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Nina Sensenbaugh

Guarantee Real Estate

Renowned for her adept creative problem-solving skills, Nina Sensenbaugh brings a wealth of knowledge to the Fresno real estate market. Nina is a well-known figure in the industry, having been named one of Guarantee Real Estate's Top Realtors® of the Year on multiple occasions since 2013. Clients benefit from her exceptional customer service, navigating the challenges of the real estate landscape with ease. Beyond her professional prowess, Nina has been a positive force in the Fresno/Clovis region for over 45 years, actively contributing to the community as an engaged and giving member. When it comes to finding a home, Nina's commitment ensures she makes it happen.
Veronica Torres

Veronica Torres Luna


Honored as a Top Negotiator and Top Producer for 2021 by HomeLight, Veronica Torres Luna stands out for her exceptional client rapport and unwavering diligence. Veronica is known for her trustworthiness and commitment to prioritizing client needs, as well as her strong communication skills and adept problem-solving abilities. As a mother herself, she deeply comprehends the significance of a secure home for raising children. Veronica has a vibrant personality and an insatiable desire to learn, so she easily masters any task that comes her way. Her accomplishments reflect that she is a dedicated professional with a genuine passion for real estate and a steadfast dedication to providing top-tier service to her clients.

Gretchen Sullivan


Being successful is the only path Gretchen Sullivan has ever embraced. A Central Valley native with over 20 years in Fresno, Gretchen lives by the principles of modesty, deference, and gratitude in every interaction. Her entrepreneurial spirit not only propels her journey but elevates the real estate experiences of her clients. Gretchen's commitment to learning, which has earned her numerous Platinum Club awards, continues to enrich her understanding of the housing industry, allowing her to introduce innovative approaches for her customers. With an unwavering dedication to excellence and a genuine, client-focused approach, Gretchen Sullivan stands out as a distinguished professional, shaping success stories in the ever-evolving realm of real estate.
Mark and Sharon

Mark and Sharon Pretzer

Guarantee Real Estate

As distinguished members of the top 25 brokers at Guarantee Real Estate, Mark and Sharon Pretzer, known as The Pretzer Team, have stood out as local experts in Fresno/Clovis since 1998. Born and raised in the region, their deep-rooted connection fosters unparalleled understanding. The Pretzer Team received the Platinum Award in 2020 for providing excellent service while staying current with market trends. Since 1990, this dynamic husband and wife duo has shared a passion for assisting others in achieving their home-buying dreams. Mark and Sharon bring unrivaled industry knowledge to their foundation of honesty, integrity, and hard work, making them the best choice to represent your real estate journey.

Sheila Urbanek

Realty Concepts

Sheila Urbanek has worked as a licensed broker in Fresno and Madera Counties since 2004. Beginning in 2010, she started winning the prestigious Five-Star Real Estate Agent award year after year. Sheila helps find temporary housing and has experience in both residential and agricultural sales. She pledges to give clients exceptional service built on honesty, dependability, and integrity. Sheila is ranked by HomeLight as among the top 15% of agents in terms of the number of closed deals and is in the top 4% of Realtors® in Fresno for home sales.

Saeng Bunsy

Iron Key Real Estate

Saeng Bunsy, the Associate Broker at Iron Key Real Estate, boasts a residency in Fresno since 1988 and a robust background in customer service, sales, and marketing. She began her real estate career in late 2014 and has helped countless families and individuals with their home-buying and selling needs. Aeng is an active member of the community, serving on the Diversity and Fair Housing committee at the Fresno Association of Realtors®. Currently an elected official with a local credit union's supervisory committee, Aeng is a passionate Realtor committed to providing unparalleled customer service, emphasizing clear communication and a stress-free home buying and selling experience for her clients.

Catherine Sawatsky

Cygnus Estates

Catherine Sawatsky, a distinguished five-star real estate professional, has earned her reputation with over $178 million in career transactions, boasting nearly 600 successfully closed home sales. Catherine is a top 1% producing agent, with prestigious certifications including Certified Residential Specialist, Graduate of the Realtor® Institute (GRI®), and Certified Distressed Property Expert®. With a rich background in advertising and marketing spanning four decades, she brings a comprehensive skill set to her real estate endeavors. Catherine's industry acclaim as a high-tech, high-touch agent, coupled with her deep Central Valley knowledge, establishes her as a trusted advisor, offering data-backed advice. Her unwavering integrity, loyalty, and determination make her a committed client advocate, prioritizing wealth and long-term security through homeownership.

Joe Sciarrone

London Properties

Joe Sciarrone is a top producer who was previously named Fresno's Best Luxury Agent. He is also known for having the highest average sales price in the county. A Five-Star professional, Joe removes much of the burden from each client's shoulders by handling as many details as he can during each transaction. He considers getting things done effectively to be his primary responsibility as a representative. Joe is particularly aware of the importance of "service first" because he frequently interacts with business owners and entrepreneurs. He upholds honesty, integrity, and transparency, ensuring that his clients can always rely on him.

Juan Mora

London Properties

Juan Carlos Mora's talents have continually developed over his 18 years in the real estate industry. A Five-Star agent, Juan is extremely skilled at completing whatever task he faces as quickly as possible. However, he still pays close attention to every little detail while upholding his clients' objectives. Juan has long been regarded as one of Fresno's most reliable Realtors® and continues to enjoy a positive reputation. He is fully dedicated to each of his clients and strives to establish a successful working relationship in order to earn their trust for life.

Rob Sparks

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate GoldLeaf

For more than a decade, Rob Sparks has been the real estate leader in the Greater Fresno area. He understands that each day in the industry is unique and that there will always be obstacles to overcome. However, Rob has always been able to get around any issues by using his creative problem-solving skills. He worked hard to get where he is, and it wasn't by any means magic. Through every challenge, Rob has developed more discipline and wisdom while continuing to cultivate positive working relationships. His referral rate of 95% speaks volumes about his abilities and genuine passion for his work.
Jennifer & Bryan

Jennifer & Bryan Martin

Keller Williams Realty

With an impressive 37 years of collective experience in the real estate industry, Jennifer and Bryan Martin epitomize dedication and integrity in every transaction. Going beyond the conventional roles of buying, selling, and investing, their approach reflects a commitment to values and exceeding customer expectations. As the owner of Jennifer Martin & Associates, Jennifer, alongside Bryan's leadership, spearheads a team known for consistently serving over 100 clients annually. This dynamic duo has solidified its reputation as one of Fresno's most dependable real estate groups. Jennifer and Bryan's enduring commitment to excellence and personalized service underscores their significant impact on the real estate landscape, showcasing a remarkable legacy of professionalism and client satisfaction.
Darren and Kam

Darren and Kam Wade

Real Broker

Founded by Darren and Kam Wade, the STRIVE Real Estate Group has risen to become the most recommended team in the region. Every client receives a meticulously crafted, one-of-a-kind plan tailored to their specific needs, as part of our dedication to personalized service. Darren and Kam's philosophy leaves no room for compromise, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. Recognizing the gravity of assisting clients in one of life's most intimate decisions, the duo aims not only to complete transactions but to forge friendships and treat clients like family. Their unwavering effort is directed towards turning people's dreams into reality, marking STRIVE Real Estate Group as synonymous with excellence, trust, and a truly personalized approach.

Laura Mather

London Properties

Laura Mather has forged a remarkable 35-year career in real estate, rising from a low-level property manager to becoming a nationally recognized figure. Her journey includes ascending to Vice President at a major home builder before thriving as an independent real estate agent. With sales surpassing $35,000,000 from 2020 to 2022, Laura's cheerful determination and confidence define her approach to every transaction. Voted Best REALTOR® multiple times, her strategic planning, marketing prowess, and vast industry expertise make her an invaluable partner. Joined by her son, Joseph Mather, they serve clients in the Central Valley and Central Coast, embodying a legacy of excellence, resilience, and continuous self-improvement.

Warren Fortier

Real Broker

Warren Fortier, a lifelong Fresno resident, possesses an unparalleled understanding of the city, having rediscovered it from a business perspective two decades ago. Warren has emerged as one of the top 1% of Central Valley Realtors®, a Five-Star certified agent, and a Fresno Magazine's Top 100 Realtors®" award recipient. He is the founder of The Fortier Group, the region's leading team, and he leads his colleagues in meticulous property transaction analysis, ensuring quick deal closures. With a remarkable track record of over 3,500 closed transactions, 2,000 REO/Foreclosures, 200 "Fix and Flip" homes, and assisting 300 First-Time Buyers, Warren brings extensive expertise in multi-family, rental property management, and investor financing.

Darryl Zuber

Real Broker

Darryl and Darin Zuber, a dynamic father-and-son duo, bring a combined legacy of 76 years to the real estate industry. Darryl, a seasoned veteran with five decades of experience, joined forces with Darin in 1996, forming the Zuber Real Estate Team. For 26 years, they have united their expertise, creating Fresno's most productive and customer-focused property group that values teamwork and efficient problem-solving with clients. Their extensive experience allows them to navigate even the most intricate real estate transactions, boasting an impressive record of over 5,800 negotiated contracts. Many positive feedback and client reviews attest to their successful strategy, establishing the Zuber Real Estate Team as a trusted force in Fresno's real estate landscape.

Marie Meza

Real Broker

Marie Meza is a prominent realtor in the area. Her most recent updates indicate that over the course of seven years, she was able to close over 700 sales, significantly impacting the local market. Marie is a popular choice in the area and has 18 years of real estate business experience. She has the experience and in-depth knowledge of how the market changes, how trends affect people, and how the economy works. Today, Marie is the leader of her own team, providing services that are unmatched, reliable, and constantly improving.

Bryan Souza

eXp Realty

Bryan Souza, an acclaimed figure in the real estate industry, stands out with prestigious awards like the Chairman's Excellence Diamond Award. Associated with eXp Realty, where he's part of a network of over 23,000 agents and 2,000 mentors globally, Bryan's commitment to mentorship and agent development has earned him the 2019 Mentor of the Year International Award. With over 18 years of experience, The Souza Group, his brainchild and a top real estate team, boasts a five-star rating from more than 400 positive reviews. Bryan's innovative approach, coupled with the National Association of Realtors® e-Pro training, ensures that The Souza Group delivers cutting-edge service, reflected in their impressive 88% referral-based business.

Danny Grubb

Real Broker

Danny Grubb, a seasoned real estate agent, brings a unique blend of local familiarity and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Fresno State. He has 12 years of experience at Coldwell Banker and has received numerous prestigious awards, including the 2021 International President's Premier Award. He has over $80 million in sales and has been named a Top 30 under 30 Sales Associate on a global scale. Danny's adaptability and market expertise make him a reliable choice in the ever-evolving real estate landscape. Danny Grubb stands out as a dedicated professional with a proven track record of success because he is motivated, laser-focused, and driven to help clients achieve their goals.

Na Landseadal

Aluisi Real Estate & Associates

With 16 years of experience in the real estate industry, Na Landseadal is a highly qualified professional adept at handling various types of real estate. She is a Graduate, Certified Residential Specialist, and Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource, having received her training from the Realtor Institute. Na is recognized for her excellent communication skills and attentive listening, ensuring the protection of her clients' rights. Na is renowned as one of the best agents in the area, and her track record of assisting numerous clients demonstrates her commitment to customer satisfaction. Na guarantees exceptional service grounded in integrity, as she strives to understand and address the genuine needs of every individual.

Laura Corey

Realty Concepts

Before becoming a Realtor®, Laura Corey was an advocate for her home because she was born and raised in Fresno. She is confident that with her assistance, she can persuade individuals to make wise real estate decisions that will produce lifelong outcomes with no regrets. Since she started working as an agent in 2001, Laura has seen the market evolve as a result of both economic expansion and recessions. Through them all, she has remained productive, keeping her performance and output at the top of the city. Early in her career, Laura won the Fresno County People's Choice Award for Top Realtor®, launching her into the success she enjoys today.

Pamela Santy

Real Broker

Pamela Santy is a seasoned veteran with more than 46 years of experience providing trustworthy real estate services in California. She has relocated a lot of families back to Southern California, where they once lived. Numerous former clients have praised Pamela's expertise and skills in managing their transactions, and she has a stellar rating. She is the founder of a local team that is rapidly expanding, bringing more people one step closer to realizing their real estate goals. The keys to a successful transaction lie in Pamela's business experience, her adept negotiation skills, and her profound understanding of marketing strategies.
Ray Benitez

Ray Benitez Gayosso

Magnum Realty

With over 22 years of expertise, Ray Benitez Gayosso stands as a distinguished authority in the field, particularly known for his proficiency in serving Spanish-speaking clients. His commitment to constant improvement is evident in the consistent praise from clients, emphasizing their exclusive benefit from his evolving skills. Ray prioritizes delivering the highest standard of service to customers, aiming to provide the level of excellence they rightfully deserve. Forming a lifelong partnership with Ray in the real estate market ensures clients benefit not only from his extensive experience but also from a personalized approach that simplifies communication, making it easier for clients to express their best interests and concerns.

Vivian Swiney

Guarantee Real Estate

In the Southern California real estate scene, Vivian Swiney is one of the key figures. She has worked in the industry for more than 33 years and has helped a lot of local families. In addition, Vivian has inspired a lot of new field agents by sharing her story and the success of her work, giving them confidence. She is affable, straightforward, and reliable in her work. She is skilled at knowing what works and what doesn't and has a keen eye for market trends, crafting the ideal strategy for each client's particular requirements.

Steven Diaz

eXp Realty

Steven Diaz, widely recognized as "The Rappin' Realtor®," boasts a dual identity as a social media expert and influential figure in the global real estate network. His distinctive approach combines music and real estate expertise, making him a prominent figure in the real estate community. Steven's unique blend of smooth beats and comprehensive knowledge has solidified his status as the leading real estate agent in Fresno, California. Over the years, he has played a pivotal role in helping many families find their dream homes and smoothly sell their current ones, extending his assistance in securing the best real estate deals. Steven's charismatic humor and unique style offer a refreshing and enjoyable experience for all involved in the real estate process.
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Last 2023, Norada identified Fresno’s housing market as one of the most promising in the nation. Home prices increased 10.4% over the previous year, with a median stay on the market of just 9 days in May 2022. Redfin’s analysis of the past 5 years shows that the number of homes sold in one month peaked at 525, and the percentage of sales above the list price increased by 29.5 points. The average price for the 1,440 completed homes on movoto.com is $244 to $245 per square foot. To join the over 551,000 others who have discovered the beauty of living in Fresno, contact one of the city’s top-rated Realtors® below.

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