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Bryan Drakulich

Better Homes and Garden Real Estate

Bryan Drakulich has over 39 years of experience in the real estate sector as a broker, owner, and corporate leader. He believes that the best real estate agent is one who is committed to helping his clients and possesses the highest level of expertise in the local real estate market. Bryan is a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist and the second-highest individual sales volume realtor in Nevada according to Real Trends. One of his most recent transactions involved the $43 million sale of Rancharrah, the illustrious home of the Harrah family, and the $25 million acquisition of Sierra Star, one of Lake Tahoe's most renowned residences.

Billy O'Keefe

eXp Realty

Billy O'Keefe has over 24 years of experience as a real estate broker and has established a solid reputation in the field. His capacity for "big picture" thinking and commitment to long-term client relationships have been the cornerstones of his career success. His clients value his honesty and integrity because he frequently suggests that they wait to buy or sell a home in light of the current real estate market. As a result of Billy's commitment to being a subject-matter authority, eXp Realty has recognized him as a top-performing agent and granted him a successful referral-based business.

Angelica Reyes

LPT Realty

With 17 years of experience in the business, Angelica Reyes is a reputable realtor. She is a Fast Expert 5-star Agent who leads the Reyes Team at eXp Realty and takes great pride in helping her clients achieve their real estate goals. She enjoys seeing her city develop, so she gives her time to regional nonprofits like Volunteers of America and the Ronald McDonald House as a way to give back to the area. Angelica is the perfect choice for anyone looking to buy or sell a property in the area due to her in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market and dedication to offering superior customer service.
Jack and Melody

Jack and Melody Cote'


Meet the power duo, Jack Cote' and Melody, steering the Cote Real Estate Group at RE/MAX Gold to unparalleled heights in the real estate realm. With a collective 17 years of expertise, Jack, the esteemed manager, clinched the prestigious 2018 Chase International Agent of the Second Quarter, underscoring his commitment to exceeding expectations. Melody, an integral force in the team, adds astute insights to their success. Jack's impressive list of accolades includes the 2017 Agent of the Year and Multi-Million Dollar Producer, consistently securing #1 rankings as a Listing Agent. Together, they embody the mantra "Always Exceed Expectations," transforming it into a promise evident in awards and client recommendations.

Robert Jansen

Jansen Team Real Estate

With a staggering $50 million in Orange County home sales achieved within recent years alone, Robert Jansen's expertise and innovation speak volumes. Renowned for his avant-garde strategies and top-tier client care, he embodies a commitment to unparalleled service. Clients bask in his round-the-clock availability, swift and gracious responses, and unwavering dedication to their needs. Jansen's laudable focus on maximizing property value and sustaining unyielding dedication define the crux of seamless transactions. Jansen's distinctive approach infuses every interaction, assuring clients of an experience marked by sophistication, efficacy, and an unwavering commitment to their success.

Martin Fajardo

Innova Realty & Management

Martin Fajardo stands as a Fast Expert Five Star Agent and clinched the prestigious Fast Expert 2022 Top 25 Agent in Nevada title, alongside being recognized as a Top Agent in key regions like Las Vegas, Henderson NV, and North Las Vegas NV. These accolades underscore his unwavering commitment to excellence, guiding clients with the assurance that their real estate ventures are safeguarded by a professional of unparalleled caliber. Martin's proficiency lies in steering clients away from common property purchase pitfalls while adeptly managing the intricate facets of property ownership. His meticulous attention to detail ensures clients receive unparalleled service at every juncture, from pinpointing the perfect property to its sustained, long-term prosperity.

Brandon Goles

Keller Williams Group One, Inc.

Brandon Goles, a real estate agent with 13 years of experience, is renowned for his commitment, vigor, and focus. With a wide network of loyal customers, recommendations from former customers, and a big circle of local friends and family, he has made a name for himself as a reliable professional in the field. He is dedicated to getting to know his clients' needs and preferences in order to find them the ideal home or assist them in selling their current home for the highest price. Brandon stands out among agents in the field thanks to his commitment to his customers and his love of real estate.

Janelle Pittman

My Home Group

Janelle Pittman, a distinguished member of The Roland Team and My Home Group, brings 19 years of unwavering dedication as a licensed Realtor, excelling in Las Vegas and Phoenix markets. Garnering accolades as one of the top 250 Realtors in Las Vegas in 2020 and ranking among the top 25 female real estate agents in 2021, Janelle's expertise speaks volumes. Her commitment to clients goes beyond, consistently landing her among the top-producing agents annually. Renowned for her adept handling of even the most challenging transactions, Janelle Pittman embodies excellence in real estate. Her stellar track record showcases an unparalleled ability to navigate complexities while ensuring her clients receive nothing less than they deserve when buying or selling a home.

Jennifer Siem-Oldham


Garnering accolades since 2000, Jennifer Siem-Oldham proudly boasts the coveted title of a Five-Star Agent and secures her position as one of the Top 25 Agents in California. The laurels continue to pour in, recognizing her excellence as a Top Agent not only in the expansive Californian market but also specifically in Livermore and Marina, CA. Jennifer's unparalleled success is rooted in her multifaceted expertise encompassing residential real estate, title, and escrow, with a sharp focus on high-net-worth clients. Acknowledging the intricate demands of her discerning clientele, Jennifer ensures that the Oldham Group operates under the guiding principle of "kindness first."

Edmond Booth

Vision West Realty

With a wealth of expertise, Edmond Booth delivers timely, attentive, and professional services, guided by his motto: "Service before, during, and after the transaction." His dedication ensures clients comprehend every facet of their home buying or selling journey, fostering informed decisions at every step. Edmond's focus on excellence has resulted in an impressive track record of successful outcomes, marking him as a distinguished figure in the industry. Understanding that a real estate transaction stands as one of life's significant financial commitments, Edmond's mission is to equip clients with factual insights, empowering them to make astute choices.

Janet Jacaway

NextHome Gold Rush Realty

As the esteemed broker and proprietor of Nexthome Gold Rush Realty, Janet Jacaway's journey spans over two decades in the industry. Recognized by the National Association of REALTORS, Janet Jacaway's accolades speak volumes about her prowess. Her trailblazing career is not just defined by numbers but by the profound impact she leaves on every client. Janet's promise of exceptional service isn't just a statement—it's a guarantee backed by years of unparalleled dedication, making her a true luminary in the real estate landscape. What sets her apart is the deep-rooted friendships she cultivates with her clientele, ensuring their satisfaction at every step.

Bob Getto

Ferguson & Getto Inc. REALTORS

A luminary in the industry, Bob Getto is a maestro in general estate sales and construction, orchestrating seamless transactions that exceed client expectations. His forte lies in navigating the neighborhood's real estate terrain, adeptly guiding clients through the intricate process of buying and selling homes. Bob's secret? A fusion of modern tools and tech-savvy strategies, ensuring his finger is firmly on the pulse of evolving market trends. His dedication knows no bounds – renowned for unwavering diligence and an insatiable drive to surpass customer satisfaction. Notably, Bob's accolades glisten with awards, underscoring his prowess and commitment. He's a beacon of excellence, continually surpassing industry standards.

Andrew Lindsey

LPT Realty

Andrew Lindsey is the dynamic force behind LPT Realty, real estate triumphs. With a robust three-year tenure, Andrew’s expertise shines as a reliable, personable agent. Seamlessly bridging roles as both a buyer’s advocate and listing guru, Andrew brings a fresh perspective to the industry. What sets Andrew apart? It's his unparalleled commitment to turning the daunting process of buying or selling a home into a seamless journey. Armed with a deep understanding of the local market intricacies and an eagle-eyed attention to detail, Andrew ensures his clients' real estate aspirations are not just met but exceeded.

Joree Jacaway

NextHome Gold Rush Realty

Joree Jacaway is an accomplished real estate agent with six years of experience. She holds the role of Owner/Broker at NextHome Gold Rush Realty, a venture she co-founded alongside Janet Jacaway in 2020. Joree specializes in both buyer and listing agent services, earning numerous 5-star ratings and a reputation for dependability and trustworthiness. Her approach is built upon knowledge, commitment, honesty, and professionalism, ensuring her clients' needs are not only met but consistently exceeded. Joree provides personalized guidance and unwavering support throughout every step of the real estate transaction, making her a trusted leader in the field.

Mike Andrews

RE/MAX Great Basin Realty

Mike Andrews is a well-known real estate expert with a decade of experience, currently excelling as a distinguished broker at RE/MAX Great Basin Realty. Specializing in residential, commercial, relocation, and REO sales, Mike's success is rooted in the robust client relationships he meticulously nurtures and his unparalleled understanding of the local real estate market. Mike's commitment to excellence extends beyond property transactions; he actively contributes to the community as a devoted member of the neighborhood Rotary Club, embodying the spirit of altruism. His reliability and trustworthiness as a broker are underscored by his unwavering dedication to both clients and community.

Kelly Draper

Allie Bear Real Estate

As a key player at Allie Bear Real Estate, Kelly Draper has cultivated a reputation as an exceptionally goal-oriented and diligent professional. Specializing in both buyer and listing agent services, Kelly's prowess in navigating the real estate landscape has propelled her to become one of the most prosperous realtors in the region. In addition to her real estate prowess, Kelly's achievements extend beyond the property realm. She proudly runs her own ranch rope business, showcasing her diverse skill set. Notably, she stands as one of the top-producing representatives for the Superior Livestock Auction Company, having shipped an impressive 20,000 cattle annually for several consecutive years.

Stevie DeStout

Cowboy Country Realty

At the tender age of fifteen, Stevie DeStout embarked on her real estate odyssey, discovering a passion that would shape her illustrious career. Now an esteemed agent at Cowboy Country Realty, she orchestrates dreams into reality, leveraging six years of expertise to champion her clients' aspirations. Specializing in buyer and listing representation alongside adeptly navigating relocations, Stevie's reputation as a paragon of trustworthiness and profound industry knowledge precedes her. Her commitment to exceeding expectations has earned her a constellation of accolades, notably including the esteemed Fast Expert Top Agent honor. Stevie's success isn't merely measured in transactions but in the personalized journeys she crafts for each client, where diligence and unwavering dedication converge to create unparalleled experiences.
Ricardo "Rick"

Ricardo "Rick" Ruiz

GK Properties

Ricardo "Rick" Ruiz has been a licensed real estate agent for 21 years. He specializes in sales, new home sales, investment properties, and rentals. Rick has a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Financial Management Services from California State University, Northridge. Around 1,200 real estate deals, including a sizable number of short sales and foreclosures, were handled by him. Since 2013, Rick has been in the top 1% of Realtors in Southern Nevada. Rick, who is also a certified property manager, works with clients to create and maintain their rental properties.
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With a population of 189,852 and a median home price of $360,875, Paradise, Nevada is a friendly city. It's an excellent spot to invest in real estate because the cost of living is affordable and the housing market is booming. It's home to a wide variety of communities, each with its own unique charm and personality. The city is a great place to live thanks to its friendly residents, affordable housing, and high quality of life. It need not be difficult to find outstanding assistance. See our list of the best Realtors® and agents in the area.

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