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Elizabeth Do

The Elizabeth Do Team

Elizabeth Do possesses a strong work ethic, integrity, negotiation/marketing skills, a positive outlook, an expectation of success, and positive communication and listening abilities. She also applies her background in finance, thorough market knowledge, and outstanding customer relations skills. As a resident of Santa Ana, she has experienced living, buying, and selling a home and knows how exhausting the process can be, so she assembled The Elizabeth Do Team. The group takes pride in having the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively and efficiently serve their clients. A committed strategy for growing a successful, client-focused firm has led to recognition as Southern California's top team and other distinctions.

John Katnik

Katnik Brothers

Katnik Brothers Real Estate was founded by John "Jj" Katnik and his brother. He focuses on providing standard sales, short sales, and investment properties to homeowners and homebuyers in Southern California. The Katnik Brothers Real Estate believes that transactions are not simply about profits, it is also a bond between an individual or family that needs aid and a team that has all the tools and expertise to serve them. One of their Zillow reviews exemplified the team's effectiveness, professionalism, and quality, not to mention their superb negotiation skills. As per comments on numerous independent sources, their prior clients have been extremely excited about how highly they suggest them to everyone.

Dean O'Dell

The O'Dell Group of Seven Gables Real Estate

Dean O'Dell was raised in a real estate family, whose insight and counsel provided him with a firsthand understanding of the industry. He then started his real estate profession 34 years ago with a business background, entrepreneurial talents, and an intelligent viewpoint that motivated him to provide his clients more. Throughout , Dean and his mother established The O'Dell Group as a partnership. They have devoted a large amount of efforts to establish an excellent sales procedure and develop into knowledgeable advisors for their clientele. They are in the top 10 of more than 19,300 agents in Orange County and have continuously been recognized as Seven Gables Real Estate's overall top sales team.

Kevin Drumm

The Drumm Family

During the purchasing or selling of a home, Kevin Drumm assists customers with his 14-year real estate expertise, passion for helping others, and award-winning quality. He is the perfect representative for anyone seeking first-rate assistance and has a track record of real estate success. With the help of his wife Shauna and brother Sean Drumm, his team, The Drumm Family Real Estate, has been working hard to eliminate the stress of a real estate transaction. Their goal is to serve as a lifelong resource for their clients and to be dependable at all times. The group has been honored and given the titles of Top Marketing Team and Top Trio Company-wide.
Andro J

Andro J Chavez

Andro J Chavez Team

He has been giving clients the greatest service in the industry by thoroughly understanding client needs and working diligently to develop solutions. Andro Chavez has the knowledge, a proven record, and tools to help clients in achieving their real estate objectives With her 24 years in the business, she has amassed significant knowledge of the Villa Park neighborhood and can assist clients in locating the ideal residence for them or the ideal purchaser for their property at a competitive price. Andro is rated by HomeLight as being in the top 1% of Santa Ana real estate agents overall at selling houses and in the top 2% for single-family homes.

Sandy DeAngelis

Seven Gables Real Estate

One of the industry's biggest innovators and trendsetters is Sandy DeAngelis. Her dedication and creativity have helped her achieve great success. Sandy has received awards for Salesperson of the Year and Overall Top Agent at Seven Gables Real Estate. She is one of the most knowledgeable and skilled Realtors in Orange County. Sandy knows everything about the local neighborhoods and can undoubtedly offer the best options for your lifestyle. The fact that her business is 65% referral-based is a true testament to the quality of her work. However, her wonderful personality and admirable character are what really make Sandy stand out.
Holly Schwartz

Holly Schwartz McDonald


Holly McDonald, known in Costa Mesa for her social media presence and work on multiple HGTV real estate series, gives a distinct viewpoint to the Orange County real estate market. Holly advises her seller clients on how to use their resources to boost their revenue and helps them in creating a pleasant environment for buyers in an effort to achieve top dollar. When it comes to assisting clients in the process of selling one house in order to buy another, Holly is also an expert. Holly is committed to supporting her customers throughout the entire real estate process and makes use of her experience in communication to foster strong bonds.

Aris Mastorakis

Mastorakis Group

For 21 years, Aris Mastorakis has dedicated himself to providing clients with the highest degree of knowledge in their local market when buying or selling a home. This level of dedication has enabled him to establish a strong track record of success and a stream of recommendations from his previous clients. He subsequently established the Mastorakis Group, a group that draws the largest number of purchasers and has the neighborhood knowledge needed to sell houses at the right price. Aris knows the significance of finding the dream home or receiving the best offer for a property, which is why he makes it his responsibility to assist customers in achieving those objectives.

Phillip Schaefer

Seven Gables Real Estate

Phillip Schaefer adores the areas he feels at home and has dedicated his life to helping people in the house buying and selling process. For 26 years, he has been enjoying getting to know his clients and providing the finest service while maintaining honesty. Throughout the course of his career, he has garnered recommendations for many services a customer would desire, from assistance with estate sales to home improvement to relocation. As seen by her ratings on Zillow, which have an overall rating of 4.9 stars, his clients adore his high touch level of customer care. Phil was nominated for having the most sales from 1996-2001 by Seven Gables Real Estate.

Sarah Covarrubias

Seven Gables Real Estate

Sarah Covarrubias lives and works in Santa Ana, but she is willing to travel around Southern California to assist her referred clients. For 37 years, she has focused on REO/foreclosures, short sales, and residential resale properties. Sarah has lived through both thriving and declining markets during those years, but declining markets have given her the most valuable learning opportunities. She is also experienced with short sales, loan modifications, probate and trust sales. She feels privileged to be one of three listing agents for the City of Santa Ana's Homeownership Program and has helped numerous buyers achieve their dreams of becoming homeowners.

Lily Campbell

Lily Campbell Team

Being a businesswoman and educator, Lily Campbell was aware that honesty and integrity would make up the best basis for any endeavor. With the same mindset, she worked relentlessly to achieve a well-deserved name as one of the industry's most devoted and reliable professionals. Lily is the leader of the varied First Team Real Estate, which includes both seasoned and recently-licensed agents. Also, she has been able to serve innumerable clients effectively thanks to her fluency in English, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Chinese. She held the top spot in all of Fountain Valley for 22 years, First Team Real Estate from 2014-2022, and Orange County from 2020-2022.

Kevin Shuler

Keller Williams North Tustin/Neighbors Real Estate Partners

For 9 years, Kevin Shuler had built a reputation for success in both buying and selling homes. His thorough market knowledge and even rarer work ethic help him to expertly guide clients through every stage of the process. He genuinely enjoys finding the appropriate home for his customers and takes the time to care for them. The people he works with find him to be sharp and engaging. Also, he takes care of every little thing and negotiates the sale of a home's furnishings and artwork in addition to the house itself. His ratings demonstrate that he constantly goes above and beyond what is expected while working with a client.

Corine Peterson

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties

For 28 years, Corine Peterson has lived and worked in North Tustin. She specializes in selling luxury houses and estates there as well as in Cowan Heights, Lemon Heights, etc. She possesses the uncommon combination of expertise that enables her to offer her clients a high degree of knowledge and service that is unmatched in the industry. Her background in finance equips her with the depth of knowledge to handle every aspect of selling a property, from initial marketing to final closing details. She has provided her clients with the competitive edge they need to set their homes apart from the other homes on the market for real estate today.
Julio Arana

Julio Arana Cortes

The Julio A. Arana Group

His highest priority for the past 9 years has been to treat clients with the utmost professionalism while providing them with exceptional service, communication, and care. In addition to working with investors, first-time homebuyers, and sellers, Julio Arana specializes in the Orange County, Riverside, and Los Angeles regions. He then founded The Julio A. Arana Group because he saw how important it was for his clients to feel secure and at ease during the transaction. The team is proud of its high standards, caliber of service, work ethic, and constant pursuit of excellence. Since his entry into the field, he has consistently ranked in the top 10% of agents.

Sean Drumm

The Drumm Family

For 14 years, Sean Drumm has been committed to helping others. He was formerly working at a physical therapist and took his passion and transferred it to aiding families in purchasing/selling a house. His team, The Drumm Family Real Estate, partnered with his brother and sister-in-law, is a team of Realtors who are also advisors, strategists, and marketers. In addition to using modern media to depict the lifestyle that comes with a home, they develop distinctive marketing to highlight a property's qualities and the advantages one would have from moving there. Sean also shares advice on any decision clients might make along the process in order to support them.

Yoyo Flores


His objective is to properly advise and aid clients in the real estate buying and selling process. Yoyo Flores is particularly qualified to meet the demands of his clients because of his significant sales experience, dedication to paying close attention to every detail, 11 years of real estate experience, and invaluable local market knowledge. He promises that he will be intimately involved in all stages of the transactions because he is aware of how stressful the process may be. Yoyo makes every effort possible to assure the success of his clients, which has allowed him to become one of the best agents in the Santa Ana region.

Sean Dezahd

Keller Williams Costa Mesa

Sean Dezahd was born and raised in Orange County, where he has been keeping an eye on local real estate trends long before he entered the industry. Because of his four years of experience as a loan officer, he is better equipped than other real estate brokers to assist his clients and their transactions. In addition, he can provide clients access to the tools they need, including staging, professional copywriting for marketing flyers, and professional photography, to sell their homes for the greatest price attainable. Sean is the broker and owner of California Homes Group. The team takes great delight in being personable, enjoyable, and simple to work with.

David Buster

Meridian Property Management

As a resident of Orange County, David Buster has been involved in real estate since he was a small kid. His parents have always owned and ran a real estate company that specialized in property management, thus he was taken on trips with his parents to visit properties, check on maintenance, and walk the buildings with owners. He then obtained his broker's license 11 years ago and has since loved all facets of property relations, knowing that his love of real estate will draw him back to Orange County. His degree in Interpersonal Communication and Spanish also significantly aids in his ability to speak more effectively and to more customers.

Maryann Chu

HPT Realty & Finance

Maryann Chu is a sales professional with more than 16 years of experience who focuses on selling homes and investment properties in southern California. Additionally, she is an expert in property management, short sales, foreclosures, and home purchases and sells. She is skilled at identifying microscopic elements of a property that could have a favorable or negative impact on a transaction thanks to her extensive experience as a landscape and architectural designer. Maryann is qualified to offer her clients first-rate treatment and pleased outcomes due to her broad background. In addition, she relishes becoming friends with clients while doing business with them.

Stacy McKellar

Surterre Properties, Inc.

Stacy McKellar, a native of Southern California who has worked in many areas of residential real estate throughout the years, has been a realtor for 19 years. She has built a solid reputation among local clients over the course of her career, being widely recognized for her persistent work ethic and strong negotiation skills. Stacy's great professional qualities are demonstrated by her recurrent business and referrals, which speak to a job well done. She is dedicated to staying on cutting-edge technology and a distinctive business culture that emphasizes teamwork. Stacy guarantees her clients the finest experience possible whether purchasing or selling a home, not just in terms of the final product.

Lily Barajas

Zutila, Inc.

Lily Barajas is a skilled and seasoned realtor that stands out for her passion for successfully assisting buyers, sellers, and investors. She began as an investor owning and renting homes before getting her real estate license, learning a lot about its market, players, and variables involved. Lily and her husband have expertise in flipping houses; they were already doing everything from renovating the homes to redesigning and staging them. Because of these experiences, she is able to effectively enable her clients to make wise decisions by guiding, counseling, and educating them. Her dedication, professionalism, perseverance, patience, and compassion have helped her cultivate a network of return and recommendation clients.

Tom Vo

The Vo Team Realty

The proper real estate agent, in Tom Vo's opinion, is one who is passionate about offering customers the best level of knowledge about the local market when they are buying/selling a home. In order to prevent them from being uninformed, he, therefore, attempts to assist clients in comprehending each step of the process. The Vo Team Realty, a group committed to providing clients with high-quality service and a professional approach, is a result of his level of commitment. They provide fair-priced land properties to help their clients launch their ideal residences, businesses, or investments. He developed a phenomenal track record of producing achievements as a result of his work and dedication.

Kimberly Harvey

The Harvey Team

Kimberly Harvey has extensive knowledge when representing sellers or buyers thanks to her experience in neighborhoods and cities across Orange County. Her background in marketing and advertising has proven to be an invaluable resource for her real estate career. The fact that she has cherished her ethics, knowledge, and expertise for 24 years is another factor that keeps people choosing her. Kim and the Harvey Team, which she formed, have had continual success because of their large network of devoted repeat clients. Kim has spent the most of her career as one of Seven Gables Real Estate's top sales producers, all thanks to her support, core values, and abilities.

John Nguyen

People Choice Real Estate

He is a reputable and well-known real estate agent in Orange County. John Nguyen has fostered and built People's Choice Real Estate into one of the County's leading and well-respected independently-owned real estate companies over the course of his 20 years in the field. His company's mission is to provide clients with the full experience of property ownership. Clients seek support from their exceptional services that go beyond the exchange of real estate in all transactions, including residential, commercial, and business opportunity transactions. Its own agents have experience navigating the dynamic housing market and are trained on matters that pertain to today's market, such as foreclosures/bank-owned and short-sale real estate.

Sharon Dugan

North Hills Realty

For 24 years, Sharon Dugan has worked as a listing broker/agent and a landlord broker/agent. During the course of her career, she has established a strong name among clientele, earning recognition for her unwavering perseverance and formidable negotiating abilities. The repeat business and referrals that Sharon receive are evidence of her excellent professional abilities and attest to a successful job she performed. She is committed to maintaining both a distinctive corporate culture that values hard work and innovative technology. Sharon guarantees her clients the best experience possible, not simply in terms of the final outcome, whether they are buying or selling a home.
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