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Drew Martin

Coldwell Banker Town & Country

Before becoming one of the most devoted real estate agents in the area, Drew Martin lived his younger years in Moreno Valley. With 17 years of experience in the field, he delights in helping residents in Southern California's Inland Empire make the essential transitions in a timely, moral, and satisfying way. In Drew's opinion, a smooth transaction, a pleasant, long-lasting connection, and many referrals later on are all the products of listening to the client and putting their needs first. Drew is more than eager to help anyone reach their goal and feels honored and gratified to have been given this vital responsibility.

Gabriela Hanson

Nest Real Estate

She worked as an assistant, transaction coordinator, and escrow officer in the field before becoming a top-producing agent and team leader for Cupid Real Estate Group. She attributes achieving her ambitions to her background, expertise, and knowledge. She has been a licensed realtor for 20 years, and she's motivated to go above and beyond for her clients both now and in the future. Despite her busy schedule, Gabriela finds time to assist in mentoring, training, and offering guidance to other agents, earning her the respect of fellow agents. She received the distinction of "Top Selling Agent," and she was honored as Moreno Valley's "Agent of the Year" from 2017 to 2021.

Shelly Lindekugel

Lindekugel & Associates

Shelly Lindekugel is a strong professional with a broad range of experience who focuses on residential sales and listings in the counties of Riverside and San Bernardino. The Lindekugel & Associates team is made up of Shelly, her husband Jim, and her son Danny. The group stands for more than simply real estate; they also stand for creating a nice neighborhood where friends and families can reside. The three people's combined strength offers a broad range of competencies, including management, analytical, social media, and technological skills. Moreover, it was also their enthusiasm that earned them numerous accolades, including Platinum Club, Hall of Fame, and Executive Club medals.

Martha Morua


For over 24 years, Martha R. Morua has been a dedicated full-time Realtor®, amassing extensive experience in the real estate business. Her commitment to client satisfaction extends beyond transactions, building lasting relationships primarily through referrals. Martha values the trust and loyalty of her clients, often being referred to as their "Realtor for Life." Actively involved in her Parish, Martha is a firm believer in the Lord, infusing a personal and ethical dimension into her professional identity. With a dedication to strong work ethic, Martha's reputation and standing in the industry have been solidified over the years. Her wealth of knowledge and insights, acquired through long-term presence in real estate, positions her as a valuable resource for discussions on trends, client relations, or any aspect of the real estate profession.

Christopher Leeper

Leeper Realty Group

Christopher Leeper has been serving Riverside and San Bernardino Counties for the past 15 years focusing on real estate. His background in sales, construction, and the aviation industry has taught him the value of clear communication and informed decision about properties, both of which are critical elements of the Real Estate market. He takes great satisfaction in his close bonds with each of his customers. He founded Leeper Realty Group, a family-owned business dedicated to assisting all clients in meeting their goals. Additionally, the five Coldwell Banker Town & Country offices in Southern California have honored Chris as one of their Top Selling Agents due to his fast success in the field.

Jean Tanner

National Realty Group

Since she started, Jean Tanner has completed more than a few thousand transactions, making her one of the top "old dogs" in the Inland Empire real estate market. She is driven to accomplish goals that benefit both sellers and purchasers. She works under National Realty Group, which is a real estate company supporting clients in purchasing, selling, and mortgaging homes nationwide. Reviews on several websites show that her clients find her to be dependable, trustworthy, and educated. Jean also has a full staff of bilingual assistants who can help with all parts of the process, plus a team of handymen who are ready to assist sellers who need repairs made.

Jonathan Ybarra

SoCal Prime Properties

Jonathan Ybarra is a devoted Christian who puts his family first and is a realtor as well. He has been in the business for 17 years and has always loved helping people who are having problems with issues relating to real estate. The company he runs, SoCal Prime Properties, found that its values and way of doing business mirrored Jonathan's. They also have a strong belief that any person can achieve their goals, no matter how great or small they may be. This belief is backed by their tireless efforts to not just meet but also exceed their clients' expectations, which is evident by reading all of his Zillow evaluations.

Rachael Nol

Coldwell Banker Town & Country

Rachael Nol, a real estate agent with 7 years of expertise, has been assisting Moreno Valley families in making their dream of homeownership a reality. Having her as an agent means having someone who is trustworthy and dedicated to assisting clients with purchasing or selling their property with the highest level of knowledge in their local market. Additionally, this means that they won't allow clients to be in the dark about what is happening at every point in the process. Her impressive track record of producing results and lines of referrals from her prior clients are a result of her level of dedication.

Krissia Pena

First Choice Investment

For 19 years, Krissia Pena has provided real estate assistance to residents in Riverside, Corona, Fontana, Moreno Valley, and the surrounding areas. To save her clients the trouble of looking for a contractor, Krissia also collaborates with reliable lenders, CPAs, trust attorneys, and more than 50 contractors for any repair needs. Over the course of her career, she joined First Choice Investments, a company that has been providing financial services to South Carolina for more than a decade. To give their investors a competitive advantage with sales, purchases, or property swaps, their affiliates in property management at Management One created the ideal partnership.

Sergio Salazar

Vylla Home Inc.

Every stage of a real estate transaction is handled successfully because of his continuous availability to provide assistance. Sergio Salazar's comprehensive understanding of current market trends and the entire real estate process will help make every client's experience, whether they are first-time homebuyers or seasoned homeowners, spectacular. Throughout his 19 years in the industry, he joined Vylla Home Inc., a homeownership company that brings together industry know-how and cutting-edge technology to offer practically every aspect of purchasing, selling, or owning a home in the same place. He worked hard and earned the titles of top individual agent on Google Maps and top agent on Yelp for the city of Riverside.

Rocky Mendoza


With over 7 years of experience as a certified realtor, Rocky Mendoza is a RE/MAX experienced realtor in Moreno Valley and the surrounding area, providing professional, prompt, and attentive services to home buyers and sellers. Whether a client is a first-time home buyer or an experienced homeowner, his extensive knowledge of current market trends and the whole real estate process will help make their experience exceptional. Nothing excites him more than the satisfaction he feels whenever he meets and exceeds the goals of his clients. Because of his attitude, Rocky has received honors like the 100% Club awards for the years 2020–2022, and Zillow has named him the most dependable agent.

Eduardo Franco

Alticore Realty

Eduardo Franco has over 19 years of experience in the industry and is well-suited to represent you in a professional manner. He is a native and is highly familiar with the area, which makes a big difference in any kind of real estate transaction. He is a broker at Alticore Realty, a company that specializes in the selling of single-family homes with up to four units and provides residential real estate services throughout Southern California. Eduardo is bilingual in English and Spanish so more customers can benefit from his service, which includes a free consultation. In Moreno Valley, he is also renowned as one of the best real estate brokers.

Diana Prather


To establish herself as a professional, Diana Prather has dedicated her entire life to serving her clients. The wants and worries of her clients are always her top priorities, and she makes it a priority to be accessible to them and to work only in their best interests. She has devoted her career of 25 years to fulfilling the needs of her customers. She takes pride in providing her clients with a step-by-step procedure as they travel the road to homeownership. Awards she has received, such as the Platinum club, executive club, 100% club, certified negotiation, expert(CDPE) from 1999 to 2022 and Hall of Fame accolades, clearly show how committed she is to her clients.

Sam Othman

The Othman Team

Since they were put together, the Othman Team has been committed to helping Moreno Valley residents. The CEOs, Sam and Eliza Othman have effectively helped their clients with no amount of stress and a wealth of real estate experience. Sam has been supporting their customers and giving them the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are working with a team that has a successful track record. With this concern, The Othman Team won numerous accolades in acknowledgment of their efforts, including the "Top 1%" award, which is given only to the most eminent and prosperous realtors. Also, they have the designation "Professional Relators and Trusted Advisers Since 1985."

Jessie Rodriguez

Cal American Homes

Jessie Rodriguez has 14 years of experience in the industry and is available to work directly with customers to make the process as simple and smooth. His objective is to satisfy his customers and obtain their recommendations for friends, family, and connections. Cal American Homes is a group that Jessie has assembled that consists of people that excel in their respective fields of duty. Their primary goal is to meet the expectations of their customers at every stage of the purchasing and selling process. Customers will be satisfied not only with their house purchase or sale but also with the steps that led up to it, as they strongly promise.

Laura Vazquez

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Laura Vazquez, who was raised in Moreno Valley, has witnessed the industry's rapid expansion. She has 19 years of experience in the real estate and mortgage industries, and has helped real estate agents and witnessed their dedication to their client's needs and sense of pride in their work. Laura decided to get her real estate license since seeing families being able to obtain their dream homes is such a satisfying feeling for her. The bonds she has made with her clients through the journey are always cherished in her heart. She can genuinely state that having a part in a family's dream realization is such an idea full of bliss.
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Moreno Valley

Situated in Southern California's Inland Empire, Moreno Valley is a burgeoning city with a flourishing real estate market. Offering a diverse array of homes and neighborhoods, Moreno Valley caters to a wide range of preferences, from starter homes to opulent estates. Its convenient access to major highways and a brief commute to significant employment centers make it an ideal locale for both families and working professionals. As of November 2023, Zillow indicated that the median home value in Moreno Valley stood at $523,833. The city's 2024 population was reported as 218,926 according to worldpopulationreview.com. The real estate market in Moreno Valley is competitive, with homes typically fetching close to the asking price and garnering multiple offers. Given the combination of low-interest rates and high housing demand, opting to invest in a property in Moreno Valley is a prudent choice.

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