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Adam Briley

The Briley Team

In 2006, Adam Briley boldly envisioned excellence in real estate, birthing The Briley Team, where every realtor® is meticulously handpicked for their value addition. Fast forward to today, and their meteoric rise has catapulted them to the pinnacle of Nebraska's residential real estate realm. RealTrends bestowed upon them the coveted #1 spot, a testament to their unparalleled prowess. This year alone, they are set to achieve a remarkable milestone - closing over 1,000 deals, showcasing their industry dominance. The Briley Team isn't just a real estate force; they're an award-winning, client-centric powerhouse, where excellence isn't an aspiration but a daily reality.

Mike Pettid

The Metro Pros

With over 18 years in the real estate realm and an impressive 3 decades of sales and marketing prowess, Mike Pettid is the undisputed maestro of property transactions. Boasting membership in his firm's esteemed Chairman's Circle, he stands tall as a recipient of the revered Excellence in Marketing Award, a testament to his unparalleled skills in navigating the intricate landscape of real estate. As a seasoned seller's representative, Mike, now a distinguished member of The Metro Pros, leads a powerhouse team with an astonishing 240 years of combined experience. Mike specializes in new construction, employing a strategic acumen that ensures swift and lucrative closures for sellers while guiding buyers to the most outstanding values on the market.

Karen Jennings

Jennings Team

Boasting an impressive record of 7 prestigious "Best in Omaha" accolades, Karen Jennings's prowess in luxury, new construction, and relocation has solidified her status as the quintessential choice for Omahans over the past decade. The Jennings Team is spearheaded by the illustrious Karen herself, a seasoned real estate luminary with over two decades of unwavering commitment to excellence. Founded on a bedrock of honesty and integrity, The Jennings Team mirrors her dedication to service excellence. With a collective vision focused on trust, this group of dynamic realtors® epitomizes the epitome of reliability. Karen's leadership has inspired her team to replicate her success, creating a service resource that sets unparalleled standards.

Troy Benes

Elite Nebraska Real Estate Team

Nebraska native Troy Benes, armed with a University of Nebraska business degree, seamlessly blends his 17 years of real estate expertise with an impressive array of accolades. Even before graduating, he delved into the real estate realm, setting the stage for a remarkable career. Notably, he clinched the coveted Rookie of the Year Award shortly after becoming a realtor®, propelling him into a trajectory of excellence. Founder of the esteemed Elite Nebraska Real Estate team, Troy's visionary leadership has seen his handpicked brokers ascend to the pinnacle of national rankings. The team's prowess, underscored by multiple top-tier recognitions, solidifies Troy's standing as a realtor® par excellence.

Renee Mueller

kwELITE Columbus

Renee Mueller made her inaugural investment in 2000, laying the foundation for an extraordinary career. Since then, she has seamlessly transitioned from investor to an acclaimed broker, earning her place as one of the Best Columbus Agents. Renowned for her exceptional expertise, Renee boasts coveted designations as a Certified Residential Specialist, Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, and Graduate of the Realtor® Institute. As the driving force behind kwELITE Columbus, she leads a team of top-tier realtors® in Northeast Nebraska, each passionate about simplifying transactions through unparalleled industry acumen. With a string of prestigious awards embellishing her profile, including recognition as a Certified Residential Specialist and a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, Renee stands as a beacon of excellence in the real estate landscape.

Deb Cizek

The Cizek Group

As a distinguished leader, Deb Cizek has seamlessly navigated through the market's expansion, adapting with precision. Her strategies shine through, securing her a coveted position among the top 1% of agents nationwide in terms of transactions. Her track record is adorned with prestigious awards, placing her in an eminent league of real estate professionals. Deb's accolades include industry-renowned honors, a testament to her exceptional prowess. Beyond statistical triumphs, her intuitive understanding of client needs and unmatched ability to connect with diverse influences set her apart. Every interaction with her goes above and beyond, emphasizing her dedication to providing the best real estate experience possible.

Amanda VanHerpen

Omaha Real Estate Group

Amanda VanHerpen, a standout broker at Omaha Real Estate Group, propels her team into distinction as one of the Top 5 Midsized Teams in North America. Her prowess lies in her ability to navigate the real estate landscape with precision. Amanda's strategic approach has not only secured her place among the industry's top brokers but has also garnered accolades, positioning her as a leader in the field. The team's collective dedication is marked by a string of awards, making them the go-to choice for those seeking unparalleled expertise in the real estate market. Trust, openness, and sincerity form the foundation of Amanda and her team's client-centric philosophy. Their commitment to finding the best value for buyers and closing listings with the highest yield for sellers is unparalleled.
Tim McGee and Chris

Tim McGee and Chris Bauer

Catalyst Real Estate Group

Tim McGee and Chris Bauer, distinguished realtors® of the Catalyst Real Estate Group, redefine excellence in Omaha's real estate landscape. With over 10 years of broker experience, Tim is not just a realtor®, but a dedicated professional who consistently surpasses expectations. His passion for the business is evident in his commitment to clients, going above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. Chris, a local hero who served his country, brings a unique perspective to the real estate realm. His stellar reputation is a testament to his commitment to excellence. Both Tim and Chris are proud members of a seasoned team that collectively raises the bar for real estate service in Omaha.

Kelly Kontz

The Key Group

Introducing Kelly Kontz, a prominent figure within The Key Group, comprised of four dynamic women immersed in the world of real estate. Recognized for their acute sense of beauty and artistry, she and her colleagues meticulously observe every property detail, ensuring no nuance is overlooked. Kelly's tailored strategies cater specifically to each client, embodying a commitment to focus and prioritizing customer satisfaction. She consistently secures the best deals, showcasing a remarkable knack for negotiation in every transaction. Her collective efforts with The Key Group have propelled them to the pinnacle of Nebraska's real estate scene, solidifying their position as one of the state's top-performing teams.

Diane Hughes

The Agency Real Estate Group

As the esteemed proprietor of The Agency Real Estate Group, Diane Hughes stands tall in the Top 1% of agents, a distinction earned through her unwavering commitment to excellence. Boasting a string of accolades, she consistently secures her place as a Chairman's Club Diamond member, a testament to her exceptional achievements. Leading a dynamic team, Diane's prowess extends beyond conventional boundaries. The Agency Real Estate Group, under her visionary leadership, operates with ingenuity, featuring an internal testing division comprising skilled designers, adept lighting experts, and accomplished contractors. This unique approach positions them as trailblazers in the industry.

Sallie Elliott

Priority Group

With over 15 years of expertise, Sallie Elliott stands proudly among the Top 100 agents at her firm, a testament to her exceptional skills in the real estate arena. Her commitment to client satisfaction is not just a philosophy; it's a quantifiable reality. Sallie's strategic prowess has earned her esteemed recognition, making her one of the most reputable brokers in the city. Her track record boasts numerous accolades and awards, solidifying her status as a leader in the industry. Sallie's achievements extend beyond individual success; she motivates her team to provide undivided attention, ensuring that each client's unique preferences align seamlessly with their dream home.

Julie Tartaglia

TAG Team

Julie Tartaglia, a distinguished realtor® hailing from a legacy of entrepreneurship, is a powerhouse in the real estate arena. Her journey is marked by a trail of successful transactions, a testament to her unparalleled drive and discipline cultivated in her entrepreneurial upbringing. Teaming up with two dynamic women, Julie forms the formidable Tag Team, dedicated to redefining luxury as a universal state of mind. Guiding clients through real estate endeavors with finesse, she navigates challenges effortlessly, ensuring seamless transactions that exceed expectations. The Tag Team, spearheaded by her, prides itself on delivering the epitome of service excellence, translating clients' dreams into tangible realities.

Nicole Hilderbrand

Refined Realty Group

Nicole Hilderbrand is a leader of Refined Realty Group, a team that prides itself on using distinctive strategies for each transaction. They work cohesively, pooling their resources to offer solutions that will best suit their clients' needs. Nicole has earned a strong reputation as a Realtor by offering service that is nothing less than exceptional. She is confident in her work and has the knowledge and skills to walk every step with you. You need an agent who can navigate the waters of time, understand how to appreciate the present, and isn't afraid of the future in an ever-evolving market.
TJ and Mamie

TJ and Mamie Jackson

Jackson Group Real Estate

Meet the dynamic duo transforming real estate in Omaha—TJ & Mamie Jackson of Jackson Group Real Estate. With an impressive 95% referral rate, these realtors® have garnered accolades for their unparalleled excellence. Ranking among the Top 1% of Realtors® nationwide in total production, their team has clinched the Summit Award for highest productivity per agent. TJ & Mamie's commitment extends beyond property transactions. They actively support charities such as The Sunshine Kids, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and Nebraska Wildlife Rehab. What sets them apart is not just their real estate prowess, but their dedication to making a positive difference.

Lori Paul

The Lori Paul Group

A proud recipient of the prestigious Ambassador of the Year award in 2006, Lori Paul has consistently demonstrated unparalleled prowess, earning her place among the Top 10 Agents for BHHS Ambassador Real Estate. Hailing from Omaha, her intimate knowledge of the region extends beyond professional acumen to a genuine appreciation cultivated as a resident. For more than 12 years, The Lori Paul Group has been the unrivaled beacon of guidance for both buyers and sellers alike. Lori's enduring commitment to excellence has not only solidified her reputation but also garnered unwavering trust in the real estate realm. Buyers and sellers alike can confidently turn to The Lori Paul Group, where every transaction is backed by a legacy of expertise, passion, and a remarkable track record.

Mark Ciochon

Houses in Omaha Team

Hailing from a lineage of real estate experts, Mark Ciochon's journey from construction to brokerage showcases a meticulous eye for detail, a trait that has become his signature before pen hits paper. His accolades speak volumes – crowned the *NPDodge Rookie of the Year in 1999, his track record shines with over 600 closed home sales spanning a remarkable 15 years. Each transaction is a testament to his acumen, meticulously navigating contracts with a finesse born of experience. The Houses in Omaha Team, under Mark's guidance, merges traditional and modern marketing strategies, ensuring a comprehensive approach to real estate.

Nico Marasco

Ralph Marasco Real Estate Group

Nico Marasco, a dynamic force in the real estate arena, channels the legacy of excellence established by his father, Ralph Marasco, Omaha's All-Time Sales Leader with a staggering $900 million in closed deals. With under a decade of experience, Nico has seamlessly inherited his father's prowess, emerging as a standout figure in the industry. A masterful negotiator and dedicated buyer's representative specialist, he brings an unparalleled eagerness to the office each day. His strategic prowess has garnered him prestigious awards, solidifying his status as an industry leader. Beyond the numbers, Nico's commitment to community shines through his role as a volunteer counselor at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, making a lasting impact on the lives of future generations.

Todd Bartusek

All Metro Real Estate Group

A seasoned expert in navigating expired listings, Todd Bartusek's prowess extends beyond mere transactions – he's a trusted consultant for buyers, sellers, and investors alike for over 20 years. Diligently scrutinizing every detail of each deal, he ensures clients are armed with comprehensive insights for astute decision-making. As the esteemed proprietor of the All-Metro Real Estate Group, Todd leads Omaha's premier real estate team. Renowned for their unwavering commitment to round-the-clock service, the group's brokers prioritize clients as their unequivocal #1 focus. The adorned All-Metro Real Estate Group stands as a testament to Todd's commitment to delivering results, with each satisfied customer attesting to the exceptional caliber of service they receive.

Rusty Johnson

Insight Omaha Real Estate Group

As the owner of Insight Omaha Real Estate Group, Rusty Johnson has meticulously crafted a reputation for unparalleled client satisfaction. His proactive approach to client communication sets him apart, ensuring transparency at every stage of the real estate journey. The Insight Omaha Real Estate Group, under Rusty's leadership, stands as one of Nebraska's most respected teams, consistently delivering services of the highest caliber. As a testament to his expertise, he and his colleagues tirelessly provide effective assistance, making them the go-to choice for those seeking unparalleled real estate solutions. With Insight Omaha Real Estate Group, clients can be assured of a seamless experience in every transaction.

Shelli Klemke

Klemke Real Estate Group

Shelli Klemke, a Nebraska native, brings a unique blend of local insight and a global perspective to the table. Her roots run deep in the community, mirroring her dedication to helping clients plant their own roots in their dream homes. Recently featured on HGTV's House Hunters in June 2019, Shelli's prowess in real estate caught the attention of a national audience, showcasing her ability to turn dreams into reality. Navigating the real estate landscape with finesse, the Klemke Real Estate Group offers a cutting-edge website, providing clients with unparalleled insights and information. This ensures that every transaction detail is seamlessly at your fingertips.

Jennifer Torczon

Team Torczon

Jennifer Torczon has received the industry’s Young Gun Award on numerous occasions. For the past 9 years, she has been one of Omaha's most dependable real estate agents, assisting countless clients with home purchases, sales, and investments. Jennifer is the founder of Team Torczon, a dynamic group of brokers who have closed deals on some of the most sought-after properties in the region. Using every platform available, the team aims to make transactions as simple as possible for customers. Jennifer's innovative strategies have proven to be effective in keeping up with the dynamic changes in the market.

Joe Evans

Real Estate Entourage Team

Leading the acclaimed Real Estate Entourage Team, Joe Evans orchestrates a compact group of local experts, collectively ensuring seamless deals for you and your family. His enthusiastic and upbeat personality is the driving force behind his success. His passion for real estate is evident in every transaction, making him a pleasure to work with. As a perceptive broker, Joe's keen insights set him apart. Heading a team of dedicated professionals, he has carved a niche for himself as a leader in the industry. The Real Estate Entourage Team is not just a group; it's a powerhouse delivering quantifiable results. Trust Joe Evans and his team to turn your real estate aspirations into reality.

Ryan Renner

The Good Life Group

A recipient of the prestigious Horizon Student Entrepreneurship Award, Ryan Renner's entrepreneurial prowess is a testament to his outstanding business acumen. Graduating from the University of Nebraska, he combines his technological savvy with a marketing degree to deliver an unparalleled customer experience. At the forefront of Omaha's contemporary real estate scene, Ryan is an integral part of the Marigold Real Estate Group Home. His prowess lies not only in his seasoned advice but also in his ability to make real estate dealings both convenient and approachable. Collaborating with a cadre of knowledgeable agents, Ryan ensures that his clientele receives nothing short of excellence. In a world of real estate intricacies, his awards and capabilities shine brightly, making him a trusted guide in the journey of buying or selling a home.

Trevor Schade

eXcLusive Listings Group

The eXclusive Listings Group is led by Trevor Schade. He gathered and established a team of excellent realtors who he believes will enhance the Omaha Metro Area real estate market. To assist their clients, they make sure to stay current and informed about new technological advancements. Because Omaha's market is unique compared to other places, Trevor takes the time to research it, understand its trends, and make informed decisions. He puts a lot of effort into developing strategies that are successful, carrying a high standard of integrity and admirable work ethics.
Rachel Skradski

Rachel Skradski Luhrs

Forehead Skradski Luhrs Team

Embodying dedication and proficiency, Rachel Skradski Luhrs' accolades accentuate her commitment to excellence. At the helm of the Forehead Skradski Luhrs Team, she embraces each client's unique narrative, turning dreams into reality. Specializing in first-time buyers, Rachel takes pride in witnessing their inaugural steps towards homeownership, infusing the journey with an indescribable sense of joy. The team collectively strives for a singular goal – transforming aspirations into tangible accomplishments. Join her and the Forehead Skradski Luhrs Team for an unparalleled real estate experience where dreams take center stage, and success becomes a tangible reality.
April and Jenn

April and Jenn Tucker

Copper Real Estate Group

Meet the power duo, April and Jenn Tucker, at the helm of the renowned Copper Group, where real estate excellence is quantifiably defined. Boasting an impressive track record, this dynamic team has garnered positive reviews, solidifying their status as Nebraska's finest. With a surplus of satisfied clients, April and Jenn have not only built robust networks but earned accolades for their exceptional communication and lightning-fast deal closures. Having achieved eminence in the real estate realm, these realtors® bring unmatched enthusiasm and passion to every transaction. Their quantitative success is a testament to the hundreds of delighted customers who have confidently navigated life-changing decisions under their expert guidance.

Michael Bjork

Bjork Group

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to efficiency, Michael Bjork seamlessly navigates the Elkhorn and Omaha markets, armed with meticulously researched insights that translate into unparalleled deals for his clients. Mike's communication prowess sets him apart. He not only listens attentively to his clients but goes above and beyond to understand their unique needs. This dedication allows him to expertly match clients with their dream properties. Embodying discipline and a results-driven mindset, Michael ensures tasks are completed with utmost efficiency. His ability to swiftly respond to client needs and devise innovative solutions has cemented his status as a standout realtor.

Deb Ellis

The Ellis Group

In 2020, Deb Ellis and her adept colleagues achieved an extraordinary feat by selling 138 homes, amassing an impressive total sales volume of $42.2 million. These remarkable numbers underscore the group's exceptional proficiency in delivering results that not only meet but exceed client expectations. As the proud proprietor of the Ellis Group®, Deb has cultivated a team that consistently outshines industry standards. The real estate landscape is challenging terrain, but under her leadership, it becomes an arena of triumph. Her numerous accolades and the Ellis Group's notable achievements illuminate the path of excellence, making Deb and her team the go-to choice for those seeking not just a realtor, but a realtor with an extraordinary track record.

Teresa Elliott

NextHome Signature Real Estate

With an illustrious 32-year career in Omaha's real estate arena, Teresa Elliott stands as a distinguished leader in the field. Boasting an impressive track record, she has adeptly facilitated countless transactions, guiding clients through seamless property acquisitions, sales, and investments. Her stellar communication skills have not only fostered enduring client relationships but have also positioned her as a paragon of excellence. Teresa's commitment to her craft is palpable, and her leadership shines in negotiations, ensuring clients consistently receive top-tier service. Beyond the ordinary, she goes the extra mile, consistently surpassing client expectations.

Tracey Faust

Heavenly Home Sales

Tracey Faust, Omaha's premier real estate broker with an illustrious 23-year career marked by unparalleled success. Renowned for her unwavering dedication, she is not just a realtor®, she's a trusted advocate shaping neighborhoods. Armed with a wealth of knowledge, she navigates local and surrounding areas with finesse, ensuring clients find their dream homes. Her track record is not just a testament to her capabilities, but a beacon for those seeking unparalleled real estate solutions. Motivated and tireless, Tracey works relentlessly until desired outcomes materialize, ensuring that every transaction is an unequivocal success.

Heeran Workman

EXP Realty, LLC

As a top 1%® realtor® nationally, Heeran Workman has not only surpassed industry standards but set a new benchmark for excellence in a 20-year track record. Based in Omaha, she outshines her peers by selling homes at a rate significantly above the city's average, solidifying her status as a favorite among residents. Leading one of the most successful and consistently expanding real estate teams in the area, Heeran is more than a broker; she's a catalyst for families finding their forever homes. Her expertise and natural flair for the business make every transaction a seamless and satisfying experience. With Heeran, there's no room for mediocrity – only the best technical abilities and customer service await her clients.

Ryan Basye

Nebraska Realty

In 2020 alone, Ryan Basye clinched the coveted title of Nebraska's Top Realtor®, a testament to his unparalleled understanding of the city's dynamic neighborhoods. With an impressive two-decade track record, this native Nebraskan is not just a realtor; he's an award-winning maestro of the real estate realm. Beyond accolades, Ryan brings a natural finesse to real estate transactions, making him your go-to for rentals, investments, or flipping ventures. His proficiency is not only about years in the industry but the myriad of successful deals that underscore his effectiveness. A genuine native insight into the local communities sets him apart, ensuring that every client receives tailored advice.

Corky Grimes

BHHS Ambassador Real Estate

With an illustrious 37-year career in Omaha's real estate realm, Corky Grimes has solidified his standing as a seasoned expert and top agent in the city. Boasting a remarkable journey from a fledgling agent to a multi-million dollar producer, his prowess is underscored by a string of accolades and a five-star rating that epitomizes his commitment to excellence. Corky's unique expertise encompasses a comprehensive understanding of every facet of real estate, navigating unforeseen outcomes with finesse. As a testament to his market knowledge, he has not only weathered the challenges but thrived, consistently earning him the trust of a dedicated clientele.

Tyson Compton

Keller Williams Realty

In the realm of daunting transitions, Tyson Compton recognizes the stress that accompanies significant life decisions. Whether facilitating the purchase of a new home or orchestrating a seamless move, his services exceed the standard, providing clients with more than just a transaction. For Tyson, each interaction transforms into a pivotal relationship that goes on to reshape lives. He aims to alleviate the inherent stress of real estate dealings, ensuring clients embrace the process and seamlessly transition into the next phase of their lives. He stands out as a seasoned realtor® who navigates the intricate real estate landscape with remarkable finesse.
Lisa Jansen

Lisa Jansen Bartholow

NP Dodge Real Estate

With an impressive 32-year tenure in real estate, Lisa Jansen Bartholow has consistently ranked among the top producers in her market, a testament to her stellar track record and unwavering commitment to excellence. Holding a revered real estate license, her capabilities shine through as she has assisted over 850 clients in buying and selling, proving her expertise in navigating the dynamic real estate landscape. A lifelong learner, Lisa remains at the forefront of industry trends, seamlessly embracing new business strategies and staying abreast of the latest developments. Her on-the-job training has honed her skills in employing a myriad of techniques and strategies, ensuring her clients receive nothing short of the best solutions tailored to their needs.

Megan Owens

Owens Real Estate Group

Boasting a position in the coveted top 5% of sales among Omaha's realtors®, Megan Owens' commitment to excellence is unmistakable. With a competitive spirit and a genuine passion for real estate, she navigates the emotional journey of buying or selling a home with finesse. Active in the Women's Council of Realtors®, Megan goes beyond transactions, valuing each relationship she forges. Her networking prowess ensures she stays at the forefront of industry trends, providing her clients with a strategic advantage. Trust Megan Owens to guide you through the real estate journey with a positive attitude, integrity, and a proven record of success.
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With a population growth rate of 3.17% since 2021, Omaha is now home to over 501,000 people. According to Norada, the city attracts many young families and professionals because of its low unemployment rate and affordable cost of living. The median home price is $295,000 (Movoto, November 2023), with an average cost per square foot of $138. Compared to most regions, Omaha’s real estate industry is within Redfin’s “Very Competitive” range because properties can sell in as little as 4 days, while rarely exceeding 11. We have some of the city’s top Realtors® on hand to help you navigate the buying or selling process.

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