, attesting to his exceptional capabilities as a realtor®. His dedication to providing unparalleled service has not only set him apart but also garnered recognition within the industry. For those seeking a real estate partner with a proven record of excellence, Rick Moreno stands out as the epitome of professionalism, expertise, and success.

Jesus Briseno

Home Pros Real Estate Group

Having assisted numerous families in both selling and purchasing homes, Jesus Briseno is a seasoned professional with a mastery of handling unforeseen obstacles. His commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology for the benefit of his clients showcases his adaptability. Jesus stands out for his unwavering honesty and transparency, ensuring no hidden agendas interfere with his client relationships. What truly distinguishes Jesus are his numerous accolades in the real estate realm. A recipient of eminent awards, his stellar performance and unwavering dedication have been recognized with distinction. Jesus Briseno, is more than just an agent, is a genuine friend who goes above and beyond, truly caring about the dreams and aspirations of those he serves.

Jackie York

Century 21 The Edge

With an impressive 25 years of real estate expertise, Jackie York stands as El Paso's premier Realtor®. Renowned for her unparalleled client care, innovative marketing prowess, and intimate grasp of the local market, Jackie has earned her status as a top producer. The recipient of prestigious accolades such as the Centurion, President's Producer, and Quality Service Pinnacle Producer awards, Jackie's track record is a testament to her unwavering dedication and commitment to exceeding client expectations. Jackie York's extensive knowledge of the El Paso market is matched only by her proven ability to deliver outstanding results.

Ray Borrego

ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate

At ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate in El Paso, Ray Borrego is recognized as one of the Top Producing Brokers in units and was named one of the Top 10 Real Estate Agents in all of Texas. Offering full-service assistance is Ray's specialty, which includes giving clients the best advice throughout the buying or selling process. His generous nature and dedication to serving others have earned him a 5-Star rating time and time again. When he’s not closing property deals, Ray is a volunteer for Junior Achievement USA and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
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