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Jared Jones and Brian

Jared Jones and Brian Hopkins

Power of 2 Realty

Renowned agents Jared Jones and Brian Hopkins are the co-founders of Power of 2 Realty. They've sold more than 1,000 properties and have assisted numerous clients in turning their dreams into reality. With 20 years of combined experience, Jared and Brian sell homes 61% faster than the average Realtor. The team's brokers are all on a path to becoming top producers both locally and statewide, just like their leaders. In order to make sure that your experience is stress-free, they’re prepared to handle all of the marketing, negotiating, and problem-solving.

Kevin Allen

Keller Williams Riverside

Kevin Allen is the founder of the RE-Story Team, one of the fastest-growing groups in the area. He ranks among the top Keller Williams brokers for production and performance in Riverside. Kevin has been named a Zillow Premier Agent for his outstanding customer service and was recognized by RealTrends for having the highest sales volume in the city. He is aware that customers are sometimes thrown a curveball, but he goes out of his way to make sure each issue is resolved. Kevin continues to learn and improve with every single transaction.

Rupi Azrot

Offercity Homes

Rupi Azrot is the founder and owner of Offercity Homes. Having spent a significant portion of his life in Southern California, he is an authority on the local real estate market. With prior IT experience, Rupi is very tech savvy, knowledgeable about online marketing, and an expert in strategic planning. He always provides clients with updates as soon as he has them. Rupi was recognized by RealTrends for having the highest sales volume in Riverside and earned the title of Zillow Premier Agent thanks to his high number of Five-Star reviews.

Tom Tennant

Reliance Real Estate Services

Tom Tennant has a service flow that is tried-and-true and impenetrable. He has 24 years of experience in the industry and knows what works and what doesn't. Because of this, when you work with him, he conducts a thorough analysis of each situation before creating the ideal attack strategy for each client. Tom is a top agent who has successfully closed many deals, demonstrating that his experience is a result of both technical training and practical experience. He handles distressed properties, foreclosures, and many other unique situations as a skilled realtor. Making the best real estate decisions will be made easier with Tom's assistance.

Marni Jimenez

Grove Realty

Marni Jimenez is a true veteran in the field. With more than 32 years of experience as a real estate professional, countless clients have benefited from her talents. One of Marni's biggest strengths is her in-depth market knowledge and analysis. She combines time-tested sales methods with cutting-edge technology to give the best of both worlds to her customers. A Zillow Premier Agent, Marni is among the Top 1% of all Riverside brokers thanks to her stellar reputation and dedication. She is a believer that being kind and friendly will get you far in the industry.

John Simcoe

Keller Williams Realty

In the world of real estate sales, John Simcoe is one of the most well-known names. He has exceeded $970 million in sales over the course of his 25-year career in the sector, and he continues to close significant deals. John not only researches the market but also has the analytical skills to approach it successfully. He possesses strong interpersonal, marketing, communication, and negotiation skills. Each client is valued by him, and he treats them with respect while handling their transactions while keeping in mind their life and story. John has a strong commitment to his work and does it superbly.

Justin Tye

Active Realty, Inc.

One of the top listing brokers in Southern California is Justin Tye, who is a Zillow Premier Agent. During his 21-year career, he has developed a strong network of connections with the most respected individuals in the business. Whatever a client's lifestyle, need, or preference may be, Justin will know who to call and have the ideal solution in mind. He is in the Top 1% of all agents and teams globally. In addition, Justin and his colleagues at Active Realty were named the #1 Realtor and team in the entire state of California.

Liane Thomas

Professional Realty Services

Liane Thomas is among the most reputable real estate brokers in Riverside. She has assisted hundreds of clients in her seven years as a licensed professional. Liane handles the majority of local property types as well as cases, and she is highly knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with foreclosures and distressed real estate. She never stops studying because she's always looking for new and improved ways to help her clients. She is tenacious and won't give up until the desired outcomes are obtained. Liane is cautious and will only take actions that will move her closer to her objective. She will not compromise it for anything.

Brandon Monte

Allison James Estates and Homes

Brandon Monte has been in the business for 17 years and has five star ratings on his Zillow Profile. He is also a Zillow Premier Agent. He is a resourceful and inventive agent who knows how to make the most of the tools at his disposal to benefit his clients. Knowing that making such significant life changes can be stressful and overwhelming, Brandon works to eliminate those stressors and only leave his clients with the enjoyable aspects. He was one of Riverside County's Top Realtors in 2017, coming in at number 10.

Margarita Junak

RE/MAX Time Realty

Realtor Margarita Junak is an accomplished, tenacious, and enthusiastic individual. She takes pride in providing outstanding, trustworthy, and enthusiastic service. She puts her clients first, educating and advising them while letting them make the final decisions. When her clients receive the keys to their ideal homes, Margarita feels joy and fulfillment. She has the Broker Price Opinion Resource designation and is qualified to provide accurate price opinions because she has received the necessary training and technological support. Your needs come first when you are in Margarita's care, and she will work tirelessly to fulfill all of your dreams.

Katie Aaron

Keller Williams Corona

For more than 19 years, Katie Aaron has worked in the real estate industry. She began her career on the principles of integrity and excellence, and she has continued to do so. She values her clients, listening carefully to them so she can learn about their preferences and needs. Katie's desire is for them to either buy a home they will not regret or sell their current one for the highest possible return. She is not only a fantastic client advocate, but also a wonderful friend who genuinely cares about her clients' interests. For many people, Katie will always be their real estate agent.

Gabby Taylor

RE/MAX Advantage

Gabby Taylor is an award-winning realtor in California. She has been a licensed realtor for 20 years and has assisted countless clients with all of their real estate requirements. Gabby is a person who pays close attention to details and will not tolerate any oversights. She carefully evaluates each of her clients as she listens to them in order to get a clear understanding of their needs. She has a creative approach and strong negotiation and marketing skills. By collaborating closely with her husband and another coworker, Gabby is able to reach a larger audience in the neighborhood.

Curtis Rodriguez

HomeSmart, Evergreen Realty

A 17-year industry veteran, Curtis Rodriguez is an expert in real estate. His career has taught him how to effectively manage and navigate transactions through the cases he has encountered. There are some things that only experience—of which Curtis is abounding—can teach and that training simply cannot. He loves what he does and is dedicated to assisting others in achieving their objectives. He respectably handles each case and gives it his all because he is aware that handling major life events for most people is part of his job. Curtis is the ideal agent because of his knowledge, abilities, and genuine concern.

Elmer Morales


Elmer Morales has over 21 years of experience in the real estate industry. He truly enjoys his work and is passionate about helping others. Elmer views his customers as potential lifelong friends who deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and consideration. Additionally, he's aware that each person is unique and should receive personalized attention. Because Elmer is valued by his clients, 75% of his business comes from referrals. Working with him is a pleasure, and his character is incredibly motivating. Elmer has advanced to become a Zillow Premier Agent and is now among the city's Top 1% of brokers.

Brittney Jeanson

Crest Sotheby's International Realty

Brittney Jeanson is the founder and leader of The Jeanson Team. With over 16 years of experience in the field, she has gained a wealth of knowledge and skills. Brittney is passionate about her job and has made it her life's work to assist others in realizing their real estate dreams. A California native, she is intimately familiar with the state's bustling market and business scene. Brittney has made a name for herself in the community by encouraging other agents to provide better client care and service. She has a sterling reputation and is able to help with all of your buying or selling needs.

Angela Flores

Crest Sotheby's International Realty

Angela Flores is a native of California. She lives by the motto, "Luxury is an experience, not a price point." Customers rely on Angela for professional assistance and they are guaranteed to be treated as though they are royalty. She aspires to deliver customer service of the highest caliber while learning and improving with each transaction. Angela values relationships and aims to make her collaborations the beginning of a long-term friendship. With 27 years of real estate experience, she has become one of the top producers in the entire region.

Nazar Kalayji

Provident Real Estate

In 2004, Nazar Kalayji began his real estate career and quickly found a talent and a passion for the industry. He started his own brokerage which now averages over $150 million in annual sales. Nazar regularly outperforms other Realtors in units sold by a wide margin. He is an exceptionally gifted buyer's agent, always having property options that suit every client's individual tastes. In addition, Nazar excels at marketing and negotiating. He is not your typical broker, doing whatever is necessary to make sure his customers end up ahead of the competition.

Natalia Escobar

Keller Williams Corona

Natalia Escobar is a Zillow Premier Agent with a 5-Star rating. She has been leading the industry for the past few years as the manager of Keller Williams Corona, the #1 real estate office in the city. Since obtaining her license more than 14 years ago, Natalia has developed into a top-producing and top-performing broker. She possesses exceptional market knowledge, as well as the abilities and training necessary to close deals under pressure. Natalia will undoubtedly see your transactions through to success while ensuring that you have a wonderful experience.

Steven Amaya

Nest Real Estate

Steven Amaya has been a top real estate broker for the past 22 years. He has personally experienced major market changes and knows how to adapt to any situation. Steven makes sure that he is always aware of the latest trends and technology. He is the leader of Nest Real Estate, which The Wall Street Journal ranked as the #4 team in all of California. Steven has received numerous other honors, including being named a Top Selling Agent year after year. Additionally, he is a Zillow Premier Agent, which ensures the quality and effectiveness of his customer service.
Robert and Christy

Robert and Christy Thompson

Keller Williams Realty Corona

Robert and Christy Thompson are a husband and wife team and two of Riverside's top brokers. With more than four decades of experience between them, they consistently receive 5-Star ratings and rave reviews, making them the #1 real estate office in Southern California's Inland Empire. As the founders of the Robert & Christy Real Estate Team, they are authorities on the local market and have been major players in the industry. Robert and Christy constantly compete with their own records, smashing previous highs while increasing sales on an annual basis.

Ryan McKee

McKee Real Estate Group

Ryan McKee comes from a long line of real estate agents, so when he became one, he was already well-versed in the best market tactics. He quickly rose to the position of Top Producer, earning a 5-Star rating and amassing a large number of recommendations along the way. Numerous families have benefited from Ryan’s assistance, with his sales exceeding $75 million. He constantly does research to become an even better broker because he wants to continue learning. Along with coaching and mentoring other Realtors, Ryan also provides them with technical and customer service training.

Scott Tucker

Providence Realty

For 20 years, Scott Tucker has provided trustworthy real estate services to Riverside and the surrounding communities. He has become a top-producing agent, closing an average of 100 transactions per year. Scott is aware that a client-broker relationship will be impacted by character and values, so he always makes sure to prioritize the needs of his customers. His hard work has paid off, as proven by his steady stream of positive reviews and acknowledgment as a Zillow Premier Agent. For Scott, the Riverside market is not only a source of business but also family.

Rob Murray

Crest Sotheby's International Realty

Real estate guru Rob Murray is the founder and managing broker of Crest Sotheby's International Realty. For the past 35 years, he has been a pillar in the local industry, supporting both the market and his fellow agents. No one is more knowledgeable about Riverside properties than Rob, whose experience is unmatched. He is compassionate and genuinely cares about his clients' needs. Rob has made strong connections across the entire world. Collaborating with him means working with the best in all facets of real estate – including buying, selling, and negotiating.
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Riverside is well known for its significant citrus industry. Due to its abundance of outdoor recreational activities, this city of over 317,000 people attracts a lot of retirees and families who enjoy the open air. According to Movoto, Riverside has 120 schools dispersed among its 88 neighborhoods. There are more than 800 active home listings on the market that sell for an average of $371/ft² last December 2023. Investors are swarming to the region, which is expected to grow by 3.8% next year, according to Realtor.com. Some of Riverside's top brokers are here to help you every step of the way.

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