Watson Realty


Valerie Angulo

In Valerie Angulo's opinion, providing high-quality service entails more than merely getting customers from point A to point B; it also involves educating them so that they understand the process. Through her valuable insights, Valerie devotes her energy to making sure that her clients' decisions are informed ones. This has given her a competitive advantage during the last 9 years of her standout career. Valerie has an enormous amount of 5-Star reviews, all coming from satisfied customers who felt empowered to make choices with her support, rather than in her shadow.

Aniket Singh

Aniket Singh, an experienced figure in real estate, is fueled by a sincere desire to assist clients in realizing their American dream of owning a home. His compassionate approach is complemented by his determination and commitment to excellence. Beyond the realm of real estate, Aniket indulges in his passion for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), prioritizing a lifestyle centered around fitness and well-being. He firmly believes that physical discipline contributes to delivering exceptional client service. Through diligent training and self-care, Aniket ensures he can bring his utmost energy and focus to each client interaction. A skilled multitasker, he adeptly balances his MMA pursuits with a strong work ethic, aiming to leave a lasting mark in the real estate arena while inspiring others on their journeys.