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Monique Maselle

Monique Maselle Kelly

CENTURY 21 Maselle and Associates

Monique Maselle Kelly, a seasoned third-generation real estate professional, brings 16 years of expertise to the forefront, making home investments a streamlined and impactful journey. With a knack for creative thinking, she has redefined industry standards, consistently introducing innovative concepts to elevate her clients' offers and listings. As a multi-million dollar producer, her achievements speak volumes, marked by prestigious accolades such as the Horizon Award, Centurion Award, and Masters Diamond Award, showcasing her excellence in the field. Monique's dynamic approach reflects her commitment to staying ahead in an ever-evolving industry, making her a valuable partner for those navigating the real estate landscape.

William Fair

Neighbor House, LLC.

A virtuoso in enhancing the urban aesthetic, William Fair navigates the market's undulating terrain with finesse. His adept skills in buying and selling, honed through dedicated years in the industry, reflect an unwavering commitment to delivering superlative service. William's forte lies in first-time buyers, investment properties, and adeptly serving as both a buyer and listing agent. His commitment to delivering unparalleled service has cultivated a devoted client base that attests to his acumen in orchestrating seamless transactions. For those seeking a realtor® who not only understands the ebb and flow of the market but thrives in its dynamism, William Fair emerges as a distinguished choice, blending expertise, accolades, and a commitment to excellence.

Locke Ward

CH & Company

Locke Ward, a fourth-generation resident of Jackson, brings an impressive legacy to the real estate arena. With years of experience, Locke stands as a seasoned professional renowned for his in-depth knowledge of the metro region. Boasting a comprehensive understanding of client needs, he prioritizes building strong connections to tailor his services effectively. Locke's extensive network empowers clients with a wealth of resources, ensuring a seamless and stress-free buying or selling experience. As a distinguished professional, he takes pride in his work, delivering results that speak volumes. Locke's commitment to excellence has not only set him apart but also solidified his position as an eminent realtor® in the industry.

Kara Washington

Legacy Real Estate

Renowned for her prowess in navigating diverse real estate landscapes, Kara Washington's expertise shines through in her adept handling of unique transactions requiring specialized skills for over 17 years. With a commitment to ongoing education, she has cultivated trust among her clients who rely on her unmatched strengths. Currently reigning as one of the top agents in the area, Kara boasts a stellar track record, adorned with a constellation of 5-star reviews and a devoted clientele. Her exceptional services aren't just a promise but a proven reality, making her a luminary in the real estate industry. Clients who have experienced Kara's unwavering commitment and exceptional results understand why she is not only trusted but also celebrated.
Jennifer Derrick

Jennifer Derrick Bush

CENTURY 21 Maselle and Associates

Jennifer Derrick Bush, a distinguished realtor® with a BBA in Real Estate and Mortgage Finance from Mississippi State University, stands out in the real estate industry with an impressive 19-year track record. Renowned for her exceptional skills in sales, negotiation, and real estate, she has become a trusted expert in fulfilling clients' real estate needs. Jennifer's extensive expertise has propelled her to the pinnacle of success, earning her a coveted spot among The Wall Street Journal's The Thousand for an astounding ten consecutive years. Recognized as one of the nation's top realtors®, her outstanding sales performance has consistently ranked her among the top 10 agents in the US.

James Carson

America's Realty Universal

Meet James Carson, a distinguished figure in the real estate arena since 1987. With an illustrious career spanning over three decades, James is not just a realtor®; he's a seasoned expert in new residential construction, home remodeling, and commercial property sales. His expertise extends beyond local markets, making him the go-to professional for those relocating to the greater metro area. What sets James apart is not just his extensive knowledge but his ability to transform real estate transactions into seamless experiences. Navigate the market with confidence, guided by a professional whose reputation precedes him. Choose James Carson - where expertise and unmatched service converge for your real estate journey.

Hayley Hayes

Overby Residential

Hayley Hayes, a distinguished realtor® hailing from Jackson, with a remarkable journey steeped in fine arts and hospitality expertise. Since embarking on her real estate career in 2006, she has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence. Hayley's extensive portfolio spans diverse price ranges, showcasing a versatile skill set honed through years of dedicated service. A passionate painter, Her artistic background infuses a unique flair into every property transaction. Clients benefit from her keen eye for color, decorating finesse, and design acumen. Whether staging homes for optimal market appeal, aiding buyers in visualizing their dream abode, or offering strategic advice on design updates, Hayley's touch transforms each interaction into a personalized experience.

Jenny Price

Pricepoint Real Estate

With a portfolio adorned by several million-dollar home closures, Jenny Price, alongside her husband Doug, proudly owns Pricepoint Real Estate, a distinguished full-service firm serving both commercial and residential clients. Her quantifiable achievements shine through as she clinches a coveted spot among the top 50 producers in the region. Jenny's prowess extends beyond the local scene, earning her the prestigious Top Agent Award with HomeSnap. Her digital footprint is equally noteworthy, securing her a spot on the PropertySpark Top 25 realtors® on social media. Whether orchestrating seamless transactions or leveraging her expertise for the benefit of those she serves, Jenny's impact in the real estate realm is nothing short of extraordinary.

Mike Hoffman

Nix Tann & Associates, Inc.

Since 1993, Mike Hoffman has been an exceptional force in the Jackson Metro real estate scene. Garnering the prestigious Rookie of the Year award in his inaugural year, he has consistently proven himself as a million-dollar producer, a testament to his unwavering dedication and unparalleled performance. Serving on the Boards of Directors for both the Central Mississippi Realtors® and the Mississippi Association of Realtors®, Mike stands as an expert in the industry. He has cultivated a reputation for exceeding customer expectations. His clients, continuously expressing gratitude, are a testament to his talent and commitment to delivering unparalleled service. Mike's capability to navigate the real estate landscape is accentuated by his strategic use of excellent negotiation skills, a quality that has enabled him to successfully close deals.

Carole Cantrell

Cantrell Realty, LLC.

A seasoned professional, Carole Cantrell's specialty extends beyond the norm, seamlessly integrating her extensive sales and mortgage sector background. Clients marvel at her ability to streamline processes, saving them not just time and effort but substantial money, all while providing unparalleled access to lenders. Carole's commitment to excellence has earned her widespread acclaim, with clients consistently praising her knack for orchestrating swift, top-dollar home sales paired with astute negotiations for budget-friendly new residences. This real estate virtuoso goes above and beyond, consistently delivering an exceptional experience that transcends expectations. For those seeking a realtor® who blends excellent results with a genuine passion for client success, Carole Cantrell stands as an eminent choice, turning transactions into triumphs.

Dianne Nelson


With a keen focus on professionalism, responsiveness, and attentiveness, Dianne Nelson has consistently showcased her ability to deliver exceptional real estate services, placing her among the elite in the industry. Her strategic planning skills, honed through a background in education, set her apart, ensuring a seamless experience for both homebuyers and sellers. Dianne and her team relentlessly exceed the needs of residential and commercial clients, employing a winning combination of expertise and personalized service to achieve their objectives. With a reputation built on competence and a commitment to client success, Dianne stands as a beacon of excellence in the real estate landscape.

Dorothy Thompson

DST Realty, Inc.

With nearly four decades of unwavering commitment to the real estate landscape, Dorothy Thompson stands as a distinguished professional, embodying the essence of integrity and market prowess. Boasting an extensive knowledge of local nuances and market conditions, she has seamlessly woven a tapestry of success through her client-centric approach. As the driving force behind DST Realty Inc., a trailblazing company she founded during her early years, Dorothy's leadership has propelled the team to new heights. DST Realty Inc., under Dorothy's visionary guidance, leverages cutting-edge technologies to redefine efficiency in commercial and residential real estate sales. Through the years of dedicated service, she remains an industry stalwart, where every client's needs are not just met but prioritized.

Amanda Overby

The Overby Company

Amanda Overby has been a top-producing real estate agent since 1998, first in Northern Virginia and now in Jackson. She is known for her exceptional results, which she achieves by leveraging her expertise and local market knowledge to assist clients in buying and selling homes. Amanda prides herself on her work ethic, which is characterized by professionalism, integrity, discretion, and service. She brings this same dedication to the numerous community events she has served as chairman. Amanda's mission is to help her clients achieve their goals, whether it be finding a more convenient location, acquiring additional space, or downsizing to accommodate a change.

Shari Lackey-Culver

Nix Tann & Associates, Inc.

With an illustrious 18-year career, Shari Lackey-Culver is not just a real estate agent; she's a proven expert in turning the daunting process of finding a home into a fulfilling and enjoyable journey. Armed with unmatched communication skills and in-depth market acumen, she consistently delivers successful transactions. Her daily pursuit is centered around providing exceptional service, ensuring every home-buying or selling experience becomes a positive chapter for her clients. Her vast network, coupled with an intimate understanding of the area and its residents, sets her apart. When excellence is non-negotiable, Shari is the unrivaled choice for a realtor® who transforms real estate dreams into reality.
Amy Claire

Amy Claire Smith

Neighbor House, LLC.

Amy Claire Smith, a seasoned Realtor® with an impressive career spanning several years, ignited her passion for real estate at the tender age of seven. Residing in the tri-county area for nearly a decade, she's cultivated an unparalleled understanding of its diverse markets. Garnering widespread acclaim, Amy has amassed a collection of five-star ratings and glowing testimonials on Zillow, where clients enthusiastically attest to her exceeding expectations and delivering unparalleled service. Her ability to provide top-notch service has solidified her as a standout professional in the field. With a track record of excellence and a client-focused approach, Amy Claire stands as a beacon of success, transforming real estate dreams into reality.

Denise Furr

The Furr Group

Denise Furr, a seasoned professional with 16 years of dedicated service, epitomizes excellence in the real estate realm. Renowned for infusing passion into her work, her journey has been defined by a commitment to hard work, honesty, and diligence. Having spent nearly a decade honing her skills at a prestigious firm, Denise embarked on a remarkable journey by founding The Furr Group. At the helm of her eponymous venture, Denise and her team leverage a wealth of market insights, a plethora of experience, and an expansive network of contacts. The Furr Group excels in prioritizing clients' homes with unparalleled finesse, translating knowledge and expertise into tangible success stories. She takes pride in collaborating with exceptional families and individuals, guiding them towards their goals with finesse.

Damon Wofford

Sull'Acqua Realty, LLC.

Damon Wofford, immersed in the real estate realm since 2006, propelled his passion into a formidable force, establishing Damon Wofford Realty, a premier full-service brokerage. Rooted in a family legacy, his journey ignited with a fervor that now defines an illustrious career. With a focus on the Jackson metro area, Damon and his adept team masterfully navigate the residential property management sector. Their unique approach transcends, ensuring unparalleled results for landlords, sellers, buyers, and tenants alike. In a landscape where expertise meets innovation, Damon Wofford Realty stands tall, shaping real estate narratives with a blend of acumen and personalized service. Elevate your real estate experience – Damon Wofford Realty, where every transaction is marked by distinction.

Dallis Ketchum

Neighbor House, LLC.

With a sociology degree fueling his profound understanding of human migration patterns, Dallis Ketchum has seamlessly translated his expertise into a flourishing real estate venture since 2005. As a seasoned broker and astute property owner, he navigates the city's real estate landscape with a keen eye for genuine opportunities and a knack for uncovering hidden risks. Elevating his standing in the industry, Dallis, alongside his esteemed partner Walt Wofford, assumed the role of principal broker at NeighborHouse – a premier rental property management firm catering to the tri-county region. As the driving force behind NeighborHouse, he has not only amassed firsthand experience but has also honed a unique ability to cater to diverse real estate needs.

David Moncrief

Clapton Realty Company

David Moncrief, a proud Belhaven native, stands out in the real estate arena as a seasoned Realtor® with an exceptional track record. Boasting a wealth of knowledge and expertise, his forte lies in contract negotiation and meticulous paperwork management. His extensive network of connections with the city's premier service providers further ensures a seamless experience for his clients. Renowned and respected, David is more than a Realtor®; he is a beacon of dependability and excellence. His success is quantifiable, marked by a proven history of serving long-term clients with unwavering dedication. For those seeking a Realtor® with a winning combination of experience, professionalism, and a knack for fostering enduring connections, David is the distinguished choice.

Traci Maloney

Traci Maloney Real Estate, Inc.

As a consistent multi-million dollar producer, Traci Maloney has garnered well-deserved accolades, showcasing her prowess in representing buyers and sellers. Her commitment to excellence has not only made her a seasoned expert but a trusted guide for those navigating the often daunting real estate landscape. Traci's unique approach transforms real estate transactions from stressful to seamless. With a meticulous eye for detail, she has earned a reputation for personalized service, ensuring that each client receives tailored guidance. Her wealth of expertise transforms decisions into well-informed choices, leading to unparalleled success. Traci's client-focused philosophy has not only made her a consistent multi-million dollar producer but has also reshaped the perception of real estate transactions