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Amy Asivido

The Asivido Team

Amy Asivido, a 25-year real estate maven, brings unmatched expertise to the Portland and Clark County market. Having orchestrated the successful sale of countless homes, Amy's journey from Oregon upbringing to real estate luminary in Vancouver underscores her commitment to excellence. Her adeptness in negotiating and marketing homes is evident in the stellar results her clients experience, consistently fetching top dollar for their properties. At the helm of The Asivido Team, Amy is the driving force behind their sterling reputation. The team's dedication to client satisfaction is reflected in their plethora of skyrocketting reviews, a testament to their unwavering commitment to exceptional service.

Jessica Eisenhauer

The Eisenhauer Team

Jessica Eisenhauer prevails as a pillar of real estate prowess, defining success through quantifiable achievements. She and The Eisenhauer Team consistently soar within the top 0.5% of Realtors nationally, their stellar performance attested by annual production rankings. Their Oregon and Washington branches proudly boast the coveted first-place position, a testament to their unrivaled dedication and expertise. Jessica's forte lies in selling homes at premium values and employing innovative marketing strategies that elevate properties to their fullest potential. Her empathetic approach mirrors the profound understanding of client's needs, ensuring optimal investments and sales. Beyond transactional excellence, Jessica embodies unwavering commitment, fostering a genuine connection with clients at every stage.

Mike Wallin

Star Team

Meet Mike Wallin, the unparalleled force in Washington's real estate scene, boasting an illustrious 15-year tenure as a top-selling, five-star managing broker. His multifaceted expertise spans first-time buyer engagements, diverse property portfolios encompassing multi and single-family homes, apartments, land, and lucrative commercial assets. Recognized by Real Trends in the Wall Street Journal from 2015 to 2018, he clinched a coveted spot among the nation's top-tier agents and ranked within Washington State's prestigious top 100. Mike's leadership extends beyond transactions; his integral role in local governance amplifies his staunch community support. Founder of the esteemed Star Team brokerage, he embodies a commitment to excellence, guiding clients seamlessly through their real estate journeys.

Stephen Studley

Studley Homes Group

With an illustrious 15-year career in real estate, Stephen Studley stands as a beacon of leadership, exemplifying a commitment to forging robust connections at local, national, and international levels. As the visionary founder of Studley Homes Group in 2015, based in Vancouver, he has meticulously crafted a real estate empire that transcends the ordinary. Under his stewardship, Studley Homes Group has become synonymous with unlocking the doors to impeccable properties, deftly pairing discerning buyers with sellers of distinction. Stephen's philosophy, rooted in the strength of connections, serves as a guiding compass, ensuring every interaction reaches unparalleled heights of success. Quantifying his achievements, Stephen Studley has garnered a constellation of prestigious awards, affirming his prowess in the real estate realm.

Haris Hadziselimovic

Haris Realty Group

Haris Hadziselimovic, founder of Haris Realty Group, stands as the epitome of real estate excellence in Vancouver. His team, renowned as Clark County's foremost agents, delivers unparalleled service, boasting a staggering record of selling or purchasing homes within an astounding 1.5 days. Backed by a top-tier staff, Haris offers free property evaluations, ensuring fair market value for clients. Elevating the bar, Haris's professional acumen, ingenious marketing strategies, and abundant resources consistently secure client trust and commendation. A testament to his prowess lies in an exceptional track record, outperforming over 99% of the market, earning a coveted spot among the top 1%.

Lori Anderson-Benson

RE/MAX Equity Group

For more than 35 years, Lori Anderson-Benson has successfully helped buyers and sellers in the neighborhood. She is well-versed in the market and possesses exceptional skills in aggressive pricing and marketing. Her number one goal is to always put her clients' needs first by supporting them through every step of the home-buying or home-selling process. The Vancouver Home Find, her team of experts, represents the best and brightest in the field, and they consistently strive to raise the bar for the sector in terms of consumer education, research, and innovation. Thanks to their extensive knowledge and dedication, under Lori's direction, they have won numerous awards from RE/MAX and other associations.

Brian Combs

Keller Williams Realty

Brian Combs, a trailblazer in Southwest Washington's real estate arena, boasts an unmatched track record as a top-producing agent since embarking on his real estate journey at a remarkable age of 19. Clients gravitate towards him for his lightning-fast responsiveness, unwavering attention to detail, and an expansive network comprising top-tier contractors, lenders, inspectors, and title firms. What truly sets him apart is his unwavering commitment to client satisfaction—a commitment that transcends the typical broker-client relationship. Brian goes the extra mile, coordinating seamless home repairs, overseeing property work, and even executing impressive remodeling and staging projects, a facet that defines his dedication and sets new industry standards.

Amy Tierney

The Tierney Real Estate Network

Amy Tierney's journey reflects a relentless pursuit of excellence, marked by navigating challenging transactions and astutely tracking market dynamics to meet client needs. Founding the Tierney Real Estate Network, she fortified her skills, fostering enduring client relationships that transcend industry norms. Elevating standards, Amy’s team emerges within the top 2% of Clark County Realtors, boasting a remarkable 1.5% higher average selling price than the market in 2017. Their distinctive prowess lies not just in numbers but in the art of personalized service, going beyond expectations to ensure client satisfaction. Amy Tierney and her adept team prioritize forging lasting connections, shaping the real estate experience into a journey defined by trust and tailored support.
Becky DeHaan

Becky DeHaan Konat

Konat Realty

Becky DeHaan Konat is a revered name in Clark County's real estate landscape, boasting a 19-year career underpinned by a stellar track record. With sales exceeding $200 million, her expertise and unwavering commitment have elevated her to the upper echelons of success. Founder of The Konat Realty, a powerhouse with over 30 collective years of real estate wisdom, Becky's influence resonates profoundly. Consistently ranking in the top 1% among Keller Williams agents nationwide, she stands tall as a beacon of excellence. Her distinction as the paramount home marketer and seller in Clark County heralds her prowess in the field. Becky's triumphs aren't merely acknowledged; they are celebrated and emulated.

Jerrod Strandemo

The Jerrod Strandemo Team

Driven by a belief that everyone deserves respect, integrity, and top-notch service, Jerrod Strandemo leverages his extensive experience to guide clients through the intricate processes of buying and selling homes. Understanding the weight of this significant financial decision, he continually updates his knowledge base and refines his skills to ensure optimal outcomes for his clients. He is also a seasoned realtor with over 20 years of dedicated expertise in the industry. Recognized as the #1 Coldwell Banker BAIN Realtor in SW WA Unassisted from '08 to '13, Jerrod embodies a commitment to excellence and client-centric service. Jerrod's hallmark lies in his comprehensive marketing strategies and adept negotiating skills, ensuring that clients consistently secure the best deals in their real estate transactions.

Alyssa Curran

Cascade Hasson Sotheby’s International Realty

Alyssa Curran emerges as a formidable force, prioritizing client relationships and treating each transaction as her own. Renowned for her artful negotiation, her relentless determination yields the utmost satisfaction, reflected in her top-tier performance. Alyssa boasts a remarkable standing among Clark County's elite, securing a coveted placement within the top 25 agents. Notably, her skill as a single agent has earned her the prestigious #2 position according to Real Trends. Alyssa's unwavering purpose propels her to continually elevate personal and professional standards, ensuring her clients receive unparalleled service that surpasses expectations. Her proven track record, fortified by esteemed accolades, solidifies Alyssa Curran as an unrivaled leader in real estate, offering a blend of expertise, dedication, and exceptional service that transcends conventional boundaries.

Karly Bordak

Karly Bordak Real Estate

Karly Bordak, an esteemed real estate professional with nine years of industry expertise, stands as a paragon of client-centric service. Her unwavering commitment to prioritizing customer satisfaction has led her to garner an exceptional Zillow rating. Karly's approach hinges on a steadfast promise: maintaining constant communication with clients throughout their buying or selling journey, ensuring they remain fully informed at every step. Her success, uniquely measured by client contentment rather than personal accolades, speaks volumes through the myriad of positive feedback across various platforms. As a testament to her proficiency, Karly holds certifications as a Seller Representative Specialist (SRS), Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR), Broker Price Opinion Resource (BPOR), E-Pro, and Military Relocation Professional (MRP).

Kathleen Dessimoz

Windermere Northwest

Kathleen Dessimoz holds as a towering force in real estate, leveraging over nine years of profound expertise in sales, marketing, and negotiation. Renowned for her unparalleled commitment to client-centric service, she orchestrates every facet of the process, ensuring swift, precise, and seamless transactions. With an impressive track record, Kathleen boasts an average closure of 125 units annually over the past five years. Her prowess ranks her as the foremost agent in her company while securing her position as the fifth-ranked agent in Clark County. Kathleen's accolades illuminate her remarkable achievements in the industry, a testament to her unwavering dedication and exceptional performance.

Scott Combs

Scott Combs Real Estate

Scott Combs stands as an expert in the realm of real estate with an impressive 37 years of industry expertise. His profound knowledge and vast experience form the bedrock of Scott Combs Real Estate, a pinnacle of excellence in the field. The agency, lauded as the "Real Estate Agency Brand of the Year," holds a prestigious stance in the industry, receiving accolades from distinguished platforms like Entrepreneur Magazine and Inman News. Scott, backed by a team of seasoned professionals, orchestrates a symphony of expertise encompassing sales, land acquisition, development, new construction, marketing, and business acumen. Their collective decades of proficiency coalesce into a force that guides clients through the intricacies of today's dynamic real estate market.

Travis Newton

The Newton Group

Travis Newton, a stalwart in the real estate realm with a proven 20-year track record, embodies precision, dedication, and profound understanding. As the luminary founder of The Newton Group, he exemplifies an unwavering commitment to excellence, distinguishing himself through meticulous attention to detail that elevates extraordinary outcomes over the ordinary. His pledge revolves around placing clients' needs as paramount, channeling undivided time, expertise, and unwavering effort toward their fulfillment. Travis stands tall as a Consistent Top Producer, garnering prestigious recognition as part of the esteemed International Diamond Society. His firm's multifaceted prowess spans diverse niches within the real estate landscape, infusing every transaction with an agile and competent dynamism that resonates profoundly.

Heather DeFord

The Heather DeFord Group

Heather DeFord reigns as a titan in Southwest Washington's real estate realm, boasting a remarkable track record of orchestrating countless successful transactions. Garnering recognition as one of the region's top-producing brokers, her prowess shines through her seamless management of multiple deals, underscoring her mastery in navigating complexities with finesse. Heather's extensive expertise, coupled with a Certified Luxury Broker designation, defines her commitment to providing unparalleled service. The prestigious accolades adorning her career—multiple Top Producer awards and a sterling reputation as part of The Heather DeFord Group—validate her dedication to clientele satisfaction. Whether catering to first-time buyers or astute investors, her approach ensures each client basks in the opulence they seek.

Ryan LaPointe

Premiere Property Group

For over two decades, Ryan LaPointe has dedicated himself to the Vancouver real estate scene, facilitating clients in buying and selling properties with exceptional prowess. A venerated specialist in the market, his unparalleled service and extensive local insight cater to diverse client needs, whether for investment ventures or personal abodes. Notably, for the past five consecutive years, Ryan has achieved remarkable success by expertly brokering a substantial volume of downtown properties, solidifying his position as the go-to choice for those seeking a realtor adept in historic home transactions. His overarching mission remains centered on pairing discerning individuals with exceptional homes, a goal he achieves seamlessly while elevating the entire real estate experience.

Chauntel Sullivan

SWB Real Estate Group

Meet Chauntel Sullivan, a seasoned realtor® with an impressive 23-year track record in the industry. With a passion for facilitating seamless transactions, she embodies integrity and a relentless commitment to client satisfaction. Her expertise shines through numerous accolades, including multiple prestigious awards recognizing her outstanding achievements in real estate. Chauntel's success stems from a dedication to listening, effective communication, and adeptly handling intricate details, ensuring that each transaction feels effortless for her clients. Her belief in the world of possibilities within real estate reflects her profound passion for the field. Chauntel's journey exemplifies a relentless pursuit of happiness for her clients, where transactions transcend routine and become a seamless, award-winning experience.

Leigh Calvert

Cascade Hasson Sotheby’s International Realty

With an illustrious track record boasting hundreds of closed deals and a staggering sales value exceeding hundreds of millions in just eight years, Leigh Calvert stands as a true rockstar in the industry. His clientele laud him for unmatched expertise spanning various facets of real estate. From 2017 to 2022, Leigh consistently ranked among the region's top producers, earning accolades and securing a constellation of five-star reviews across esteemed real estate platforms. His prowess, honed by a blend of customer service finesse, adept business management, and a global perspective on real estate, fosters an effortless rapport with clients, seamlessly meeting their diverse needs. Leigh Calvert doesn’t just redefine excellence; he embodies it. Leigh's expertise solidifies his position as a paramount figure in the SW Washington State Region.

Terrie Cox

RE/MAX Equity Group

Recognized as the Top 7 Individual RE/MAX Agent in the USA and esteemed as one of the Top 25 Individual RE/MAX Agents globally in 2016, Terrie Cox's impact reverberates across borders. Her adept negotiation skills and masterful marketing finesse have garnered praise from a multitude of clients, both past and present. Terrie embodies professionalism and assurance in every interaction. Her mantra, "you're in good hands with me," echoes through her commitment to excellence. Clients entrust their real estate ventures to her, knowing they will experience a seamless, proficient, and satisfying journey. Terrie personifies the pinnacle of real estate expertise, where clients not only find a trusted advisor but a partner who ensures their aspirations are met with precision and care.

Jennifer Gurzi

Knipe Realty ERA Powered

Jennifer Gurzi, a seasoned real estate agent since 2004, boasts an impressive track record, consistently surpassing industry benchmarks. Her prowess lies in an unparalleled dedication to clients, coupling market expertise with robust negotiation skills. With a remarkable portfolio spanning years, Jennifer has garnered prestigious awards, including the "Top Agent" accolade for consecutive years, a testament to her exceptional service. Her clientele, a diverse spectrum from cautious buyers to determined sellers, uniformly acclaim her sincerity, competence, and commitment. Her comprehensive understanding of local markets positions her as a trusted advisor, ensuring tailored solutions to meet unique client needs.
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Vancouver, Washington, is a beautiful city with a population of almost 195,501 and a median home value of $485,704 (Zillow, 2023). The cost of living in Vancouver is reasonable, and its real estate market is thriving, making it a great place to live for those seeking affordable housing. The city has a diverse range of neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm and appeal. It boasts plenty of outdoor recreational activities, including parks and hiking trails, and has a lively downtown with excellent shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Vancouver is a fantastic place to live, work, and raise a family. Let one of these top-rated Realtors® and agents help you find the perfect home.

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