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Dan Holt

Holt Homes Group

Dan Holt, the founder of the Holt Homes Group, boasts 15 years of experience in the real estate industry. His team specializes in various aspects of the field, including buyer's agency, listing agency, relocation, and investment. Dan's primary objective is to effect positive change within the community by providing exceptional customer service. He is devoted to cultivating robust relationships with his clients, team members, and families, recognizing the pivotal role they play in the industry's success. With an unwavering dedication to delivering a 5-star customer experience, Dan and his team endeavor to ensure that every home buying or selling transaction is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Evan DeShong

EA Group

Evan DeShong leads the EA Group and has been recognized as one of the top 3% of salespersons in the Springfield region. With over 21 years of experience in the real estate industry, Evan's business philosophy is centered around providing the highest level of customer service to his clients. As a result of this approach, more than 80% of his business comes from referrals, attesting to his exceptional reputation in the field. He is widely acknowledged for his mastery of negotiation techniques and his comprehensive understanding of prevailing market trends. Evan emphasizes continuous communication with his clients, ensuring they are kept apprised of their transaction's status.

Sherrie Loveland

Murney Associates, LLC.

Sherrie Loveland's exceptional achievements in the real estate industry have earned her numerous accolades, including being listed in the Wall Street Journal's Top 1%. Her unwavering belief in the importance of effective communication has been the key to her success. With an impressive career spanning 30 years, Sherrie boasts an outstanding track record, with 90% of her sales being referred by satisfied past clients. This serves as a testament to the high level of trust and satisfaction her clients have in her services. Sherrie's extensive experience, coupled with her commitment to communication, makes her an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Tania Shvets

ReeceNichols Real Estate

Tania Shvets specializes in providing comprehensive representation for both buyers and sellers, leveraging a diverse range of skills and expertise to benefit her clients. She is recognized for her enthusiastic approach to her work, which reflects her deep-seated passion for helping clients achieve their real estate objectives. Tania is also known for her reliability and dependability, ensuring that her clients receive nothing but the best service at all times. With her exceptional qualities and extensive experience, she is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a knowledgeable and dedicated real estate agent.

Scott Rose

Murney Associates, LLC.

Scott Rose has amassed over 25 years of experience in the industry and is a Life Member of Million Dollar Producers. He's an expert in residential marketing and promotion, with comprehensive knowledge extending to all aspects of real estate. Scott's passion for staying informed on current and future market conditions has allowed him to provide invaluable insights and advice to his clients. His outstanding contributions to the industry have earned him widespread respect, and he has served in various leadership roles. Scott's dedication and commitment to the industry have been recognized with numerous awards, including the Award of Excellence Gold Medal Life Member in 2021.

Adam Graddy

Keller Williams Realty

CEO and Realtor® of Graddy Real Estate, Adam Graddy is celebrated for his profound market expertise and steadfast commitment to clients. His remarkable success primarily stems from positive referrals, a testament to his exceptional service. Graddy Real Estate has consistently held its position as a top producer for over 15 years, consistently ranking in the top 1% of all Keller Williams Teams in the Greater Heartland 5 State Region. Under his leadership, the team was awarded the Keller Williams International #1 Team for Volume Closed in both 2016 and 2017. Since embarking on his journey in late 2003, Adam's real estate team has facilitated over 4,100 property transactions in Springfield, Missouri, solidifying their status as trusted real estate professionals.

Michelle Cantrell

Cantrell Real Estate

Michelle Cantrell, an accomplished real estate professional with 31 years of industry experience, is the esteemed broker and owner of Cantrell Real Estate, and a proud native of Southwest Missouri. Michelle's career is marked by numerous accolades, including being recognized as one of the Top 40 Under 40 Business People. Her exceptional success in the industry attests to her extensive knowledge, exceptional skill, and unwavering dedication to providing her clients with the highest quality of service. Michelle's commitment to her clients transcends the transactional aspects of real estate, as she strives to cultivate lasting relationships by offering ongoing support and guidance throughout their homeownership journey.

Jeff Frye

Jim Hutcheson Realtors®

Jeff Frye has 28 years of experience in the industry and is his track record is marked by a high percentage of referral business from satisfied clients, as well as repeat customers. He is well-versed in selling residential lots and building new homes, which has earned him a reputation as one of the top producers in Springfield, Missouri. He brings his extensive knowledge of the local real estate market to every transaction he conducts, providing his clients with valuable insights and advice. With his unwavering dedication to his clients, Jeff is a reliable and trustworthy choice for anyone looking to buy or sell a property.

Linda Revoir

The Revoir Team

Linda Revoir, team leader of The Revoir Team, boasts of more than 17 years of experience in the real estate industry. Her exemplary performance quickly earned her the coveted position of being the top agent at her firm, and she went on to expand her business by tenfold, through referrals, word of mouth, and her extensive network of friends and family. Linda is steadfast in providing exceptional customer service to her clients and is dedicated to nurturing long-lasting relationships within her community. Her outstanding track record in real estate has earned her various accolades, including being among the top 3% of the local board of realtors and the regional area.

Joel Gaisford

Team 24/7 Realtors®

Joel Gaisford began his professional journey in sales at the age of 16, subsequently transitioning to the real estate industry in 2009. He has honed his proficiency as a skilled buyer's agent, listing agent, relocation specialist, and foreclosure expert. With an unwavering commitment to his clientele, Joel's vast reservoir of knowledge is dedicated to providing exceptional service and navigating clients through the complex intricacies of the market. As the head of Team 24/7 Realtors®, a prominent real estate firm in Springfield, Missouri, he is devoted to offering bespoke solutions to meet his clients' distinct requirements.

Debra Parrish

Murney Associates, LLC.

Debra Parrish is a seasoned real estate expert with 24 years of industry experience, distinguished for her outstanding customer service skills and ability to engage with diverse individuals. She has garnered national recognition from the esteemed National Association of Realtors® for her exceptional performance as a buyer's agent, listing agent, relocation specialist, and consultant. Debra's approach to real estate is marked by a hands-on style, and she prides herself on her willingness to roll up her sleeves and tackle tasks head-on. She is dedicated to guiding her clients through the intricacies of the real estate process, with an unwavering focus on ensuring their satisfaction with every transaction.

Ethel Curbow

The Curbow Team

Ethel Curbow is a prominent figure in the industry, possessing a remarkable 42 years of experience that have established her reputation as a distinguished advisor and skilled negotiator. She serves a diverse clientele composed of first-time buyers, move-up buyers, and individuals requiring relocation services. Ethel's extensive firsthand experience with frequent moves, owing to her status as a former US Army wife, has equipped her with insights into the unique challenges associated with relocation, and she remains committed to providing exceptional support to her clients in overcoming these obstacles. Her dedication and expertise have earned her recognition as one of the top 50 agents by the Springfield Board of Realtors®.

Dustin Langston

Langston Group

Dustin Langston is widely recognized as a distinguished and accomplished realtor who leads the Langston Group. He is renowned for his unwavering commitment to the people of the Midwest, and his proven track record of effectively navigating complex transactions, thereby enabling seamless and hassle-free closings for his valued clientele. Additionally, Dustin serves as the host of the esteemed Real Estate Radio Show, which provides him with a platform to impart his knowledge and expertise to a broader audience. He is deeply committed to delivering unparalleled service to his clients, whether it involves assisting them in discovering their dream home or expertly navigating a highly competitive market.

Holly Stenger

The Stenger Group

Holly Stenger, a member of The Stenger Group, has been in the real estate business for 25 years. Her dedication to assisting people with their real estate needs is driven by a solid family foundation. She was raised with the work ethic and goal-setting values that have been essential to her success as a top agent at Murney Associates. Holly prides herself on being able to offer each of her clients individualized service while guiding them through the challenging process of buying or selling a home. She is a respected industry leader and trusted advisor because of her commitment to her clients and the community.

Antonio Serrano

Assist 2 Sell

Since he started his career in real estate over 26 years ago, Antonio Serrano has helped hundreds of clients realize their dreams of owning a home. He is the founder and CEO of Assist 2 Sell and has expertise in a number of real estate disciplines, including buyer's agent, listing agent, relocation, and foreclosure. Antonio has established a solid track record and a reputation for excellence, integrity, and first-rate customer service. He credits his success to his unwavering dedication to the needs of his clients, his in-depth understanding of the neighborhood market, and his capacity to adjust to shifting market conditions.

Tamra Tucker

AR Wilson Realtors®

With 34 years of experience in the field, Tamra Tucker is an expert real estate agent. She is renowned for her sincerity, moral character, and commitment to her customers. Tamra is passionate about assisting people in finding their ideal residence or in getting the most money for their property. She has received numerous honors for her dedication to excellence, including the 2002 Greater Springfield Board of Realtors® Salesperson of the Year award. Tamra has assisted countless buyers and sellers in real estate transactions thanks to her in-depth understanding of the neighborhood real estate market and her outstanding negotiating abilities.

Faunlee Harle

The Harle Team

The team leader of the Harle Team, Faunlee Harle, is a multi-award-winning figure in the field. She has 40 years of experience in the field, has risen to the top 50 real estate agents, and focuses on being a buyer's agent, listing agent, and relocation specialist. Faunlee is passionate about assisting clients in realizing their dreams of owning a home, and her dedication to offering top-notch care is her top priority. She is committed to meeting the needs of her clients, whether they are buying or selling a home. Her extensive experience and real estate market knowledge make her a trustworthy partner from the contract to the closing table and beyond.

Josh Keatts

Litton Keatts Real Estate

Josh Keatts, who has eight years of experience in the field, works for Litton Keatts Real Estate and has a number of areas of expertise, including buyer and listing agent services, relocation, business real estate, and landlord representation. His inspiration comes from a set of principles that aims to provide his clients with extraordinary experiences in both life and real estate. He believes that what sets his team apart from the competition is their capacity to support their clients' success in real estate as well as in their families and communities. Josh has earned a solid reputation in the real estate business thanks to his knowledge and commitment to his customers.

Laurel Bryant

Murney Associates, LLC.

Laurel Bryant is a highly accomplished real estate agent with 29 years of experience in the industry. She has a number of special qualities that make it simple for clients to achieve their real estate goals, including excellent negotiation skills, strong communication skills, and a knack for speeding up the closing process. Laurel provides peace of mind whether buying or selling a property by treating her clients' needs as her own. She is one of the most esteemed agents in Missouri due to her commitment to excellence and her ability to provide top-notch client service.
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