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Raquel Zambrana-Ramirez

Century 21 Marquis

Raquel Zambrana-Ramirez has been recognized with various awards, including the Masters Diamond and Quality Service Pinnacle Producer in 2022, for her exceptional work in residential real estate, including manufactured mobile homes. She has a strong commitment to delivering outstanding customer service, and her expertise in the mortgage and lending industry makes her a skilled negotiator who takes pride in helping her clients achieve their homeownership dreams and goals. Her fluency in Spanish and active involvement in the Hispanic community have earned her several accolades, such as the 2017 Quality Service Producer Award and recognition as one of the distinguished Top Producers with Century 21 Marquis.

Cristina Bales

Fohl Realty & Investments

Cristina Bales has a proven record of success in the real estate industry. Her expertise in investment properties, residential homes, and working with first-time homebuyers and sellers, makes her a skilled and knowledgeable professional in the field. Cristina is highly committed to delivering exceptional service to her clients and ensuring that their needs are met throughout the entire process. Her strong work ethic and meticulous attention to detail make her the ideal choice for anyone seeking to buy or sell a home. Cristina has been licensed since 2004 and has held positions as a Transaction Coordinator and Director of Escrows, adding to her extensive experience in the industry.

Kerissa Calvo

Fohl Realty & Investments

Kerissa Calvo is the vice president and one of the leading listing agents at Fohl Realty & Investments, a boutique brokerage known for being Hayward's #1 realtor® for over two decades. With over 10 years of experience in the real estate industry, she has developed expertise in transaction management, investment real estate, escrow, and luxury home sales. She places a high value on providing her clients with exceptional service, in-depth market knowledge, and effective communication skills, and is wholly committed to advocating for their best interests. Kerissa is confident in her ability to sell homes in any market and pledges to deliver a 5-star experience with top-dollar results.

Anna Costa

Advantage Homes

Anna Costa began her career in 2002 after working in banking and customer service. She quickly found her niche as a housing consultant selling homes, including resale manufactured ones. Recognizing the affordability of mobile home communities, Anna joined Advantage Homes, where she sells stunning, state-of-the-art, brand-new manufactured homes. Whether her clients are buying their first home, downsizing, selling, or upgrading their mobile homes, she possesses the necessary expertise to assist them. Anna is wholly committed to providing her clients with the knowledge and resources they need to achieve their goals and establish meaningful relationships.

Jeff Fajardo

Fohl Realty & Investments

Jeff Fajardo is widely recognized as the champion of East Bay's real estate industry. With his unwavering integrity, exceptional marketing acumen, and impressive negotiation skills, he is the ideal agent to guide his clients to success. He continually seeks out new strategies and innovative tools to work faster and smarter, ensuring that his clients receive top-notch service at all times. Being a Hayward native, Jeff has an innate understanding of the local scene, which enables him to provide clients with valuable insights. Moreover, he is fluent in Tagalog, allowing him to effectively communicate with clients from diverse backgrounds.

Anthony Renowitzky

Fohl and McClellan Real Estate Brokerage

Anthony Renowitzky is an exceptional professional in the industry. He boasts a remarkable track record, having received the Grand Master award for sales and listings not just once, but for three consecutive years. Anthony is a true warrior at heart, never shying away from a challenge and constantly striving to improve his skills. He possesses a deep understanding of the local real estate market, which allows him to provide expert guidance to his clients. With the market gaining momentum, Anthony is more motivated than ever before. His vast knowledge and expertise make him the perfect agent to help his clients take their next significant step in real estate.

Raj Singh

Intero Real Estate Services

Raj Singh has over two decades of experience in the industry and has been Alameda County's top producer since 2002. He is a seasoned expert who possesses an in-depth knowledge of the local market, which enables him to navigate it with ease, much like a captain steering his ship through rough waters. His remarkable communication and negotiation skills make him a valuable asset to his clients, allowing him to secure deals that exceed their expectations. Raj is a Certified Residential Specialist and Graduate of Real Estate Institute certified, attesting to his commitment to continuing education and professional development.

Gurveer Bains

The Gurveer Bains Team

Gurveer Bains is a highly skilled real estate professional who specializes in a variety of areas, including investment properties, short sales, mortgage lending, REO, and marketing, among others. With his extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, he has established himself as a trusted and respected figure. He is committed to providing his clients with exceptional service and goes above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. Gurveer's deep understanding of the local market and his unwavering dedication to excellence make him the perfect agent for anyone looking to buy or sell a home.
Tina Binh

Tina Binh Pham

Realty Results

Tina Binh Pham possesses the knowledge and skills to deliver results. With years of experience in the industry, coupled with her background in marketing, she is adept at making her clients' real estate dreams come true. She is highly skilled in communication and negotiation, and her clients consistently commend her for delivering exceptional service. In addition, Tina is fluent in Vietnamese, making her the ideal choice for clients who prefer to communicate in that language. Whether you're buying, selling, or investing in real estate, Tina has the expertise to help you succeed.

Ellen Davis

All Star Realty

Ellen Davis is a real estate professional with decades of experience in the industry. Her expertise in navigating the complexities of buying or selling a home makes her a true expert in her field. She is well-versed in helping her clients make sound investment decisions, negotiate favorable terms, and close deals with ease. Ellen's dedication to providing the highest level of service is evident through her commitment to always put her clients' needs first. As a seasoned expert, she has the knowledge and expertise to help both first-time homebuyers and seasoned investors achieve their real estate goals. With Ellen's guidance, you can trust that the process will be smooth and stress-free.

Les Fohl

Fohl Realty & Investments

Les Fohl is a distinguished broker and owner who boasts 46 years of experience in the industry. He has an impressive track record of personally buying, renovating, and selling hundreds of properties, representing numerous buyers, sellers, and investors, and earning several awards and designations for professional education. Les's primary objective is to provide his clients with a remarkable experience, guiding them through every step of the process with expert advice and exceptional service. His particular expertise lies in short sales, and he has helped many clients avoid foreclosure and minimize legal or tax liabilities. Les's reputation for delivering high-value sales in a short time frame and without complications precedes him.

Alessandra Imanabadi

Nationwide Fine Homes

Alessandra Imanabadi has over two decades of industry experience. Over the past decade, she has demonstrated a remarkable ability to negotiate real estate transactions, with a total value exceeding a quarter of a billion dollars. Her website is the most visited among all agents in the East Bay, attracting over 80,000 visitors annually. With the support of her dynamic team, Alessandra provides a seamless buying or selling experience for her clients. She has earned a reputation as a go-to agent for both buyers and sellers, thanks to her proven ability to attract multiple offers and sell properties above the expected price.

Harry Grewal

Magnum Realty & Investments

Harry Grewal is highly regarded by his clients for providing exceptional service and demonstrating strong negotiation skills in achieving the best possible price and terms for their home sale or purchase. He consistently aims to exceed his clients' expectations by providing a stress-free and smooth real estate process. With his vast knowledge of the local market, Harry offers expert guidance on all facets of the transaction, ranging from identifying ideal properties to securing financing and negotiating contracts. His customized approach and unwavering commitment to ensuring client satisfaction have contributed to the success of many real estate experiences.

Zena Elkady

La Rosa Realty

Zena Elkady is a dedicated real estate professional who places high value on serving as a trusted advisor to her clients. Whether clients are seeking to purchase their first home, invest in a property, or sell their house at the best possible price, she provides exceptional guidance and assistance. Communication is a core tenet of her approach, and she prioritizes keeping her clients informed at every step of the process to ensure they make informed and successful decisions. With fluency in English, Arabic, and German, Zena is an ideal choice for clients seeking to communicate in those languages.

Dustin Roberts

BSR Realty, Inc.

Dustin Roberts' extensive background and experience in the real estate industry have established him as a highly qualified and dependable agent. With an early start in the industry, coupled with his fervor for real estate and a pioneering outlook, he has gained proficiency in all aspects of real estate services. His proficiency in property management and sales, makes him a top choice for both buyers and sellers. Dustin's commitment to staying informed on the latest industry developments enables him to provide innovative solutions to his clients, setting him apart from the rest.

Laurence Lee

Familee Realty

Laurence Lee recognizes the significance of purchasing or selling a property, and he approaches this responsibility with utmost seriousness. Leveraging his comprehensive knowledge of the local market and his expertise in finance, he offers his clients the most effective guidance possible throughout the entire process. Whether his clients need assistance with prepping their property for sale or navigating a complex deal, Laurence's unwavering commitment to their cause ensures that he will work tirelessly on their behalf. His professionalism and dedication have made him the go-to realtor® for anyone seeking exceptional service and results.

Yovany Acosta

La Rosa Realty

Yovany Acosta possesses a unique background and experience that enables him to easily identify the ideal property for his clients, and he is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. His appreciation for hard work and dedication reflects in his approach toward every real estate transaction. Yovany aims to streamline the home buying or selling process while delivering exceptional service to its clients. He provides assistance to clients in Bay Area, California, and its surrounding areas. Yovany's professionalism, promptness in response, and compassionate nature make him an excellent choice for anyone seeking expert guidance and support in their real estate goals.

Jennifer Costa

Advantage Homes

Jennifer Costa is not only a licensed real estate agent but also holds the position of a Department of Housing agent. Her extensive experience has honed her dedication and expertise in the field. Jennifer and her husband, Robert, together form a highly efficient team that can cater to all your housing needs. In addition to being top-performing real estate professionals, Jennifer and Robert are highly regarded by their past clients for their professionalism, knowledge, and exceptional customer service. They have helped numerous clients find their dream homes and seamlessly upgrade their living situations.

Carlos Espino

La Rosa Realty

Carlos Espino is an esteemed real estate professional who possesses a vast experience of over 18 years in the industry. As a proficient expert, he is committed to providing exceptional assistance to both buyers and sellers in fulfilling their real estate requirements. Carlos prides himself on his ability to guide his clients through every stage of the process, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. His extensive knowledge of the industry and unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier service has earned him the reputation of a reliable advisor in the community. Whether you're seeking to buy or sell, Carlos possesses the expertise and experience necessary to help you achieve your objectives.
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Hayward, California is a thriving city with a diverse community and a robust real estate market. With a population of 149,931, the city offers a wide range of neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and charm. The cost of living in Hayward is relatively affordable compared to nearby cities, making it an attractive option for those looking to settle in the Bay Area. With a median home value of $869,000 (Realtor.com, 2023), the city's real estate market is competitive, with opportunities to find your dream home in this dynamic and growing community. Let one of these top-rated Realtors® and agents help find the perfect property for you.

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